This series ended on July 24, 2010 (Day 130) due to lack of nominated series.

"Admit it, some of you have shipped let's see which pairings they were. What is the One True Pairing of the series?"

Shipping is serious business, so this topic was started to figure out what pairings are acceptable to ship on OT. Aside from that, it also includes some annoying and pointless commentary from its creator.

The Basic Notes and Regulations involved are:

-I reserve the right to make my own judgment calls if I consider a post ambiguous, but if you use your common sense, there shouldn't be a problem. I cannot be expected to be well versed in every series.

-Voting ends when I make new topic, which will list the results of the previous topic.

-Yes, you can reserve series for specific days and request re-votes. A series will be re-done if it has at least 3 different people asking for it.

-Order on the Upcoming lists is order of nomination. However, I will change order if someone requests to reserve a series for a specific day. The first three series on the Upcoming list are automatically reserved for the next three days.

-Ties for the top positions will have all the tying pairings listed. Series with ties have priority if a re-vote for that series is called. Honorable mentions will be given to very very close seconds.

-As much fun as it would be to watch one erupt, I am legally obligated to ask that you do not start Shipping Wars

Past ResultsEdit

Day 1, Code Geass: Lelouch x Shirley OTP

Day 2, Tsukihime: Shiki x Arcuied and Shiki x Akiha tie

Day 3, Evangelion: Shinji x Asuka and Shinji x Kaworu tie

Day 4, Higurashi: Keiichi x Rena (honorable mention to Keiichi x Mion)

Day 5, School Days: Kotonoha x Nice Boat (honorable mention to Kotonoha x Makoto)

Day 6, Sora no Otoshimono: Ikaros x Watermelon OTP

Day 7, Haruhi Suzumiya: Kyon x Haruhi OTP

Day 8, K-ON!: Yui x Ui and Yui x Gitah and Mio x Ritsu 3-way tie

Day 9, Strawberry Panic!: Tamao x Nagisa OTP

Day 10, Negima!: Konoka x Setsuna OTP!!!

Day 11, Boku no Pico: Pico x Coco x Chico OT3

Day 12, Bible Black: Minase x Imari

Day 13, Gundam 00: Setsuna x Gundam OTP

Day 14, Seitokai no Ichizon: Ken x Kurimu x Chizuru x Minatsu x Mafuyu OT5

Day 15, Tears to Tiara: Arawn x Riannon (honorable mention to Octavia x Morgan)

Day 16, Scryed: KAZUMAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! X RYUHOOOOUUUUU!!!!!!!!! OTP

Day 17, Digimon Adventure: Matt x Sora

Day 18, Digimon Adventure 02: TK x Kari and Davis x Noodlecart tie

Day 19, Love Hina: Keitaro x Naru OTP

Day 20, Letter Bee: Lag x Gauche and Lag x Sylvette tie

Day 21, Persona 3: MC x Aigis OTP

Day 22, Persona 4: MC x Yukiko OTP

Day 23, Naruto: Naruto x Sasuke (huge honorable mention to Naruto x Hinata, see In-Depth Results below)

Day 24, Umineko: Battler x Beatrice OTP

Day 25, Bleach: Aizen x Kubo

Day 26, Death Note: Light x Himself

Day 27, Pokemon: Ash x Misty OTP

Day 28, Pokemon Special: Ruby x Sapphire and Red x Yellow and Red's Pikachu x Yellow's Pikachu 3-way tie

Day 29, Ar Tonelico: Lyner x Aurica OTP

Day 30, Gamefaqs: Anime and Manga - Other titles: OT x Aizen and OT x Seiko tie

Day 31, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: Nozomu x Despair (honorable mention to Napple x Pine)

Day 32, Maria-sama ga Miteru: Yumi x Sei, Yumi x Sachiko, Yumi x Touko 3-way tie

Day 33, Darker Than Black: Hei x Yin (honorable mention to Hei x Amber)

Day 34, Sherlock Hound: Holmes x Watson and Watson x Mrs. Hudson tie

Day 35, G-Gundam: Domon x Rain

Day 36, Princess Tutu: Fakir x Ahiru OTP!

Day 37, Oban-Star Racers: OT x not watching it, Molly x Jordan, Ning x Skun 3-way tie

Day 38, Avatar: Iroh x Tea

Day 39, Ouran High School Host Club: Haruhi x Tamaki OTP

Day 40, Aria: President Aria x President Hime and Aika x Al tie

Day 41, Azumanga Daioh: Osaka x Chiyo's dad

Day 42, Hayate the Combat Butler: Hayate x Debt OTP

Day 43, Kingdom Hearts: Ansem x DARKNESS OTP

Day 44, Phoenix Wright: Phoenix x Iris OTP

Day 45, Persona 2: Tatsuya x Maya OTP

Day 46, Tales of the Abyss: Luke x Tear OTP

Day 47, Baka to Test to Shoukanju: Clearly Hideyoshi x OT

A 'Day 17' Rerun, Digimon Adventure: Tai x Sora OTP

Day 48, Ranma 1/2: Ranma x Akane

Day 49, The World Ends With You: Neku x Shiki (honorable mention to Neku x Joshua)

Day 50, Tales of Vesperia: Yuri x Judith and Rita x Estelle tie

Day 51, Blood+: Saya x Haji and Diva x Riku tie

Day 52, Fullmetal Alchemist (1st anime): Roy x Riza OTP

Day 53, Final Fantasy 7: Cloud x Tifa OTP

Day 54, Resident Evil: Barry x Jill Sandwich OTP

Day 55, Fullmetal Alchemist: Ed x Winry and Ran Fan x Ling tie

Day 56, Tokko: Ranmaru x Sakura and Ranmaru x Ibuki tie

Day 57, Black Cat: Sven x Eve

Day 58, Buso Renkin: Kazuki x Tokiko OTP

Day 59, D.Gray-man: Linalee X Allen

Day 60, Girlfriends: Mari x Akko OTP

Day 61, Kare Kano: Yukino Miyazawa X Soichiro Arima OTP

Day 62, Super Robot Wars Original Generation: Kyosuke x Excellen OTP

Day 63, The Big O: Roger x Dorothy OTP

Day 64, Gravion: Toga x Eiji

Day 65, Aquarion: Everyone x gattai orgasms OTP

Day 66, Eureka Seven: Renton x Eureka OTP

Day 67, Vandread: Bart x B.C. OTP

Day 68, Super Robot Wars Original Generations: Endless Frontier: Haken x Kaguya

Day HIJACK, Boy Meets World: Cory x Topanga

Day 69, Tales of Legendia: Senel x Chloe OTP

Day 70, Kobato: Kobato x Ioryogi OTP

Day 71, Dance in the Vampire Bund: Mina x Akira OTP

Day 72, One Piece: Luffy x Adventure OTP

Day 73, King of Fighters: Kensou x Athena and K' x Kula tie

Day 74, Megaman: Rock & Roll


Day 76, Megaman Zero: Ciel x Zeo OTP

Day 77, Megaman ZX: Zero x Never being completely dead, Pandora X Prometheus, Vent X Prairie, Model Z x Model X 4-way tie

Day 78, Megaman EXE: Lan x Mayl OTP

Day 79, Megaman Starforce: Geo x Sonia

Day 80, Street Fighter: M. Bison x Tuesday OTP

Day 81, Darkstalkers: Morrigan x Lilith OTP

Day 82, Samurai Showdown: Haohmaru + his hair, Asura x Shiki, Sh!zumaru X Rimururu 3-way tie

Day 83, Fatal Fury: no votes

Day 84, Rurouni Kenshin: Kenshin x Kaoru OTP

Day 85, To Love-Ru: Rito x Haruna and Rito x Yui tie

Day 86, Gundam SEED: Kira x Athrun, Kira x Lacus, Yzak x Dearka 3-way tie

Day 87, Gundam SEED Destiny: Kira x Athrun, Gundam SEED Destiny x Fail tie

Day 88, Gundam Wing: Heero x Relena OTP

Day 89, Gundam: Char x Teenage Girls OTP

Day 90, Gundam Z: Fist x Face

Day 91, Gundam ZZ: Judau x Puru and Judau x Haman tie

Day 92, Char's Counterattack: Hataway x Chan, Humanity x Earth, Nukes x Funnels, Car x Counterattack, Earth x Very Large droppable objects 5-way tie

Day 93, Sonic X: DeviantART users x Bricks x Knives, Sonic x Chili Dogs, Tail x Cosmo

Day 94, Liar Game: Akiyama x Fukunamag (honorable mention to Nao x Akiyama)

Day 95, Mirai Nikki: Minene x Nishijima

Day 96, The Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer: Yuuhi x Yayoi and Hangetsu x Justice tie

Day 97, The World God Only Knows: Elssee x Firetrucks (honorable mention to God x 2D)

Day 98, Bokurano: Characters x Death

Day 99, Uzumaki: Spirals x Spirals

Day 100, Durarara!!: Sh!zuo x IIIZAAAYAAA and Celty x Shinra tie

Day 101, Gyo: Shark x GASHUNK

Day 102, Working!!: Some x Wanwan

Day 103, Fate/Stay Night: Shirou x Rin and People x Dying when they are killed tie

Day 104, Nanoha: Nanoha x Fate OTP

Day 105, Nanoha A's: Nanoha x Fate and Vita X Hayate tie

Day 106, Nanoha StrikerS: Nanoha x Fate

Day 107, Miyazaki movies: Ashitaka x San (honorable mention to Miyazaki x Nature)

Day 108, Dragon Ball: Yamcha x Defeat (honorable mention to Goku x Chi Chi)

Day 109, Dragon Ball Z: Vegeta x Pride OTP

Day 110, Dragon Ball GT: Goku X Screen Time OTP

Day 111, Gentlemen's Alliance Cross: no votes

Day 112, Let's Bible: Vulcan x left hand

Day 113, Toradora!: Ryuuji X Taiga

Day 114, Soul Eater: Excalibur x All Meisters and Death the Kid X Symmetry tie

Day 115, Rozen Maiden: Shinku x Suigintou

Day 116, Chu-Bra: Nayu x Bras

Day 117, Hanamaru Kindergarten: Naozumi x Nanako

A 'Day 96' Rerun, The Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer: Yuuhi and Sami and lots of babies, Yuuhi x Samidare, and Samidare x Earth tie

Day 118, Hellsing: The Major x War OTP

Day 119, Trigun: Vash x Love x Peace

Day 120, Black Lagoon: Revy x Rock

Day 121, Astro Fighter Sunred: Definitely the Astro Fighter and Sunred, Sunred x Pachnko, Heigel and porn tie

Day 122, Kimi ni Todoke: Kazehaya x Refreshment

Day 123, Getter Robo: Ryouma x Hayato and Musashi x Michiru tie

Day 124, Card Captor Sakura: Sakura x Tomoyo (honorable mention to Sakura x Syaoran)

Day 125, Gintama: Gintoki x Jump

Day 126, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Iggy x Coffee flavored-gum and Giorno x FABULOUS tie

Day 127, Slayers: Lina x destruction

Day 128, Trigun Maximum: Vash x Genocide, Wolfwood x sharp objects, Wolfwood x Death

Day 129, Clannad: Sunohara x Tomoyo

Day 130, Angel Beats: Otonashi x Kanade

Selected In-Depth Results with CommentaryEdit

A few notable days will have some additional trivial information provided here.

  • Day 1: Code Geass

The one that started it all. It was quite a controversial topic with over 80 votes cast and over 25 pairings suggested, setting several records that lasted quite a while before being broken. The in-depth results were:

Lelouch x Shirley: 18 (winner)

Lelouch x Kallen: 11

Orange x Loyalty: 10

Lelouch x Suzaku: 8

Lelouch x CC: 6

Nevertheless, Lelouch x Shirley was still a solid win, having nearly double that of 2nd and 3rd place

  • Day 2 and 3, Tsukihime and Evangelion

Creator mispells Akiha as Akira, causing mass confusion and panic. Also notable was that both Day 2 and Day 3 ended in ties.

  • Day 4: Higurashi

What was noticeable about this one was the winner received 20 votes, dethroning Lelouch x Shirley's 18 for the record of most votes cast. Second place was considerably close, which when coupled with the fact most other pairings received only 1 to 2 votes, earned it an honorable mention. Out of 50 votes cast:

Keiichi x Rena: 20 (winner)

Keiichi x Mion: 14

  • Day 6: Sora no Otoshimino

Notable in that the winning Ikaros x Watermelon set a new record for biggest win based on ratio of votes to total votes, with 4/7, and biggest win relative to second place, with 4 times the number of second place. It probably helped that there were only seven votes, and the other three were to three different pairings.

  • Day 10: Negima!

Konoka x Setsuna's 22 broke Keiichi x Mion's record of 20 and beat Ikaros x Watermelon's record of 4 times second place (second place to Konoka x Setsuna was Negi x Chisame's 5). 42 votes were cast in total, meaning Konoka x Setsuna 11/21 also broke Ikaros x Watermelon's 4/7 record. With so many records broken, Konoka x Setsuna is probably one of the biggest landslide victories in the history of the series thus far.

  • Day 12: Bible Black

Record for least number of votes cast with 3 (later broken by Day 34: Sherlock Hound's 2, as seen below). The creator was not amused. OT likes to talk about Bible Black, but apparently very few have actually watched it.

  • Day 14: Seitokai no Ichizon

Unique in that the winner was not an OTP but an OT5, it also shattered several old records, including biggest ratio to total votes with 9/10 and biggest win relative to second place, with 9 times the number of votes second place received.

  • Day 17 and 18: Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02

A controversial topic as some voters questioned why the two seasons had been separated, and the creator could ultimately only give the weak answer of "they were nominated as separate, and this also gives the younger characters introduced in 02 a bigger chance to shine." Also notable as the only two topics for the creator himself (or herself) to vote in, both times for TK x Kari. Day 17 in particular was a close one, but honorable mentions are reserved only for close seconds relative to firsts and thirds. However, since this "in-depth" section exists: out of 43 votes cast,

Matt x Sora: 15 (winner)

TK x Kari: 12

Tai x Sora: 10

Day 17 was also notable as the first series to be nominated for a revote, perhaps due to the controversy of several Matt x Sora supporters commenting that their votes were made "just for the rage." Day 18's Davis x Noodle cart tying with TK x Kari (both received 13 out of 40 total) is somehow perfectly acceptable though...Seriously, the creator almost quit out of disappointment and disgust in OT after seeing the results for Day 17 and 18, but was pacified by the fact that at least OT was smart enough to not cast even a single vote to Davs x Kari.

Day 18 also featured the first ever attempt of a single account to vote more then once, featuring one post that listed "TK x Kari" five times, followed shortly by "Is that enough?"

  • Day 21: Persona 3

Notable as the first topic for foul play to be suspected, when one voter voiced his concerns that many votes for MC x Yukari might have been made by alt accounts. Despite these concerns, MC x Aigis was still a solid winner, winning 18 votes out of 37 total cast.

MC x Aigis: 18 (winner)

MC x Yukari: 12

  • Day 23: Naruto

Notable in that it beat several previous records, including topic ending with most posts with 91 (beating Day 1 Code Geass's 87) and most votes tallied with 86 (beating Day 1 Code Geass's 85). Also notable as possibly the closest victory ever.

Naruto x Sasuke: 34

Naruto x Hinata: 33

Note that both 34 and 33 break Konoka x Setsuna's record of 22, which was made back in Day 10, Negima.

Also notable was that Day 23 would be the last day for the full Past Results to be posted in the topics themselves, as the wiki archive was formally introduced on Day 24, as space was finally starting to run out.

  • Day 25: Bleach

Basically another Day 23 all over again, closing with 92 posts (beating Day 23 Naruto's 91) and a respectable 70 votes tallied. The topic also put forth 25 suggested pairings, coming close to Day 1 Code Geass's record of 27.

Aizen x Kubo: 13

Ichigo x Orihime: 10

Yoruichi x Soifon: 7

Urahara x Yoruichi: 6

Ichigo x Rukia: 6

  • Day 29: Ar Tonelico

In honor of April Fools Day, instead of listing the proper Past Results, the topic instead listed these:

Day 1, Code Geass: OT x ****ing Rolo
Day 2, Tsukihime: Shiki x Arika Day 3, Evangelion: Shinji x Vat of acid
Day 4, Higurashi: Keiichi x Harem
Day 5, School Days: Makoto x Everyone
Day 6, Sora no Otoshimono: no one cares
Day 7, Haruhi Suzumiya: Churuya x Smoked Cheese
Day 8, K-ON!: no one cares
Day 9, Strawberry Panic!: no one cares
Day 10, Negima!: Negi x Asuna
Day 11, Boku no Pico: ewwww
Day 12, Bible Black: no one cares
Day 13, Gundam 00: I am Gundam
Day 14, Seitokai no Ichizon: anything except harem
Day 15, Tears to Tiara: no one cares
Day 16, Scryed: KAZUMAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! X RYUHOOOOUUUUU!!!!!!!!! Day 17, Digimon Adventure: MattxSora shippers x TaixSora shippers
Day 18, Digimon Adventure 02: why was this one separate again?
Day 19, Love Hina: Keitaro x Naru
Day 20, Letter Bee: no one cares
Day 21, Persona 3: MC x Persona 3
Day 22, Persona 4: MC x Persona 4
Day 23, Naruto: NarutoxSasuke shippers x NarutoxHinata shippers
Day 24, Umineko: DEEN x VN fanboys
Day 25, Bleach: Ichigo x Orihime
Day 26, Death Note: Matsuda x Seyu
Day 27, Pokemon: Ash x Delia
Day 28, Pokemon Special: Ruby x Sapphire, Red x Yellow, Red's Pikachu x Yellow's Pikachu 3-way tie

  • Day 30: Gamefaqs: Anime and Manga - Other Titles

The creator mistakenly writes "Today we have Pokemon Special" instead of "Today we have Gamefaqs: Anime and Manga - Other Titles" at the end of the topic.

  • Day 34: Sherlock Hound

The apparant nominator of the series posts "I'll admit I nominated this for trolling." Would explain why there were only 2 votes cast, setting a record low.

  • Day 36: Princess Tutu

First ever unanimous decision, with all 7 votes cast going to Fakir x Ahiru.

  • A "Day 17" Rerun: Digimon Adventure

The first redo topic ever done, notable due to the controversy of whether a redo should have been done, and to the fact that its results were almost a complete reversal of the original results:

Tai x Sora: 17 (winner)

Matt x Sora: 8

TK x Kari: 3

Mimi x Joe: 2

Also notable was the first ever disqualification of a vote, on the grounds of the user attempting to start a Shipping War.

  • Day 50: Tales of Vesperia

The creator mistaknely writes "Day 49" instead of "Day 50."

  • Day 56: Tokko

Tied with Day 34's record low of 2 votes, and set a new record for least number of posts at topic's close, with 3 (and that's counting the first one from the TC).

  • Day 64: Gravion

Record low of 1 vote and 2 posts at topic's close (including first one from TC).

  • Day HIJACK: Boy Meets World

Around the time of Day 68, Mister_Feeney declares "Endless Frontier sucks, so hijack time."

  • Day 83: Fatal Fury

Record low of 0 votes and 1 post at topic's close (being the first one from TC).

  • Day 92, Char's Counterattack

Record for largest tie, with a 5-way tie

  • Day 107: Miyazaki movies

Most votes from single voter, with someone posting:

Lupin x Clarisse
Nausicaa x Bugs
Pazu x Sheeta
Totoro x Sleep
Kiki x Tombo
Ashitaka x San
Chihiro x Haku
Shisuku x Seiji
Sophie x Howl
Sosuke x Ponyo

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