Career internet and OT lurker, because lurking is better than posting. Seriously. Yes, my username is a tribute to DB/Z's timeless jobber. No, you cannot pay me to job in front of your girlfriend to make you look cool. And for the last time, stop confusing me with YamaChan. It upsets me and makes me cry into my bodypillow at night want to take over the world in an unnecessarily flamboyant fashion utilizing a broken plot device. It's PAAAAAAAAFECTO!


What is this, I don't even-


  • Most genres with a few exceptions (listed below).
  • Yuri goodness.
  • All variety of -deres.
  • The obligatory quiet girls.
  • Moe drivel.


  • Shows that are:
  1. Blatantly lolipedo.
  2. Blatantly yaoi bait.
  3. Blatantly huge boobies.
  4. Blatantly filled with overkill amounts of tech lingo.
  5. Blatantly filled with filler.
  • Denying the existence of bad anime adaptations. They exist - Deal with it.
  • Smelly otaku, which is redundant since they're all smelly.
  • TV Tropes for ruining my life.
  • Trolls.

That is all. Now go do something more productive with your time.

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