Itachi is not a character, he is a religion and those that follow Itachism are the most terrifying of fanboys. - xbox360mofo

Xbox360mofo is a rather funny, if not awesome poster. His main thing is his Naruto hate(both the character and the manga), to the point that he now carries 2 animated gifs in his sig that feature Naruto being violently beaten by Karui . He also fanboys both Jiraiya and A the 4th Raikage. He is especially known for arguing that Jiraiya could beat Itachi with Swamp of the Underworld. and that no character could hit the Raikage under any circumstance. Yes, he hates Naruto but still participates in Naruto debates and vs.topics. No, it doesn't make any sense,given that he likes at least 2 characters, but that's half the fun of watching mofo post, seeing him make ridiculous statements and oneliners. Has also coined the term "Itachisim

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