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This ongoing series was created by AC Unit.

Rules Edit

One vote per person
Vote from 1 being lowest to 10 being the highest.
Whole numbers please. No 3.5 for example
0/10 will not be counted. range is from 1 to 10
Things like pwntastic!/10 won't be counted either. Numbers only please.The rating is for the OP and not the series. Try and not to let the series itself influence the rating of the OP.

Results Edit

Rythmn Emotion (Gundam Wing): 9.9
Rise (GitS: SAC): 9.5
Yuusha ou Tanjou (GaoGaiGar): 9.4
Guns and Roses (Baccano!): 9.3
Big O! (Big O): 9.2
Tsubasa wa Pleasure Line (Chrono Crusade): 9.1
HEATS (Getter Robo Armageddon): 9.1
Tank (Cowboy Bebop): 9.1
Howling (Darker than Black): 9
Days (Eureka 7): 9
Super Shooter (Gantz): 8.9
Pray (Gintama): 8.9
Eternal Blaze (Nanoha): 8.9
Asterisk (Bleach): 8.9
JAP (Sengoku Basara):8.8
HekiReki (Hajime no Ippo: New Challenger): 8.8
Seishun Kyosokyoku (Naruto): 8.8
Disillusion (Fate/Stay Night): 8.8
Inner Universe (GitS): 8.8
Makka na Chikai (Busou Renkin) : 8.7
Lion (Macross Frontier): 8.7
Sora Iro Days (TTGL): 8.7
Just Communication (Gundam Wing): 8.7
Rising Force (SRW OG): 8.6
Inner Light: (Hajime no Ippo): 8.6
King Gainer Over (Overman King Gainer): 8.6
Brand New World (One Piece): 8.6
Cruel Angel Thesis (NGE): 8.6
Colors (Code Geass): 8.6
Overlap (Yu-gi-oh): 8.5
Higarushi no naku (Higarushi): 8.5
Pegasus Fantasy (Saint Seiya): 8.5
Hemisphere (Rahxephon): 8.5
Texhnolyze: 8.5
Tomorrow (Full Metal Panic): 8.4
Under Star (Hajime no Ippo): 8.4
Pursuing my True Self (Persona 4): 8.4
Kiri (Ergo Proxy): 8.4
Sousei no Aquarion (Genesis of Aquarion): 8.3
Ash like Snow (Gundam 00): 8.2
Bomb a Head (Tenjou Tenge: 8.2
Blaze (Tsubasa Chronicles): 8
Cha-La-Head-Cha-La (Dbz): 8
Share the World (One Piece): 7.9
Free Bird (Haibane Renmei): 7.9
Kiseki no Umi (Record of Lodoss War): 7.9
Shangri-la (Fafner): 7.8
Arashi no Naka (Gundam 8th MS Team): 7.8
We Are! (One Piece): 7.8
Shounen Heart (Eureka 7): 7.7
Dragon Soul (Dragonball Kai): 7.7
Daybreak's Bell (Gundam 00): 7.7
Dream (Gundam X): 7.5
Trust (Vandread): 7.5
Sakura (Eureka 7): 7.5
Daia no Hana: 7.4
Butterfly (Digimon): 7.4
Bouken Desho Desho (TMoHS): 7.4
Crystal Energy: 7.3
HT (Trigun):7.3
For Fruits Basket (Fruits Basket): 7.2
Invoke (Gundam SEED): 7.1
Fire Wars (Mazinkaiser): 7.1
Little Wing (Scrapped Princess): 7
Never (Kaiba):6.9
Shining Days (Mai Hime): 6.9
Realize (Gundam SEED): 6.8
Journey through the Decade (Kamen Rider Decade): 6.8
Change the World (Inuyasha): 6.7
Meikyuu no Prisoner (SRW OG: The Animation): 6.7
Burn My Dread (Persona 3): 6.6
The Winner (Gundam 0083): 6.6
What's Up People?! (Death Note): 6.1
Soramimi Cake (Azumanga Daioh): 6
Family (Gungrave): 5.7
Yakusoku wa Iranai (Vision of Escaflowne): 5.5 (r)
Fly! Gundam (Gundam): 5.1
Kamen Rider Agito (KR Agito): 5
Rocks (Naruto): 5Kawaita Sakebi (Yu-gi-oh): 4.7 (r)

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