This is the untold, dark truth behind the origin of OT-kun's Grail Wars.

ManoktheChicken: ~Dramatic Music~

Regaro: Go ahead

ManoktheChicken: I used to write fanfiction.

<cue gasp>
Haruhi x Kyon fanfiction

Regaro: So I've heard

ManoktheChicken: <more gasp>


Regaro: D:

ManoktheChicken: I once had this crazy idea to make a fanfiction involving those two... in a grail war between anime characters

it started out with Koizumi losing his powers and fighting against EVA 01 (bersercar) and being protected by Yoko
I submitted it and received a review from Misaki
that's how we met
I gave up on the fic

Regaro: Nice.

ManoktheChicken: She then poisoned me with TYPE-moon stuff

and my knowledge of Typemoon somehow expanded
then on one drunken night after breaking up with Gl***** for some stupid study-related reason
I saw this cat walk by, fighting against what appeared to be a frog
... I know, but bear with me
Then, I remade the fic with more detail and stuff
But it was still unsuccessful
so I made some crappy rules and some basic concepts in school and eventually posted it on gamefaqs
... and the rest is history
~End Music~

Regaro: So this whole thing started because you were drunk one night?

ManoktheChicken: Yeah,


Regaro: Nice.

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