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Mac's WaifusEdit

75. Shinobu Morita (Honey and Clover) - Prime Pikachu

Shinobu isn’t really that bad lookswise. His long hair is kinda pretty, his semi-casual style is attractive, and he has a solid physique. Shoujo style does work against him a little, though he works it fairly well. Of course, he is still a guy, so he’s fairly low tier for looks compared to the rest of the list, but among guys he’s not bad at all.

Unfortunately, Shinobu is pretty much a total piece of s*** in every other way. He’s such a horrible character that he almost ruins his show, and he comes close to destroying a lot of the friendships/relationships of the people around him. He’s super-lazy, lying around the house all day, so I wouldn’t really be able to rely on him in any way, and I wouldn’t admire him for anything he did either. He is talented and has a capacity for quickly striking it rich which is a bonus, but I can imagine him blowing the money all too easily. His romantic interactions are pretty terrible too, being uncomfortably aggressive in all the creepiest ways. You’re no waifu, Shinobu. No waifu.

74. Masayoshi Hazama (SamFlam) - Yumeko

Also pretty good looking (for a guy). Has the pretty shaggy hair, high-pitched voice, and effeminate style of a Japanese model. He does dress in an ugly superhero costume a lot of the time which hold him back a bit, but if I were to be stuck with a guy, he wouldn’t be bad at all.

Unfortunately, his personality pretty much sucks. He’s totally insecure all the time, he stays out of the house all hours, and he doesn’t know how to communicate with people. His hobbies are pretty cool, but they veer past hobby straight into the realm of obsession. He’s wealthy and can do chores which is a plus, but his other profession kinda interferes with him performing those chores. But the biggest fault waifu-wise is that he can’t love anyone and is incapable of understanding the feelings of others. Everything’s an act for him. Imitation waifus are easy enough to come by, I wouldn’t need an imitation for real.

73. Mr Heart (Fist of the North Star) -SRX


So soft and bouncy~ Dat Fu Manchu~

Apparently steals other waifus, which could be a plus? He’s also a pretty good guy. But uh. Yeah. I’ll leave it to Ranka to make the jokes, because for me, waifus are no joke.

72. Kotori Otonashi (imas) - Bako

Kotori’s design ain’t too great. She has green hair, which is one of my favorite hair colors, but other than that she’s low tier for Idolmaster girls. Breasts are too big and no real distinguishing traits. There’s a lot of other Idolmaster girls who’d do better than her, and I don’t even like Idolmaster to start with (Anzu and Chihaya would be pretty high up though <3). I’ll use the rest of the writeup to talk about Kotori’s interesting personality traits.

71. Kirika (Symphogear) - Embok


Symphogear designs have always felt a little bit off to me. None of the proportions are quite right, they’re kinda short and stubby, and the breasts are all out of proportion. Kirika has a kinda ugly mess of hair on her head too. I dig the witch getup, but for an anime girl she’s pretty plain.

Beyond that, I don’t really have much to say about her. She’s pretty stupid, and fights for evil even though she’s an obviously good person. Intelligence is pretty important to me in a waifu, so I’d rather not be stuck with someone dumb. Her fighting style is solid, but not really anything special among Symphogears. She’s just boring, which is one of the worst sins a waifu can commit.

70. Masami Iwasawa (Angel Beats) - Super_Archer

Iwasawa’s design is pretty plain. Same uniform as the others, pink hair but not as exciting as Yui’s, and not many other distinguishing features. She does carry around a guitar, which is nice, but it’s acoustic, which is not so nice. Also has the worst voice actress of all time which is a fair strike against her.

So I’m a really big fan of Angel Beats!. It has a great cast and would be in my top 20 anime. There’s at least half a dozen characters in the show that would be in the top half of my list. But Iwasawa of all people...why? Why Iwasawa? She’s literally obsessed with music and stands around looking cool...and that’s it. She’s barely even in the show. I mean, sure she has a tragic past and all, but so does everyone else. Indie cred alone isn’t enough to make a waifu great.

Sorry Yumeko, but you’re the first one out of the game.

69. Makoto (Free) - Yumeko

Makoto’s decently sexy, in the way all the Free! characters are, though with a less unique appearance. I’m not personally into the muscular type, but I can admit his attractiveness. Shame there’s not much for muscular women on the list. Those are a lot better.

So again. Of all the Free characters, why Makoto? He’s not quite the worst of the cast (that honor falls to Nagisa), but the other three are all much better. Makoto does have the “dependable guy who’s always there for you” thing going on, but the problem with most characters like that is that they’re super boring, and Makoto is no exception. I would’ve loved to have a guy high up on my list, but these nominations just aren’t giving me the opportunity. For a man to be a waifu he has to be something really special, and Makoto is just...ordinary.

68. Noa Izumi (Patlabor) - Demios259

Noa Izumi looks like a man, and not in a good way. She just totally lacks any feminine features in her hair and face. Her traffic cop style isn’t doing her any favors either. If she’s gonna pilot a giant robot, she should do it in style. I mean, I guess that goes against the point of the show, but when the point is to look boring, you end up being boring.

Much like her character! She’s kinda like a typical OL who gets smashed after work all the time mixed with an impulsive shounen action hero, and neither of those traits do it for me. She can never tell when to be fun or serious, and always acts inappropriately. She kinda acts like an average ordinary person, which isn’t really my thing. The last few waifus have all been way too ordinary, and if I really wanted to marry a waifu, she’d have to be truly extraordinary.

67. Marimo Jinguuji (Muv-Luv) - TaquishaJohnson

Mm, ‘dem sexy blue accents. I really like when uniforms have ties, and this one’s quite good in general. The blue and black go together really well, and Marimo looks great in it. Unfortunately, dkr never specified which version it was, and her Extra version is a lot less attractive, wearing a lame yellow sweater most of the time instead, and also not wearing a hat. In fact, I don’t think very many of the nominees have hats. What’s up with that? Why the hat hate, OT?

Personality-wise I’ll also have to mix the two, but honestly I’m not the biggest fan of either. Extra version is basically the cliche “single teacher who’s (almost) 30 and acts like a high schooler and complains and is like one of the kids” thing, while Alternative is basically the cliche hard-assed sergeant who’d do anything to protect her men thing. Neither of those are cliches I like. She does have the one amazing scene where she talks to Takeru after the incident in Alternative, but that’s about it. Older women aren’t really my thing either; anime waifus should be young and virile.

And now Super_Archer is gone too.

66. Nozomi Toujou (Love Live) - Super_Archer

Nozomi looks pretty terrible in her uniform, but some of her idol costumes and poses are pretty cool. I’m not really into that lazy expression she has on her face all the time, and she has that DFC (disgusting fat chest) going against her as well.

Nozomi’s essentially the first character I don’t know on this list, since I only watched the first episode of Love Live. Looking her up and finding information about her from Ranka has left me unimpressed though. “Carefree spacey ojou-sama” isn’t really my favorite archetype, she has that lame thing where she gropes other girls going on, and I’m not really a fan of Kansai accents in general, let alone fake ones. Plus she’s an idol, which is a fairly big strike against her in itself. Caring more about the fans than about me makes you a failure of a waifu.

65. Inaba (Kokoro Connect) - s0ySauced

What can I say about Inaba’s appearance? Nothing, really. Typical generic anime high school girl.

Ranka pretty much got why Inaba’s so lame. She starts out as this cool awesome friend girl who’s a total bro, and then she degenerates into a moe mess. I really dislike this whenever it happens. It’s entirely possible to have a character fall in love and remain super cool. I didn’t really like Inaba that much in the first place though, for whatever reason. Maybe I could see her fall coming? Anyway, I’ve always really liked it when someone says something like “she’s my wife and she’s my best friend”. With Inaba, it’s like you’re sacrificing one to get the other. Waifus never compromise.

64. Juvia Lockser (FT)


Oh mans Russian hat so good. I love these things, and it’s always awesome when people wear them. Except...Juvia actually looks better without the hat? Or maybe it’s just that she looks better with short hair. Her appearance overall is pretty neat, though it suffers from the art style which is not so great. Fairy Tail women’s bodies usually have pretty ugly shapes, kinda like One Piece women though not so bad. Thankfully, no OP women here to deal with, though Robin would rank decently high.

Seriously though, four Fairy Tail girls? Why? Maybe it’s just because I haven’t seen the show, but none of these women seem good at all. None of them have very good designs, and most of them seem to have pretty lame personalities too. Juvia, going from the wiki, seems like the worst of the bunch. She starts out evil (for some reason) then becomes good (because shounen), but she never seems to have all that much personality. She has her thing where she’s obsessed with Gray, but she doesn’t even seem all that interesting in a yandere sense - she never murders anyone or anything. She just doesn’t seem like a very strong lady. All that, and she can’t pull off a sexy hat? What kind of waifu is that?

63. Mylene Flare Jenius (Macross 7) - Zephiroth X52

Woo electric guitar way better than acoustic guitar. Mylene’s style is pretty solid, though it’s hurt by the classic art. She’s got the funky visor thingy, wild pink hair, sapphire shoulder pads, dragon scale clothes, and funky wristbands...unfortunately, her face is pretty ugly, which hurts. She almost looks like a Barbie doll with the best accessory set ever. I mean, fun to play with as a figure, but not actually attractive.

Kinda wish this had been some other Macross character, since I’ve seen all the series other than 7, but such is life. Looking info up on her basically paints her as some spoiled brat who can’t handle her parents, her heritage, other species, romance, or anything at all, really. She has ineffective tsundere tendencies that last 50 episodes. Why couldn’t you have nominated her mom instead? Cool assassin, transforms into giant monster, best fighter pilot in the galaxy, gets together with the most badass guy in the show, likes guys with glasses, sexy green hair, somehow still looks good despite being from an ancient show, etc. I suppose it’d be nice having her as a mother in law, but waifus should never be inferior to their moms.

62. Elpeo Ple (ZZ Gundam/Unicorn)

What on earth is she wearing? Some sort of weird front backpack? Suspenders? An elevated fanny pack? I don’t even know. Even with it, she’s still moderately attractive, though she suffers from having orange hair, which might just be my least favorite anime hair color. Ugh.

Wasn’t able to find much info here, which she suffers from. Seems to suffer from limited loyalty and has no will of her own. Also kinda half-assed in her jealousy, rather than being full yandere awesome? Seems like the typical no-personality Gundam femael.  I’m basically ignoring the clones here, though maybe they’re more interesting.

61. Nico Yazawa - acesxhigh


Nico’s got a reasonably attractive design, with flat chest and twintails. She’s a little short, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I don’t really like the Love Live artstyle in general though. I don’t think I find any of the characters really attractive or unique. They just look generic and mass-produced, with no originality.

I’m not quite sure why Nico’s personality doesn’t click with me. Usually I’m pretty cool with the “sociopathic idol who actually doesn’t care about her fans and is just in it for the fame/money” thing, but Nico doesn’t quite fit that. Part of the problem is that she actually wants to be an idol, which is a fairly big strike against her. She’s definitely not just in it for the money. I don’t really like the way her fake personality works all that much either - it’s a bit too hypercute and sugary sweet. Even her real personality is kinda meh; she’s barely evil at all. She doubtless eventually gets more serious and starts caring about the fans too. If she actually hated the fans and being an idol and such, she could go for a better idol persona. Something like Saras from Zombie would be much better, where she spits on and ridicules her fans at every opportunity. She tries her best at Machiavellian scheming, but she’s not half the prince a true waifu would be.

60. Lucy Heartfilia (FT) - Gitru

Ew more disgusting lumps of fat and shown off by her usual weird costume too. I do like her white and blue color scheme quite a bit. When I played Magic back in the day, most of my decks were either Blue or White (or Blue/White), and I like the colors for clothes in general. I don’t really like how fanservicey most of the clothes she wears are though. More elaborate costumes are usually more attractive, as far as anime goes.

So from what I can tell, Lucy’s like a typical shounen protagonist, but even more pathetic than usual because someone else ends up winning all of her fights for her in the end. It’s nice that she likes reading, but that doesn’t seem to come up much. She’s apparently a coward despite having superpowers, and doesn’t enjoy violence despite being a shounen fighting protag. She really just wastes every fun part of her archetype. Also apparently a straight man, and nobody likes the straight man in a comedy. Who needs a waifu that won’t laugh at your jokes?

59. Rillian Lucifen d'Autriche (Daughter of Evil) - Mecasonic'Autriche.png

Rillian’s design is pretty nice. Tall, funky dress, lots of ripples. It’s unfortunate that she has Rin’s face, since Rin isn’t that attractive, but I suppose it’s inescapable. More unfortunate is all the yellow. Yellow is not the best color, and it kinda wastes the effect of her neat dress.

Rillian’s the kinda girl who seems perfect at first glance. Queen of a kingdom, delights in sadism for its own sake, loves dominating others, assassinates people and doesn’t afraid of anything, nickname is literally the Daughter of Evil. Sadly she ends up throwing all that coolness away. For starters, she apparently wasn’t even evil in the first place, since she only became evil after being possessed by some sort of demon. She was just some weak girl who needed her brother to protect her. Second, she ends up failing as a queen and is defeated miserably. Third, she becomes a nun after being defeated and devotes her life to doing good deeds. WTF? This, the woman they call the daughter of evil? Pathetic. I mean, she does score points for actually being awesome for a while, and if that phase were her only one she’d be far higher on the list, but I don’t want a failure of a waifu.

58. Seolla (SRW OG) - Deimos259

So, Seolla has big breasts, stupid hair, and a dumb costume. The fleece collar with no attachment is probably the crowning dumbness. I do like silver hair, so that’s definitely a nice little bonus, and her multicolored gloves are kinda neat too. Her default pose just makes her look terrible though.

Girls getting embarrassed about breast size is always pretty bad, especially when they’re tsunderes about it. Hitting guys she likes brings her down even further. In general, she just feels like a generic tsundere childhood friend, which is definitely not an archetype a real waifu would have.

57. Fuuko Kirisawa (Flame of Recca) - acesxhigh

I like that a quick search for her got me multiple pics of her showing off her armpits. Definitely one of the pluses of wearing sleeveless clothes. Her headband’s pretty cool too; I like the gem in the center. Maybe it has some sort of special power that helps her out? The athletic build isn’t really my thing, though I suppose it doesn’t really hurt to have a waifu who can protect you. Her clothes feel a bit too 80s for my liking.

Tough and tomboyish can make for good characters, but generally that’s not the type of waifu I’m interested in. I’m really not into sports or most physical activities in general, so I don’t think I’d fit that well with a girl who is. She also has that dumb trait where she gets embarrassed if she does something feminine. I dunno, I could see myself liking the character, which is why she’s this high in the first place, but she’s not so great as a waifu candidate.

56. Lacus Clyne - Logicblade

God, why is Gundam Seed’s artstyle so ugly? Even if the design has neat elements, faces like that just kill it. Most of the other Gundam artstyles look pretty good, too. Lacus does seem to have pretty solid fashion sense, with her space age kimonos and sexy popped collars. She’s not quite as good when she’s wearing a dress, and her ugly face holds her back in all forms.

I dunno, SEED is one of the few Gundams I haven’t seen (why you guys gotta pick the Gundam girls I don’t know anyways ;_;), and going from what I’ve read she seems kinda like a less intelligent idol version of Relena from Wing? She has some apparently “deep” speeches, but it doesn’t take much to realize that war’s bad, so I’m pretty skeptical. She does have a few things going for her, like being a fighter pilot. She’s also apparently some sort of master manipulator who totally dominates the protagonist of the show? I haven’t been able to find too much actual info on that so I think maybe that’s just ‘fans’ trying to make the show seem better than it is, but it’s enough to get her this high.

55. Pakunoda (Hxh) - jack2jack2


So Pakunoda is like...not really attractive? Hunter x Hunter has a few women like this, going for the realism over the moe. Her nose is huge, she’s kinda old, she has wrinkles sometimes, she’s too dumb to realize that you’re supposed to wear a shirt under a suit jacket, she’s overly well-endowed, etc. The purple style is pretty cool at least.

It’s been a long time since I watched HxH classic, and I stopped 2011 just before she became important, unfortunately, so I’m going largely on wiki stuff here. She’s a competent assassin, which is cool, but she never seems to have fun and she’s not even the brightest member of her group. She also doesn’t really have a will of her own, instead alternating between being extreme loyal to Chrollo or extremely loyal to the group, which is not a trait I usually like very much. It’s possible to have a woman be completely in love with someone and still have a character of her own, with unique motivations and desires. Being a female assassin will get you somewhere, but that alone does not a waifu make.

54. Liechtenstein (Hetalia) - Raka_Putra

I feel like Hetalia’s art style makes all the characters look kinda samey, with the result that Liechtenstein’s a bit lacking in feminine charm. Don’t get me wrong, short haired and boyish can be good, but Liechtenstein looks more plain than anything. Boring facial features, standard one-color dress, unadventurous hairstyle, ribbon as the one thing that signifies her as female, etc. She doesn’t even have any facial expressions.

Reading some of these descriptions for characters I don’t know really makes me skeptical of the fanbases’ intelligence. Liechtenstein’s wiki page describes her as “high-tech” - what does that even mean? How the hell is that a personality trait? It doesn’t even mention anything to do with technology, just that she’s high tech. Bah. Anyways, mature, level-headed, and high-tech all sound good to me, but she never really came across as someone very interesting. While high-tech waifus are what we’ll actually get in the future, Liechtenstein’s unfortunately not high-tech in the right ways.

53. Risty - NTR_Enterprises


Honestly? Not the biggest fan of most QB designs. I mean, some of them are pretty damn great (Alleyne has one of the greatest designs of all time and would’ve been in the top 20 on this list, partly because her design is just that f***ing good), but most of them just display a lot of flesh and have large chests. Risty’s not really an exception here. She has the animal princess thing going for her, with all the big ruffles and her shock of hair that looks like a lion’s mane and has a greater surface area than all of her clothes combined.

Not the biggest fan of the rest of her either. She has that “experienced warrior/mentor” thing, and she’s also a wild and crazy girl. Which is great, but it doesn’t really fit my definition of waifu, and there are a lot of QB characters I like more than her (probably at least a dozen, actually). She is entertaining, and I like how much she loves life, but with her personality, it doesn’t feel like she’d be a waifu who loves me.

52. Sakura Kinomoto (Card Captor Sakura) - Team Rocket Elite

Hmph. Guess I was viewing my memories with rose-tinted glasses, because I remember Sakura being a lot more attractive than she is. She’s a lot shorter and stubbier than the usual CLAMP style, with a face that’s actually a bit pudgy. Makes her look more like an actual child than a stylized anime loli, which is pretty no good as far as her being a waifu goes. She does have a neato outfit, both in school and normally. Tsubasa version looks a lot better.

I think I regret having Sakura this high (I moved her down about as far as I could while I was doing her writeup). I was banking on her appearance being good, but it’s not that great. She is a good girl, being positive all the time and fighting for justice and such. Ending up with Syaoran is pretty awful romantic taste (which might be a bit of a plus for me) though. There are some other positive girls out there who do it better than she does, including some later on on the list. Sorry Sakura, you’re just not the waifu for me.

51.Arane (Queen’s Blade) - Eab


Huh, two QB characters almost in a row. Didn’t do that on purpose. Seems like all the pictures of Arane are horizontal for some reason. Wonder why. I like her spider-pantsu. One of those fun little details that makes a design great. Plus she apparently spun them from her own thread Red eyes are pretty sweet, and while I’m not obsessed with kimonos, they’re pretty cool. Other than that she’s pretty average for a loli. Kinda lame that she doesn’t even have spider legs despite apparently being a spider, though the spider hair is neat.

Hating hentais and ecchi things is a pretty lame trait for a waifu, since half the point of having a waifu is to do ecchi things, and I’m pretty hentai. She also hates weak people (which I am) despite being weak herself and needing help being saved from jobber bandits. Plus it seems like she cries a lot. Foul mouthed shy girls are pretty sweet in general, so it’d be nice to see more details on that part of her rather than her other traits. I don’t think I could deal with a waifu who hates my defining traits.

50. Wendy Marvell (FT) - kh_com1992


Oh yes that marvelous body (yes I wrote this before that topic about her was posted). Wendy’s design is pretty great in every way. Has some excellent blue hair that’s half the size of her body, a pretty face, a sweet outfit that flaunts shows a good amount of skin without being overly promiscuous, a large wardrobe, dragon fangs, occasionally twintails, a neat little tattoo that’s not particularly obnoxious, wings on her ankles, etc. But the best part, of course, is her proportions. She’s still a child, so she’s by no means tall, but she’s not tiny either. Her chest is deliciously flat, which is a great change from the other FT characters. I wish there were more lolis on this list, I feel bad knocking so many of the designs.

Sadly, personality counts a lot more than appearances for this thing (Wendy would be even lower if she didn’t look so good), and Wendy’s seems kinda meh. She’s shy, which can be good, but here her shyness seems to manifest itself through her crying and whining all the time, which are typical traits for kids to have, but they don’t really set fire to my loins. She has that dumb “hates fighting despite being a great warrior” thing going for her, which I always hate. She’s a total klutz too. Waifus should be able to perform basic tasks without accidentally destroying a forest.

49. Hisoka (Hunter x Hunter) - Feeny


Would’ve liked to post the shower pic, but not sure if SFW. The clown motif isn’t really my thing, but Hisoka pulls it off pretty well. The decorations on his cheeks look cool rather than silly, the spiked back hair is cool, and even the paint isn’t over the top. His usual outfit looks more like a martial artist’s gi than a clown costume, with the suits on the breasts functioning as neat symbols. Has a bunch of effeminate traits in general too (I used to think it’d be great if Hisoka had a power that let him turn into a woman…).

And so, we have our last male (well, technically not last) character. You know what? I never liked Hisoka that much. I mean, he’s a good character and all, but HxH had a few who were better than him (at least one of whom is still on the list). He is a pretty cool guy, with his stalker thing and messing everything up, but I could never really get a handle on his actual motivations. Maybe those get described in more detail later on? In any case, he is still a man (not even a boy), which hurts pretty hard on a list like this. This is a waifu list, not a husbando list.

48. Signum (Nanoha) - kh_com1992


Signum looks cool. Purple and white is a great color scheme, she has the random pieces of steel armor that make no sense but serve to accent her appearance in a neat way, ponytails are pretty much the best, giant boots are good for stompin’, and weird half skirt things are one of the better fanservice outfits that anime designers have come up with. Whip swords may be totally impractical, but they make for neat fights in a fantasy world too. All the Nanoha designs are pretty good, really.

Signum herself is a failure. I think that’s probably the main problem with her - no matter what she does, she ends up failing. She loses most of her fights, she gets a crush on Fate but winds up playing second string to Nanoha, she has a crush on Hayate but is no match for Vita, and she tries to be the cool girl leader of the group but ends up just not being cool a lot of the time. She’s still pretty cool sometimes, but she’s definitely on the lower rung for Nanoha/A’s characters. Shame we didn’t get Nanoha/Fate/Hayate here instead.

47. Maiden in Black (DS) - WillDearborn

Almost thirty waifus, and not a single mention of feet. You may be thinking, “Is this really a Mac writeup list?” but fear not, for the time of reckoning is upon us. Despite wearing fairly concealing clothes, the Maiden never wears anything on her feet, which is a special treat for all of us fans out there. The first doujin that was uploaded with her was, naturally, focused on her feet as well. She has some sort of special demonic powers, so she can walk around all the time without needing shoes to protect her feet, and her feet never get dirty either. I wish all girls had powers like those. The world would be a much more wonderful place.

I’ve actually never played Demon’s Souls (still in the shrink wrap woo), so I don’t know too much about her character. Seems like she’s there to get the MC to take care of some demons for her, kinda like some sorta guardian of the underworld. Has a cool personality, never changing, always accepting. Which is neat. Having a demon waifu who gives you magic power and always supports you would be pretty nice.

46. Chouun “Sei” Shiryu (Koihime Musou) - DoomtrainGF

Now that I look at her a little more closely, Sei’s design is not so bad. I like the all white motif, the feather things hanging down look unique, kneesocks are pretty much the best, her feet are mostly uncovered by her footwear, and she has a funky hat thing. Her hair is one of those weird ponytail things that a lot of guys have and is generally unflattering, but it suits her pretty well. The game usually focuses a bit more on her bust, so I never noticed how attractive she really was before.

I don’t quite know how to describe her. I often like teasing girls, and Sei’s a total tease, but in a somewhat different way. Maybe it’s because she’s more of a hotblooded warrior than most of them, and is used a bit more comically? Or maybe it’s just because the romance with her wasn’t done as well. I do like her and all, just not that much. Which is a shame, because Koihime has some top tier waifus, including a certain girl who almost certainly would’ve been #1 if she’d been nominated.

45. Erza (FT) - Gitru's_HK_Aromor_in_X791.jpg

What? A woman who actually looks like a warrior? In Fairy Tail? Unpossible! I mean, her outfit’s still pretty impractical, but at least it kinda tries. She has a bunch of different outfits too, and most of them look pretty cool. Seems like she goes around wearing a sarashi (bandage wrappings around the bust) sometimes , which is pretty high up on my top anime garb list. Makes her look like a banchou. Shame we didn’t get any banchou nominations. but Erza will have to do. Flaming red hair also looks very nice, whether straight or in a ponytail.

Probably her best trait, going by the wiki anyway, is that she’s pretty shameless, and very comfortable with guys. She loves smut, so I can imagine her being a little kinkier than the rest. She still has her token good guy stuff going against her, and her being overly strict with other people could definitely be a minus. Half the reason I have her up so high is that I have “immense endurance” written next to her as a note. Maybe if she were written by someone actually competent instead of Hiro Mashima she could be an actual waifu. Instead she’ll just have to settle for being the best Fairy Tail waifu.

44. Orietta Ginasteele (Magical Charming) - Eab

Hm. Seems like all the Magical Charming girls look pretty similar. Ponytail blonde is probably the best of em. Orietta’s clothes are pretty ugly and they make her proportions looks really weird. Like, the way her skirt covers most of her chest just seems wrong. Also feels inhumanly short, which isn’t my preference (taller waifus are superior).

Crap, that topic Eab had linked about Orietta using authoritative magic is gone, and that was the best version of her. Probably shouldn’t be this high up without that. Eh, she does still have some cool traits. Apparently is a magic wingman who crosses timelines and creates new universes to get the MC laid, which is pretty high tier on the bro charts. The romance stuff with her and the MC doesn’t seem quite as good, since it’s basically just generic cheerful girl romance stuff. Cheerful energetic girls are nice, but hardly the best archetype, and I can’t really see enough info on Orietta to discover what makes her special (other than the bro stuff, which is admittedly great). If I were ranking these characters as bros she’d probably be high up, but her waifu skills just aren’t on the same level.

43. Aigis (Persona Three) - pics_nao_pls


Another user once described Aigis as the perfect mix between robot and human. She has a bunch of robotic elements, and if you saw her there would be no doubt that she’s not fully human, but at the same time she mostly looks like an ordinary person. A lot of robot girls go too far in one direction or the other - what’s the point of a robot girl if you can’t tell her apart from an ordinary girl? She’s just totally styling in general, with the white motif and the red and the turning blue sometimes. The lack of girl parts is something of a flaw, though the scene with her neck port was incredible enough to compensate. There’s no compensating for the lack of feet though. ;_;

Aigis is the most overrated Persona character. I mean, her design is good, and I do like her better than Yukari or Fuuka, but the other P3 girls (Mitsuru, Elizabeth, Ms. Toriumi) are definitely superior waifus. Her deadpan humor, curiosity about the world, and steadfast devotion are all pretty charming, and I do enjoy her social link. She probably gets the most character development of anyone, so she’s hardly shallow, but The Answer being stupid probably tainted my affection for her. I might just be forgetting the good parts about her since I haven’t played P3 since 2008, but if she were really that great of a waifu, I’d never forget her.

42. Naomi Inoue (Geass) - Ugly Joe


Inoue looks really serious and angry.

41. Lust (FMA) - GrayVigilante

You’d think with a name like Lust and an outfit like that there’d be more art of her out there. Guess the hate for her is too strong? Lust is a pretty foxy lady. Black cocktail dress isn’t a very common anime outfit, so it’s nice to see an anime character wearing it. Her appearance is as sexy as you’d expect someone named Lust to be, so Arakawa did a good job in that respect. Although, let me take this chance to complain. How come all the homunculi except Lust are female, and how come Lust is female? It seems like Lust is always female for whatever reason. Can’t we get male Lust for once? It’s not like males are any less lustful. For a female author, Arakawa doesn’t really treat females in her series particularly well.

Hmm. I had Lust ranked fairly high, but when it came time to do her writeup, I found that I couldn’t remember much about her, so I’ve moved her down quite a few places. I do remember liking her more than most other characters in the series. I think she was relatively smart (and not in an evil over the top master plan to take over the world type way like most of the others), and had a fun fighting style. I liked how she made things much more personal than the others, but still didn’t let stuff get to her. She’d probably be pretty fun to chat with and hang out with. Plus having a waifu named Lust has obvious perks.

40. Melody/Senritsu (Hunter x Hunter) - jack2jack2


God damn is Melody ugly. I’ve had a few characters on the list that have benefitted from their appearance (and there will be a few more), but Melody’s the only lady that suffers from it. Pretty much every negative trait. At least she wears a hat most of the time, and she might eventually cure her condition, but we don’t even know how much of her ugliness comes from that. Blech.

Other than that though, she’s pretty much 100% waifu material. Loves music, uses music superpowers to put her husbando in a better mood, and is a badass warrior. You know she’ll always be there for you, because caring for people is what she’s all about. Not just in the typical anime way either, she’s a genuine human being who’ll take whatever measures necessary to protect and nurture you. But when picking perfect waifus, you’ve get to have standards, and Melody’s appearance keeps her from being perfect.

39. Haruka Takayama (Sakura Trick) - Zephiroth X52

Haruka’s absurd bouncing was probably the biggest problem I had with Sakura Trick. Every scene, they’d be bouncing all over the place with the slightest motion, and it was just unsightly. They’re not even that big, so she probably just goes without a bra all the time. Give her ten years and they’ll be sagging down to her knees. A waifu’s gotta take better care of her body.

Other than that, Haruka’s a pretty cool girl. She’s smart, she’ll do anything to support her partner, she’s aggressive, and she makes some pretty adorable facial expressions from time to time. Also less prone to embarrassment than most of the other girls. Her stuff in the last episode is pretty damn romantic, too. In fact, as I was writing this, I realized she’d be a better waifu than I thought, so I moved her up a few spots. Even her clinginess/jealousy isn’t really a negative, since I don’t talk to real girls a ton anyways. <________< The only thing that really holds her back is her appearance, and the fact that I don’t love her. Without love, she cannot be waifu.

38. Kogure Deimon (The Secret Devil Girl) - thespacehippy

For some reason most of the color pictures of Kogure are really ugly, including the cover of the manga itself. This actually turned me off some from reading the series for a while, since I didn’t really want an ugly trap like that as the heroine. Thankfully, he looks much better in the actual series. His hair is pretty cute, and even the devil parts look pretty good. I like how he’s always showing off the bulge in his panties too. That might just be my favorite type of fanservice. Love it so much, and am sad it doesn’t really happen in anime, only manga.

I really like traps, which gives Kogure a pretty nice advantage on its own. Boys dressing like girls is amazing, and a girl turning out to be a trap pretty much always makes me like her more. Kogure’s pretty cool in general, and is a bit different from other traps, in that he’s a demon who transcends gender rather than just a boy who likes wearing girls’ clothes. As he’s a succubus, he’s really amorous almost all the time, and basically lives on his contractor’s bodily fluids. Plus he’s just a real bro in general, wanting to hang out with his contractor all the time and using demon powers for fun and awesome. The main negative with him is that he doesn’t really have a personality of his own. I guess it’s only natural for a succubus to be obsessed with a man, but that’s pretty much Kogure’s whole personality. A lot of other traps are much more interesting than him. If you were gonna nominate a trap waifu, you could at least nom a member of my trap waifu harem.

37. IA (Vocaloid) - ArchangelBaruch

Ia! Ia! Cthulhu Fthagn! Ph'nglui mglw'nfah Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn! ck’yarnak ehye.  Jgthn'M Lh Fhtang Chga Drhtgul Wsha, Ush Jh'Nglui Vogth Jgorhsh Wjh'Yrhkub Bjhd Jgthngn dammit why is it so hard to find R’lyehian text I can’t even make a full length joke writeup. She’s actually supposed to be an alien though, so perhaps her creators are in on the joke? I can’t find much info on her either, so it’s not like there’s much to talk about. Really, I just have her high because her name is IA and her fashion sense is incredible. Judging her personality from her appearance she seems like she’d be a cool lady, but that’s just an assumption. A mysterious waifu is an alluring thing, but I’m not going to marry a woman I know nothing about.

36. Darjeeling (GuP) - TheDiclonius

Not my favorite hair style, that. I’m not sure I can think of any case where I really found braids attractive. You usually see the girls who have them without them sometimes, and they look better that way about 140% of the time. Darjeeling is no exception - . I mean, I guess the braids are more militaristically practical, but they’re definitely not appealing. Her uniform at least is pretty cool. Kinda reminds me of Zeon uniforms, which is never a bad thing. I like the jacket style in general on girls.

It’s funny, I had Darjeeling really high when I made the list, and then I got to her writeup and I was like...why? I mean, she is a good character. I like her calm, efficient demeanor, and being a commander is obviously a huge plus for any woman. But she has some other pretty meh traits, like being obsessed with tea (I do not care for tea). Maybe it was the Eri Kitamura factor boosting her up? That usually works, though I’m not fond of some of her characters. Anyway, Darjeeling’s a pretty cool lady, and being literally named Darjeeling is very nice. I just can’t believe I overrated her so much as a waifu.

35. Alisa Amiella (God Eater) - Grengosaurus


Make no mistake, Alisa looks amazing. Her outfit’s a bit revealing, but all of it looks so good that it hardly matters. I’m not even sure what her top is (some sort of sleeveless open jacket? A fancy vest? Just a dress shirt?), but it’s hot, and has a bowtie to boot. Shows off her armpits perfectly too. For some reason she wears one full glove (gloves are great) and one tiny fingerless glove (still great), for maximum broad appeal. She’s got a beret too, which is one of the best forms of hats. And I haven’t even mentioned her bottom half yet! Thigh high boots covering thigh high leggings is an odd combination, but again, it works. The plaid skirt is probably the least special thing she’s wearing, but even then the red color scheme makes it look great.

How come so many of the hot girls seem to have so little personality? Would it kill the writers to make girls who are both hot and interesting? I mean, I guess it’s kinda realistic that the hottest can just rely on their looks without having to try to be interesting, but 2D girls are supposed to be better than real girls. Anyway, while Alisa may have icy facial expressions, the only things I can find about her are how she often fails and gets brainwashed all the time. From what I can tell, she’s a bit more competent in the second game, being some sort of commander (which makes sense, since she goes from being 15 to 18), but I can’t find any details about that. I don’t want my waifu to be brainwashed by bad guys, I want her to be crazy in love with me~

34. Zelda (Skyward Sword) - BKSheikah00

It’s like she knows. She knows everyone wants her as their waifu, and is staring back in pure joy, eager to please you whatever it takes. SS Zelda’s design is far from my favorite Zelda (it might actually be the worst, honestly). She looks like a country bumpkin rather than an elegant princess. I suppose that’s what they were going for with her. It’s really not my thing though.

Was thinking of using Zelda reaction pic here, since I honestly remember more of her personality from that than the game (a reflection of how much time I’ve spent looking at Zelda reaction pics). SS Zelda is built as more of a waifu than a character, which is in some ways good, and other ways bad. She’s your childhood friend so she loves you from the start, and she’ll do anything for you, which is pretty nice. She’s actually somewhat more competent than most of the Zeldas, staying out of evil’s reach for quite a while. She always seems to be up to something fighting against the bad guys in the background too. Odd though it may seem, I’d like my waifu to be more than just 100% waifu, so Zelda falters a bit compared to her competition.

33. Flay Allster (Gundam Seed) - Sir-Marth

Gundam Seed art how do you work. Flay is really ugly and I don’t even want to talk about her looks. I feel like I should put her lower just because of how gross she is.

Ranka’s base description of her (mix of HOT B**** and RACIST CRAZYWOMAN) was great, but looking at her more in-depth she doesn’t seem quite so good, and the hot part is obviously just plain wrong. I mean, the racist craziness and all is pretty cool, but she hates on superior lifeforms and genetically enhanced people - WTF is that? Cool people should support genetic enhancements. She’s apparently really sarcastic in the Gundam games though, passive aggressively insulting you while supporting you, which is just what I like in a waifu. She seems to have a cool evil personality, but it’s bent in all the wrong directions for a great waifu.

32. Dianna Soreil (Turn A Gundam) - rilo
It’s funny, before I watched Turn A Gundam, I always used to see that MAL picture and thought it was about some giant Gundam-sized woman who would fight against other mechs. Actually got me pretty hyped up to watch the show each time I saw it, so you can imagine my disappointment when that didn’t turn out to be true. Although I guess that’s Kihel in the picture, not Dianna. Dianna’s just the little woman in the background. It’s strange that you can have two characters who are identical, and yet one has a way better design than the other.
In fact, that’s exactly why Dianna is this high. Until I came to do the writeup, I was thinking of Kihel, not Dianna. >_< Dianna’s cool in some ways, leading the moonrace to Earth and living for hundreds of years and fighting for her ideals and her design is still pretty good, but Dianna’s basically better in every way. I much prefer the archetype of “ordinary girl’s ambition leads her to usurp the queen and become ruler of the moon” to “girl just wants to be ordinary and doesn’t care about power”. I do like Dianna, so her ranking isn’t absurdly high or anything, but she’s still higher than she deserves to be, and is by far the inferior waifu of the pair.
31. Fran Midaraki (Franken Fran) - Raka_Putra
I don’t even know how to talk about Fran’s looks. I mean, she’s kinda good looking? Labcoats never go out of style and I like her outfit’s colors? But at the same time all those scars and threads are damn ugly. Let’s just leave it at that.
She’s a very intelligent lady, and always unpredictable. She definitely wouldn’t be a boring waifu. I can dig her mad science schtick, and her value system really distinguishes her from all the typical heroes out there. At the same time, being loved by her isn’t necessarily a good thing considering how much she torments her sister. It would be cool to be able to request certain modifications from her, and I’m sure she’d be happy to answer any request I can think of, so maybe that would be good in its own way? Still, I’d rather not live in true fear of my waifu.
30. Mio Akiyama (K-ON!) - ScrappyDingo

Mio’s a really pretty girl. Long black hair is always sexy, her face is probably the best of the K-ON girls, and her fashion sense is impeccable. She looks great in her purple bunnyhug, and I believe that she’s the only lady on the list who wears a little hat. She looks sad almost all the time, which is hot. Blue thigh-highs are also hot. Maybe I’ve just watched too much anime, but the K-ON artstyle is quite attractive to me now. Makes the girls all the more adorable and huggable. She’s just a great looking girl.
She was always my favorite member of the K-ON cast too, though it was close between her and Yui. She’s a serious girl with more refined hobbies, but unlike Azusa, she’s not a total buzzkill all the time. She knows how to have fun when she’s hanging out with her friends. She plays bass too, which is probably the best instrument, and has the best voice in the group. Most importantly, I just really like awkward shy girls, and Mio’s got that in spades. Her shyness about certain things would be a negative, and those things are pretty important for a waifu.
29. Takane Shijou - MasterTurtle
Hard to talk too much about Idolmaster costumes since there’s so many of them, but the one in the picture is pretty much the best. She always has her super sexy silver hair, and her outfits keep that rich princess feel that she has going for despite being modern and often pretty revealing. I really like the contrast between those two aspects of her appearance, and always thought she was close to the top design-wise for the original Idolmasters (Chihaya’s is the only one I like better).
She’s also close to the top in terms of how much I like her in general - maybe me liking her design just makes me like her character more? Or maybe the Idolmaster designer’s just good at creating designs that fit the character’s personality. Elegance and arrogance are always great, and Takane’s basically both of those incarnate - but in a friendly way, which makes her a bit different from a lot of similar girls. Kinda reminds me of Sonia from DR2. The main things Takane has going against her is that the Idolmaster anime sucked, so she got hardly any screentime. And her doujins are all really bad. The most vanilla tripe you’ll ever read and nothin’ but. Her personality comes off pretty poorly in all of them, with her just being obsessed with getting the P all the time. Since doujins are the closest way we have to get close to our waifus, this is unacceptable.
28. Miyako (HidaSketch) - Meganium7
Uhh. I dunno how I feel talking about Hidamari girls’ designs. They’re all so SD that it’s kinda hard to think about how attractive they are. Miya’s pretty good-looking in general, and that mouth is amazing. Oh, the things I could put in there…Her smile’s probably her best feature. She’s smiling almost literally all the time, which is pretty great for any girl (and quite uncommon for this list, come to think of it).
Which is the best part of her personality in general, really. No matter what’s going on, Miyako’s always having fun. She’d just be a genuinely great person to be around, which is an excellent quality for a waifu. She’d make my life fun in ways that it isn’t now, which is something I don’t think I could say for many of the waifus here. However, Miyako really suffers from just not being the waifu type for me. She’s really athletic and energetic and active and doesn’t really have much for intellectual hobbies, which is pretty much my opposite. I love her character - she’s always been my favorite Hidamari - but she’s just not waifu material.
27. Nisa (Neptunia) - chaochaoman


Nisa is like. Smoking hot. Damn, her design is awesome. I love every part so much I barely even know where to start. Her color scheme is almost perfect. The black outfit with the blue and red lines looks great, and she has the red scarf which is split so it almost looks like a cape. Her outfit’s shiny, and the white cuffs are an unusual bit of decoration that you don’t see too often on girls. The Prinny backpack doesn’t look the best from behind, but from the front it makes her look like she has sexy purple wings. Her blue hair kinda reminds me of a typical spiky-haired guy, but with a female twist (plus, it’s blue). The huge teeth of her zipper are oddly erotic, the straps she’s wearing on her chest have the feel of a sarashi, and she has giant golden glasses. Not to mention her perfect chest. There’s only one character on the list who I can decisively say looks better than Nisa, and even with her it’s pretty close.
From what I can tell, her personality seems a lot more two-dimensional. The only traits she seems to have are being obsessed with justice and freaking out about her chest being small. Girls should take pride in their chests, not freak out about it. Not sure how she takes to compliments about it, so she’d probably be better with me? The justice thing seems neat an all too, but it’s not all that interesting. I’d like my waifu to have a little depth to her.
26. Nino (Arakawa) - Dota2
I could stare into Nino’s empty eyes and have my soul sucked out for hours. Her facial expressions are pretty much the best, and though the rest of her design is fairly basic, it’s still good. Pretty long blonde hair never goes out of style.
It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen Arakawa so I don’t remember it perfectly, but I do remember that Nino is basically by far the best part of the show. The episodes where Nino got most of the focus were generally 10/10 incredible, and the rest of the episodes were...okay. Nino has that frank attitude about her that I really love in an anime girl. Being able to say and do anything, without being held back by your feelings, is an excellent trait. This allows her to enjoy life a lot more than it seems like some of the others do, and her relationship with Recruit was lovely. I suppose it might be wrong to steal another guy’s waifu, but hey, he’s just a 2D character, and she’s more important than that.
25. Ciony Regis (Super Robot Wars) - NTR_Enterprises
Man, for some reason it’s hard to find pics of her. I do like this picture, but it’s a bit low res. Ciony has some wickedly messy hair going for her, and it has that perfectly blue/silver color too. Delicious. She’s also wearing this funky suit/military uniform jacket type thingy, which is almost like a short dress, but she’s wearing pants underneath it so not quite. I like it a lot though, and it’s nice that she has matching boots. Everything’s blue and gold, which are good colors.
It’s also hard to find information about her, but I did my best (found some sort of SRW wiki in Japanese). Ciony kinda feels like a mess of traits I love and traits I hate. She’s incredibly arrogant, competent, and gets off on making others follow her orders, including making men kneel down and kiss the floor, which is pretty much the best. However, she kinda crumbles under pressure and turns out to be weak and pathetic, which is one of the worst cliches out there. At the same time, it almost seems like a Tomoko sort of weakness, which is kinda neat, because Tomoko is excellent. Hard to tell without playing the actual game, but at least she’s cool most of the time. Still, if you wanna be my waifu, you’ve gotta be cool all the time.
24. Yuno (Hidasketch) - superange128
Talking about how sexy Yuno is almost feels wrong, but I’m gonna do it anyway. Or I would if I could, but she’s mostly identical to Miyako, other than her head. The X-Clips in her hair are a neat style factor, Miyako’s blonde > her brown hair, and her eyes/smile are real nice. She also looks more like a grade schooler than the rest of the cast does, which is a definite plus.
Yuno basically fits the Japanese concept of the ideal waifu, which is both a plus and a minus, so I’ll try to ignore that part of her for the writeup. Yuno’s cute, in the traditional sense of the word. Everything she does is adorable, from her reactions to common life events to the way she walks and beyond. She’s fairly shy, but makes a good friend once you get to know her, and she never loses her sense of wonder. Artists are excellent too. She’s also still growing (mentally, not physically), so I can only imagine what kind of person she would be years beyond the series. About her only real flaw is her total computer illiteracy, for which she has no excuse. Not sure how I’d feel about that, especially considering that the computer is the prime way of interacting with waifus.
23. Asuna (Sword Art Online) - thespacehippy
Sometimes it’s pretty hard to find pictures of girls that include their legs/feet. I don’t get it, why would you cut out the most important part? Asuna’s kneesocks are damn great, mostly pure white but then with her guild’s stylings on top. Shoes are likewise quite nice, and her cape crowns her delicious lower half. I always love it when women wear capes, and Asuna wears hers with style. The rest of her isn’t quite so cool, but she does have those arm-sleeve things. What are those called anyway? I don’t even know if they’re real clothing since they seem like they’d be hard to wear, but they look sexy whenever I see them. White and red is as great a color pattern as ever, so she always looks quite pretty.
Asuna gets dissed quite a lot around here, but you know what? I really like her. Let’s start by going over her problems. She’s pretty obsessed with Kirito, acting reliant on him most of the time rather than being an independent character. She does have her independent scenes, but that doesn’t really matter - she’s in love with Kirito, he loves her back, they’re married. It makes sense that she relies on him, compared to most doormat anime girls out there who’re content to sacrifice their existences to guys more busy with other harem members. Could she be a better character if she had more independent scenes? Yes, which is why she’s down here, but this trait does make her a pretty strong waifu. The cooking thing isn’t the best either, character-wise, but again, it’s pretty ideal for a waifu. Her role in the second arc is pretty cringeworthy (which, again, is why she’s not higher), but she does better for herself than most DIDs do. I still haven’t started S2 yet, but I’ve heard she doesn’t embarrass herself like that again, which is a plus.
And even with her flaws, she’d still be a pretty cool character. She’s a nerd who plays games all the time. Her communication and leadership skills are enough to put her at second in command of a huge guild. She fights with a sword, and swords are cool. And her romance scenes are absolutely adorable. As far as I’m concerned, SAO has the best romance of any non-romance anime. She may be a waifu pre-made to tick off all the boxes, but she actually does so much better than most of the LN harem waifus out there.
22. Fate Testarossa - ScrappyDingo
Mmm, Nanoha designs. They’re all really good at portraying a bunch of different facets of the character. Fate looks pretty cute sometimes, especially when she’s sad or when she’s crushing on Nanoha. She looks cool almost all the time, she looks badass in combat, and most of her outfits are pretty sexy. Even her attacks are cool, though not as cool as Nanoha’s. It is a bit of a shame she had to grow up, since her adult form is less attractive and she becomes a worse character, but I’ll focus on the loli version since she’s superior that way anyway. It’s interesting how certain accessories make revealing clothes look a lot less revealing. Like, she’s basically just wearing a leotard, but thanks to her sweet kneesocks and cape and gloves (all of which make her look just that much better), she’s actually mostly covered up most of the time. Nanoha designer was brilliant with this sorta thing.
When I was younger, I always liked Fate better than Nanoha. She was the dark badass, the cool one, the girl fighting against the entire world for a tragic cause, the sympathetic villain. I still like her quite a bit (otherwise she wouldn’t be so high), but I’ve come to be more fond of Nanoha herself over time. Fate’s pretty charming for all the reasons mentioned above, and her character development over the first couple seasons is excellent. However, she doesn’t feel quite so sympathetic at the beginning anymore, and she’s not quite as...likable? I dunno, just a case of changing tastes I suppose. Having the chance to fill her dark soul with light with her as my waifu would still be a terrifically rewarding experience. How could I ever say no to a girl who looks like her?
21. Yin (DtB) - Bako

Darker than Black’s character design is pretty good. I like how depressed everyone looks all the time due to the lack of emotions. There’s enough smiley anime out there; we need some dark moe once in a while. Yin’s appearance is pretty subdued in general, but in a good way. The black shoulder/sleeve thing and purple dress are both excellent, purple eyes are sweet, and silver’s always been a top tier hair color. Cute girl.
Yin’s not my favorite Darker than Black girl (I’ve always been an Amber fan, unpopular though she seems), but I do like her. Kuuderes are good stuff, especially since she has so little dere that she’s just cool most of the time. I can imagine spendy a rainy afternoon cuddled up on the couch with her reading books, or being enchanted by her playing the piano in the evening. Augh, the more time I think about doing creepy things with her the higher I want to put her. I’d rather not be any creepier than I already am, so this is as waifu as she gets.
20. Elizabeth (Persona 3) - TaquishaJohnson
Elizabeth’s a damn fine lady. I like that her outfit conveys her immaturity (huge boots and gloves, simple one-piece dress - the type of outfit that wouldn’t be surprising on a child playing around outside), but still manages to look sexy. The blue and black blends in perfectly with the game’s color scheme, and generally just looks good. She’s got a funky hat, and I like her shiny yellow eyes. Gives her that demon feel you know you want no matter how dangerous it is.
Dating Elizabeth in P3 feels really good. I liked Mitsuru more in general, but as far as social links go (though it’s not quite a real social link), Elizabeth’s is the best. You feel her becoming more human as she experiences more things, but she completely retains her core personality, which isn’t really the case for a lot of similar characters. She feels like she really loves you, but still remains who she is. Which is a really fun and quirky girl who generally ignores the basic rules of society, and occasionally seems a little sociopathic, but never in a less than pleasant way. All you have to do is take her hand and she’ll stay with you forever. If that doesn’t make a waifu, what does?
19. Fredrika (Chaika) - Embok

One of the few examples where I actually prefer the adult design...or maybe I should just say the adult voice? Mature Chiwa Saito definitely > immature Chiwa Saito. Not that child version is bad or anything, it’s just not as good. Her appearance doesn’t suffer as much in child form. I really like all of the character designs in Chaika. Pink and black is a little girly, but she pulls it off due to her personality. She has those wonderful drills too, And of course, it’s not like appearance really matters for Fredrika. One of the big perks of her is that she can shapeshift herself to look any way she wants, which gives her pretty much limitless potential. Being able to transform yourself to look like anything is a top tier waifu trait.
Her personality’s a bit tough to get a good grasp on. She starts out seeming kinda depressed and subdued, but I guess she gets over it pretty quick so that’s not her real personality? The Fredrika we see most of the time is a fun-loving girl who just doesn’t give a s*** about anything and just loves to fight. Which is awesome. She would definitely be able to fulfill the provider role, considering that she’s so overpowered, and she’d probably be willing to do it for me if she were my waifu. And most of the time we’d just hang out, probably playing video games to fulfill her bloodlust or something. I mean, if she had actual bloodlust that’d be a bit of a problem, but it feels like she mainly likes fighting rather than killing. The challenge might be winning her over in the first place, but if we’re assuming these are waifus to start with, even that’s taken care of. The top 20’s getting harder to rank, since all these girls are strong, but there can only be one true waifu.
18. Ryo Kunieda (Bleach) - Ugly Joe
Not only does Ryo look angry and serious (that’s all I can say about her design due to the apparent lack of art, which is a bit frustrating since she ruined my streak of pics with feet), she also has a pretty fun personality. She loves to read and is very bright, is sarcastic, and likes being alone. Brothers, let me tell you, that’s pretty much all my IRL ideal waifu traits right there in one girl. They may not be what appeals to me in characters, but they are what I actually find attractive, so I have a special affection for anime girls like that, which is a bit different from the way I like ordinary anime girls. It’s hard to justify having a character with almost no screentime any higher than this, but as far as minor characters who are totally irrelevant go, Ryo’s about as waifu as it gets.
17. Iona Urazoe (Wixoss) - Regaro
Much like some of the other characters on this list, Iona looks serious and angry most of the time. Unfortunately, there’s not much more than that to her appearance - her face and hair are nice, plus she wears tights - but her clothes are meh.
It isn’t really any particular trait that makes me like Iona, more just the way she acts and talks in general. She’s always so condescending whenever she talks to anyone, but without being too explicit about it. She doesn’t use any bad words, but she makes everyone around her feel like they’re inferior. Her confidence is terribly charming, plus she’s just so cool and collected all the time. Her true joy in life is fighting and crushing the dreams of middle school girls, which just makes her that much better. The only reason she’s not higher is really that she doesn’t have enough screentime, and she lacks that certain something to make her one of the true greats, but I have no complaints about her as a waifu.
Incidentally, what’s up with the lack of Wixoss doujins? It was a pretty popular show in Japan, but I don’t think I’ve seen any. Weird.
16. Marisa Kirisame - ArchangelBaruch
Marisa’s all about ‘dat hat. So much so that I often had trouble telling it was her when I saw pictures of her without it, though I don’t really have that problem anymore <_<. And it’s a freaking awesome hat, undoubtedly the best in all of Touhou (a series renowned for its hats). It’s damn huge, and the pure black with white accents is pretty perfect for a witch. Witch’s hats are great in general, honestly. It’s a shame they’re not more common. The rest of her design is excellent too, if a bit hard to describe. Some sort of dress thing with clothes on top? Regardless, it’s all good. Even the braids in her hair aren’t bad, since most of it is still loose.
Normally I’d be tempted to say something about being disappointed that you guys failed to nominate the best Touhou, but Marisa’s actually pretty high up there. Would probably say she’s in the tier below the top (Yuuka and Utsuho, incidentally), which is pretty good for a series with so many characters - not a bad nomination. Like a few of the other characters on this list, she loves life, but she does it in a different way. She’s always grinning, not out usually out of friendship or because she’s a pleasant person (though she is a friendly pleasant person), but because she loves to fight and crush her enemies. She always has some clever quip ready, and you can tell that she’s way more into it than Reimu. Her attacks are some of the cooler ones too, since I just love beams. She may not be the best Touhou waifu, but she’s definitely waifu tier.
15. Shizuku (Omamori Himari) - Enclosure
Shizuku doesn’t have too much to her, but she’s good. Green hair is awesome, red eyes are great, she wears a nice one-piece, and her clothes are often see-through, which is hot. Nice and young, too. Her wiki says that she looks like a six year old...I don’t quite think that’s true, but if so, I can dig it.
As I’ve already mentioned, emotionless kuuderes are pretty high tier for me in terms of waifuliness. Their blunt emotionlessness makes them really cool, and is generally a pretty big turn-on. For some reason they’re usually super-smart - Shizuku’s no exception there. Shizuku has the immortal thing going for her too, which means she’ll retain her incredible good looks forever (and maybe figure out how to make me immortal too? Probably not, but whatever.), and that she’ll have a lot of interesting stories to tell. The main thing she has going for her over other kuuderes is that she’s also a perverted sex-crazed maniac, which is a huge bonus for waifus, especially considering how modest anime women are in general. I may not have seen/read her series, but I can still see that she’s a great waifu.
14. Akari Mizunashi (Aria) - superange128
The uniforms for the Undines are really great. Now that I look more closely, they actually look a bit like school uniforms in some ways, but really good ones. I’m sure you know by now that I love white, the blue accents are awesome, and she’s got a funky white hat. Wearing just one glove gives a nice contrast, since gloved hands and bare fingers both look pretty nice I prefer when she’s wearing the white one though. Her hair is probably the weirdest part of her. Due to the hat it usually looks nice, but when she’s not wearing it she has this weird mostly short hairstyle with the two long things in the front. I dunno what you’d even call that.
Akari’s the last happy girl on my list. I mean, it’s not like the rest of the characters are in bad moods all the time, but they’re pretty negative people, all in all. Not eternal balls of fluffy joy like Akari. Akari’s basically the ultimate “takes everything positively and loves the world” type of character. She manages to find the wonder in absolutely everything, and even when she gets a bit sad, she quickly gets over it. Living with her would be a joy in so many ways - I don’t think I’d ever get depressed if she were with me. I’d discover all the fun things about the world, notice the nice little things in life, and would be a better person in general. She may not be my favorite character, but she’d be a fantastic waifu.
13. Shinobu Wakamiya(Chihayafuru) - Ravanila

I’m just gonna assume she makes people dogeza to her all the time and that pic’s a typical representation of her everyday life. Most of her pics have her looking emotionless and or angry, which is, naturally, amazing. She seems to have a fairly casual style compared to the other characters in the series. I like casual clothes more than the traditional fancy Japanese wear. Her hair’s at that length which is neither long nor short, and it’s styled pretty perfectly. Very sexy stuff.
All I have to go on for her is Ranka’s description, which I assume is 100% wrong but am going to use anyway...and it wasn’t actually much of a description. All he said was that she’s basically “what if Yuuka played children’s card games”, and that despite being a normal human, she emits aura powers that freeze all challengers in their tracks. Yuuka’s pretty much the best in general, so that comparison was good enough for me. She’s always angry, but in a pretty joyful way, revelling in the destruction of all those foolish enough to stand against her (and just anyone in general). I assume Shinobu attains the same satisfaction by destroying the games of children who play karuta. I also noticed that she’s call the Queen. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a character called a queen who’s less than waifu-worthy (except some actual queens, which are generally submissive to the kings. What’s up with that?).
12. Yuno Gasai (Mirai Nikki) - Ravanila
I’m not really obsessed with pink hair like some people are, but I do like it. It’s usually really bright and stands out, which is always a plus for anime character designs. Her red eyes are better, though her eye-color seems to change a lot depending on the picture. Purple eyes are also excellent, so I’m good either way. Yuno’s design is pretty typical otherwise, but she’s always making funky poses and usually carrying around some sort of weapon,
Did you know the characters for Gasai mean “mai waifu”? Oh, the things we miss reading manga in English. Her name is basically accurate, as she’s 100% waifu, but in a cooler way than some of the others who were designed that way. Unlike them, she’s willing to do literally everything for her husbando, from murdering people to taking care of his bodily needs (bathroom-related needs, obviously). Plus, she has all sorts of neat combat abilities. And then later it’s revealed that she even has godlike powers, so she could literally do pretty much anything for you. The only thing that holds her back is that moment she has in the middle of the series, where Yuuki finally decides to trust her and then she locks him up. I mean, I’d be full of love for her from the start, so I doubt that would happen to me, but it still wasn’t very nice. Still, even then she did some top tier waifu stuff, and she always did her best to protect him from his evil friends. She’s a very nice waifu.
11. Miranda Lotto (D'Grey Man) - chaochaoman
Just going by design alone Miranda seems to hit every target. She starts off as moe lady with dark circles around her eyes who looks scary and depressed, plagued by terrible social anxiety. She evolves into woman with powers, willing to fight but still pretty timid, cool but awkward. And then she enters her final phase, becoming a cape-wearing badass, kicking butt and dominating the world with her sweet powers. I think that maybe all of the characters in D-Gray Man have similar outfits, but it’s a sweet outfit. White and black are great colors, and it fully covers the body but it’s still really sexy. For some reason, very few anime females wear pants, but Miranda rocks hers. And she has a lovely jacket, too.
Personality basically fits her looks, from what I can tell. Ultra-depressed moe girl who has nothing but bad things happen to her all the time ;_; and makes me want to protect her all the more. Her character development just makes her even better, too, which isn’t very common with this type. Skipping normal and leveling up straight to badass sounds like a great writing choice to me. She also has time powers, which are the greatest of all superpowers. Having a waifu who can reverse time for her targets would be excellent, and I can see it leading to a lot of fun. There were a fair amount of waifus nominated for the list that I didn’t know, and Miranda’s almost the waifuest of them all.
10. Saki Rukino (Valvrave) - Tro77Tro
Saki’s another one of the many characters who suffers from wearing a boring school uniform most of the time (it’s not that hard to make a good one, but it’s pretty rare. Bowties for girls are usually an instant fail), but she’s hot anyways. Long black hair never goes out of style, and her purple eyes are beautiful. She’s always making sexy poses too, and she wears black kneesocks. Mmm.
Yum, evil calculating b****. What a great archetype. I really enjoyed pretty much everything about Saki, though it’s a little bit of a shame she had to fall in love with a loser and was an idol. Still, she makes up for that with the rest of her actions. She’s delightfully self-centered, always acting for her own ego. She doesn’t really have too many qualms about doing all sorts of immoral things, and she’s a cool mecha pilot too. But really, all of that makes her a great character, but not a top ten waifu. No, what makes her truly worthy of eternal transdimensional marriage is that she’s a body-swapping sex vampire, and she’s willing to use her power to have all sorts of fun (why aren’t there more doujins about this?). Can you imagine? And on top of that, she has access to a mecha that can turn other people into vampires too. AND she’s immortal! Is it even possible to handle all this f*** yeah? It’s nice to see a girl with a top-tier waifu trait that’s totally different from all the other generic waifu traits.

Ranka's WaifusEdit

To be posted.

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