OT antagonist who tried to make Seiko manly in the summer of 2008. Succeded for around half a day, surprisingly, causing whatever form MrZetsubo was in back then to insult him. Then, bored with all the moeblob crap and type-MOON love, decided to sod off to Gundam and Anime and Manga - Super Robots. Is barely ever seen outside of those two boards, mainly to whine about stuff/give fellatio to Braiger. Then he got bored with the other two boards and went back to OT like some kind of abused lover. His love for 3DPD people gains him few allies, and his habit of butting into situations that just don't involve him and sucking up to newer users with greater recognition doesn't make him respectable. He's also a shota.

He also maintains that if he was in a relationship with Alto Saotome he would be the man, though this is debatable.

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