Crypt zombie

He's been posting on GameFAQs for about 11 years (if counting an older, banned account). As for OT, he's been posting there for two years. He likes Visual Novels as well. Although he casually watched anime as a teenager, he didn't finish an entire anime until he was 20 (.hack//SIGN). Shortly after, his brother told him about Full Metal Alchemist, which made him into an anime fan. Since then, with the help of OT, he has spent countless hours finding and watching anime.

Other Facts:

Wants to own a persicom (Chobits)

Is a sucker for characters with a tragic past

Hates emo phases some characters go through

LOVES fantasy media (music, movies, anime, etc.)

Thinks ninjas > pirates

"OT brought me to the dark side" - Undead587

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