The quintessential circlejerk popularity contest.

Participants entered with their waifus in tow, 32 in all. The premise was simple; vote for the cutest/GARest/most meme-driven/most popular user/waifu pair. What followed, however, was anything but simple.

Flames were flung, fast and furious, as friends became foes and the fabulous fell. The high seeds dominated early on, as high seeds should, but the occasional lurker light shone through the shadow of popular pairings.

The end of the contest was the highlight, defined by bad feelings and equally bad counting. In a massive upset, Eab and Coco were overcome by SSonic and Mion. The underdog power of the latter pair even destroyed the juggernaut of Mew and Amu, who had already plowed through popular pairings like Regaro and Satsuki.

All in all, it was one hell of a ride, with one hell of a conductor.

The BracketEdit

Bracket doesn't say it, but SSonic06 won.

Thanks and RecognitionEdit

The contest was run by Touphi.

The idea was given to him by Manok.

Seeding was a joint effort, involving Dusk, Regaro, Avvil, and others.

Votes were counted at various times by either Touphi, Dusk, Cobalt, and others. Touphi was probably the worst at this.

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