Tylerx27 has been lurking OT for some time now, but only decided to join the /a/ lite discussion during one of his procrastination sessions. Worst mistake of his life. But as they say; if you've already had some poison, you might as well finish the entire plate ^_^.

Interests & HobbiesEdit

When he is not lurking on the parasite that is OT, he is usually *gasp* working on some project that he doesn't really care about, and that he knows he'll get an A* in anyway ^_^ /notsarcasm

During his semi rare spurts of free time, Tylerx27 can usually be found hanging out with his several claims (see: hand), alternating which of his favourites get to claim the prestigious title of his beloved waifu each week. The ones that seem to pop up the most often are Akiza (YGO 5Ds), Ayaka (Negima) and Natalia (ToA), but it's really hard to tell which claims he's in the mood for each week. Tylerx27 is now permanantly married to Kamitsure, and is living a very happy life with her

Tylerx27 is not too picky about animu/mangos and will watch/read whatever gets recommended to him (specifically) in due time.

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