Mion (168)

Waifu: Mion Sonozaki

Originally an lurker, SSonic06 became a frequent user at the end of 2008.


Back in 07, SSonic began lurking on OT, mostly to read topics about then popular series Naruto and Bleach. But, after learning of the series Death Note, his horizon on anime began to grow. It wasn't until he learned of Higurashi no NAku Koro ni, that he learned of more anime outside of what was shown on TV. At the end of 2008 during the FUNimation's New Year's Bash, while hoping for Higurashi Kai to be one of the licenses, he began to post and soon after that, became a frequent poster on OT.

Most Known ForEdit

  • Being a huge dub fan, to as of yet has not brought him the wrath of others.
  • Posting in almost every topic related to Higurashi and Umineko.
  • Having Mion Sonozaki as his waifu.
  • Currently running the "Rate the Dub" topics.
  • Winner of the Great Waifu Contest of OT 2010 with Mion.

Top Female and Male CharactersEdit


  1. Mion Sonozaki
  2. Ritsu Tainaka
  3. Rukia Kuchiki


  1. Vegeta
  2. L
  3. Keiichi Maebara


Harem Update (2)

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