Ranka star

Personal Information Edit


famous "nya" gesture during her performances while singing her hit song Seikan Hikou (aka Interstellar Flight)

Name: Ranka Lee (aka Galactic Cinderella)

Date of Birth: 04/29/2043 (currently 16, 15 at start of Show)

Address: 381 Dex Street, Frontier Midtown AS 13451

Location: Island 1 of Colony Migrant Fleet Frontier

Telephone: +83-3 2641 7460

Social Security Number: 624-31-9124

Marital Status: Single (although involved in a complex Love Triangle)

Height: 156 cm. Weight: 42kg.

Blood type O-z (z is Zentradi Blood)

Background: 3/4 human and 1/4 Zentradi

About her Edit

Ranka Lee is from the latest Macross Frontier (2008)

Ranka is a cute and very energetic young girl. She is also strong willed and outspoken person. Not afraid to speak her mind and once when commits to something she goes all out. Also she may seem small and fragile but her body can tolerate brief exposures to space due to her zentradi blood. Also Ranka can freely move her hair due to her zentradi back ground. Zentradi have antennae but in human hybrids the nerve sensory and motors are there but have hair instead of antennae.

She is galactic pop sensation. She wields around a spunky cute backpack in the shape of fighter jet (called variable fighter or VF). Also her cell phone is in a shape of a cute green blob. She likes to bake airplane cookies and enjoys vanilla ice cream and strawberries. She also enjoys her brothers pineapple cake.

Not to be confused with Rankarana, despite their similarities.

Brief History

Born and raised on a research colony near the Galactic core, she is the daughter of Ranshe (half human, half zentradi) and she has a older brother. But due to tragic events she is left alone and is raised by Ozuma Lee, a esteemed Ace pilot in the New UN Spacey. Ozuma became her bigger brother and Ozuma quit his job and became a pilot for a Private military contract agency called SMS on the colony migrate fleet "Frontier". There he had more time to be with her.

Ranka was always fond of music especially since she carries a sweet but omnious tune in her head that her mother used to sing to her.

Ranka went to a private all girls school at the request of her brother Ozuma. During her high school years she works at the galactic famous Nyan Nyan Chinese restaurant franchise as a waitress. There she meets her soon to be best friend Nanase Matsura . Then one day she gets concert tickets from her brother Ozuma to see the famous galactic pop Idol Sheryl Nome aka Galactic Fairy. Thus Macross Frontier starts.

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