Yuri focuses on the homoerotic and/or homoromantic aspects of a female-female relationship. Shoujo-Ai are works that often focus on the latter but they're by no means mutually exclusive to each other.

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Copypasta Edit

The scent of forbidden love permeating the air between the two girls made it heartwarming. As they took in the sight of the beautiful maiden close by, a sensational feeling enveloped them. Every day and night they longed to be with each other and knowing for a fact that a fortification of this love would not serve to harm any of them in any way, as being the race of healing, the ladies knew they could lose themselves without consequence. The feeling was so soft. So heart-wrenching. So impassioned. As they disregarded whatever it was they might have been taught, the boundary of what to love and what not to love dissipates with the harsh, cruel reality of the world as they entered through confession and become lost in each others eyes also made it heartwarming. A liberation from what romantic tension normally entails and freedom from the rules of acceptability make the bond, however forbidden, something that can never be fully understood.

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