We've had art contests. We've had hotness contests. We've even had a waifu contest. But...a singing contest? That's never been done!

Well, it has...but not for a while!

The Contestants And Their SongsEdit

There were quite a few contestants in the war from all over OT, ranging from big named posters to semi-regulars to lurkers. Songs came from all over the anime world, with a few big names and a few small ones. The contestants and their song links: (Note that some links may become inactive as time passes)

--Cardslash02 Papermoon

--Shruikonn Believe in Nexus

--Nytemare457 DBZ Kai Dub OP

--Mario753 (Kaisen) Yume de Aru Youni

--NioraptH La Divina Tragedia (Malay)

--Muffiekun Locked girl (english)

--Touphi Marisa Stole The Precious Thing

--Umbrellatraitor Hare Hare Yukai

--PsiOpSeven Nobody’s Perfect

--Gallantknight Hikari

--_Lacus_Clyne_ aka Nuesama aka YoruichisBlack Dear Night

--Regaro_Ukiera God Knows

--Varakanok Super Driver (Dub)

--Sceptilesolarbeam Hologram

--MaximumPenalty The Wolf Whistling Song

--Cloudvstidus4life I am Waiting for You

--Alorotom Hikari no Senritsu

--Seraphil Battlefield Assymetric

The Winner(s)Edit

The overrall winner was cardslash02, with 15 votes. Right behind her was _Lacus_Clyne_ aka Nuesama with 14.

A full list of votes can be found here:

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