Is a frequent poster on OT, on OT almost whenever he is at home. However, he has been a mainstream anime fan for most of his anime days with no hi-speed internet until a year ago, so he can't post in several OT topics out of non-exposure.

Purchases most of his anime.

Is currently level 17 after receiving 15000 exp for defeating the troll AnathemaEntropy.

Is not really a Zelda Fanatic, but it was his DS username when he made the account and now he's stuck with it.

Reviews anime with an optimistic outlook on his blog: The Silver Lining[1]

Badass Story form Edit

Name: Blake
Weapon: Necromancy spells and a pistol.
Description: A respected student at Anne's school and president of the student council. What a nice guy, nothing could be wrong with him, right? ... Well, he's a necromancer. Normally this wouldn't be so much of a problem, but recently everything he summons keeps getting out of his control and trying to hunt down Dusk and Anne. Keeps a blessed six-shooter around just in case those summonings get really bad. Eventually tries to kill Dusk with an army of zombies, ghouls, wraiths and banshees, hoping to absorb Dusk's awesome reaper powers, but... yeah, you guessed it! Dusk kicks his ass, but lets him live because Anne says so. Does fist-pumps... a lot. Like, whenever he summons something? Fist pump. And his eyes glow crazy green whenever he's summoning, too. And he summons by chanting Latin ominously.

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