What You Need To Know Edit

  • Nintendo stole my name. I was The Adder LONG before Advance Wars 2!

    The Adder (As he would appear in a 3rd Gen Pokemon RPG)

  • Surprisingly, black people DO exist on the internet. I am one of them.
  • I live to argue.

Posting Techniques Edit

  • The Adder normally has a calm, sarcastic style of posting that hides the true NERD RAGE that boils just below the surface. While The Adder CAN be convinced he is wrong, if this does not happen The Adder does not lose arguments. You will quit long before he does.
  • Like most users who have been on GameFAQs for any significant time, The Adder quotes previous posts using italics.
  • The Adder argues by breaking down posts one statment at a time and destroying them or by entirely dismissing posts he deems ridiculous
  • The Adder does not usually use bold to express rage. He merely uses it for emphasis.
  • Perfectly ready, willing, and able to go off on random tangents.

The Adder Effect Edit

The Adder has been posting on OT longer than anyone realizes. This is known as The Adder effect. The Adder is a veteran poster on many MANY boards, however, no one ever seems to remember him. This saddens The Adder greatly. Take pity on him the next time you see him and give him a greeting. He desperately craves the attention

If He Could Make His Own 7 Member "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen", Who Would Be In It? Edit

Jake Berenson - Animorphs

Hermione Granger - Harry Potter

Mitsuhiro Maniwa - Paranoia Agent

Donatello - TMNT

Luigi - Super Mario Bros

Butler - Artemis Fowl

Marvin - Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy

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