Eat swords, foo.

Yeah, that dude. Probably too cynical for his own good. He also doesn't particularly care what goes on his wikia page, and yet is here to make one anyway for some reason. If someone puts something stupid here, he will likely... delete it and accept that there's little he can do about it. He's been around on GameFAQs for about 2 or 3 years longer than his account information states, due to having an older account that he lost the password for. He is probably not the bone of his sword, nor is steel his body, or fire his blood. He has most certainly NOT created over a thousand blades. He likely is unknown to death, and unknown to life. He may have withstood pain to create many weapons, though. His hands seem to be holding something right this moment. He definitely does NOT pray, Unlimited Blade Works. Watch Nanoha, readers. It's good for you.

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