He's not the coolest cat on the block but he's getting th

Seen excelling in his natural habitat: car hoods.

ere one day at a time. His alts are easily identified by having nya somewhere in them. Two prominent outliers being Hitokichi (current main) and RE4puffin (though this one is basically retired). Scholars have predicted that Nya might just be his real name, but no one can be totally sure.

Tear-jerking BackstoryEdit

While not being the most fleshed out of folks, his tale is truly a sad one. He's said to have been raised by wolves in the woods northeastern Georgia up until he turned eighteen. Shortly after graduating from high school, he managed to find his way back to New Jersey, the place where his mother and father were killed. What happened between getting to Jersey and laying waste to the pirate ninjas that slew his parents remains a mystery. Wanting to put it all behind him, he quickly joined the navy. No one knows where his tale will go after this though.

Personality and QuirksEdit

In his head, he's the toughest OTtercat around. While this may be heavily debatable, most would agree it's not entirely too far from the truth. that's that

Dependence: It's not uncommon for him to consult the respectable people of OT about what he should read of a night.

Fetish(es): Not much detail has ever really been given, but one thing's for sure: feet are his favorite.

Pokerface: He's known to heartily laugh one moment then have a stone cold straight face the next. How he does it is a phenomenon in itself.

Neutral Good (Alignment): Although normally cited as an aloof and disinterested individual, he doesn't really want anyone meeting with a terrible fate. More often than not, he'll lend a hand to someone in need if he deems it fit. Recompense isn't mandatory but very appreciated.

Likes and DislikesEdit

Likes: reaction faces, feet, car stuff, Touhou, racing/driving games, tranquility, solitude, good food, neckwearmancy, the word needless (and many synonyms for it), anime girls with thick eyebrows

Dislikes: nothing in particular


Truth be told, no one really knows who his waifus are. It's an even more arduous task to find out how many there are. It's an evergrowing list that may or may not ever actually be finished.

Favorite QuotesEdit

"Eab1990 Arane raep" -Derb1

"Eab1990 Chinami raep" -Derb2

"Eab1990 Whorietta choking on hotdogs" -Derb1

"o u" -Derb0

"uu~" -darkwolf777

"if he doesn't get it then I'm relying on you guys to kick him" -excalipoor

"you guys need to bang in chat and I'll screencap and try to ruin you all when I account suicide" -kabutoflower


Tumblr and MAL



A day in the metals shop00:19

A day in the metals shop.-0

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