Kirby rape! (>-.(>*o*)>

Constantly lurking, been on OT since Tuesday, December 18, 2007. Only frequents Saimoe threads and random ones that require little input. If you do happen to stumble across this page then please call him Ireste. RiftBard just sounds annoying now.

Very picky when it comes to watching anime. Overly ecchi series or series that don't know where the hell they are going are a no. Oh and mecha, hate that stuff with a passion, even TTGL which is over-rated crap. Put a tsundere loli (so basically have Rie Kugimiya voice someone) into a show though and its an instant 8/10 at least.


Claimed Nagi Sanzenin(Hayate no Gotoku) in the OT Character Draft 2010.

Nagi Red Dress

You know you want her too ^^

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