Pkdragon is a lurker on OT who barely posts, but occasionally switches to "write long incoherant rant" mode. When he does, he usually contradicts himself freely and as such should probably just be ignored. Ironically, while he originally found the Umineko fanbase to be one of the most obnoxious parts of OT, he has since actaully read the Visual Novel and has turned into a raving fanboy, annoying all his friends by writing things in red and claiming things do not exist that obviously do exist. That's right, he has become the thing he hated most.

He is relatively new to anime, another reason why he really should just shut up and let the experts do the talking. He hasn't watched a lot of shows that he probably should have, like Neon Genesis Evangelion for example. He's working on it, but there's so many shows out there...

His favorite anime is Baccano!, though he watches pretty much anything, unless it involves sports or is over 74 episodes long. Time is money, men! That said, he's started Legend of the Galactic Heroes. He doesn't plan on finishing it for quite awhile but figures it might be worth the time. In general does not like "moe shit" but will make exceptions.

Watching Ouran High School Host Club has left him with a strange fondness for reverse traps. He is not sure how he is to feel about this recent development.

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