tl;dr Mew > Dusk. Also Mew is gay for Amu.

 [19:59] Ranmikisu: Excuse me, is this Dusk Thanatos? 

[19:59] Leander Achronos: yesh

[19:59] Ranmikisu: Ah I see.

[20:00] Leander Achronos: This would be?

[20:00] Ranmikisu: Mew > Dusk Thanatos

[20:00] Leander Achronos: So, this would be Stone. >_>

[20:00] Leander Achronos: I guess

[20:00] Leander Achronos: or not

[20:00] Leander Achronos: the evidence is not favoring any sort of conclusion atm

[20:01] Ranmikisu: Amu is the miracle of the universe.

[20:01] Leander Achronos: Slowing favoring a conclusion

[20:01] Leander Achronos: However, such judgments are premature

[20:01] Ranmikisu: My favorite anime is K-ON

[20:01] Leander Achronos: wut

[20:02] Ranmikisu: C.C. is mai waifu

[20:02] Ranmikisu: Well this is boring.

[20:03] Ranmikisu: >_> Oh well, the last two is just me kidding, it's the MewMeister here.

[20:03] Leander Achronos: y halo thar

[20:03] Ranmikisu: Hiya

[20:03] Leander Achronos: You're strangely civil over AIM

[20:04] Ranmikisu: >_> How so?

[20:04] Leander Achronos: Ehh, just are

[20:04] Ranmikisu: Well I'm usually like this on MSN

[20:04] Ranmikisu: Even ask Pure Lionhart and Nytemare

[20:04] Ranmikisu: and Majin <_<

[20:04] Leander Achronos: I suppose proper punctuation gives off an air of intelligence and civility >_>

[20:05] Leander Achronos: You talk to Majin?

[20:05] Leander Achronos: That's unexpected

[20:05] Ranmikisu: Like thrice?

[20:05] Leander Achronos: Only three times?

[20:05] Ranmikisu: think so

[20:05] Leander Achronos: Weaksauce.

[20:05] Ranmikisu: He's never on

[20:05] Ranmikisu: and when he is, he doesn't say anything to me

[20:05] Leander Achronos: Well, he likely sees no reason

[20:06] Leander Achronos: he talks to me incredibly rarely as of late

[20:06] Ranmikisu: Majin isn't fun to play with unlike people like Liberal and Majin

[20:06] Ranmikisu: err

[20:06] Ranmikisu: Starks

[20:06] Ranmikisu: not Majin

[20:06] Leander Achronos: Majin's just interesting

[20:06] Leander Achronos: broken

[20:06] Leander Achronos: but interesting

[20:06] Ranmikisu: Meh

[20:06] Ranmikisu: >_> He once messaged me something about Bleach

[20:06] Ranmikisu: and I went "lolwut? I'm a One Piece guy"

[20:06] Ranmikisu: then he cried.

[20:07] Leander Achronos: Bad timing/10

[20:08] Ranmikisu: So offline meeting?

[20:08] Leander Achronos: You're quite quick to jump to awkward discussion

[20:08] Leander Achronos: Jesus says no

[20:09] Ranmikisu: Well I hate Jesus.

[20:09] Ranmikisu: and he hates me.

[20:09] Ranmikisu: and I want him to fuck himself

[20:09] Ranmikisu: and he did not give me a real Amu for Christmas

[20:09] Ranmikisu: So he can fuck off.

[20:09] Ranmikisu: So offline meeting?

[20:09] Leander Achronos: I do, quite regularly

[20:09] Leander Achronos: No, of course.

[20:09] Ranmikisu: I promise I will be good

[20:09] Ranmikisu: and civil

[20:10] Leander Achronos: Why do you spam this question so?

[20:10] Ranmikisu: Just once we see an Amu cosplayer I might go crazy

[20:10] Ranmikisu: Cause.

[20:10] Ranmikisu: Isn't it obvious?

[20:10] Leander Achronos: no

[20:10] Ranmikisu: I'm an attention whore.

[20:11] Leander Achronos: >_>

[20:11] Leander Achronos: What a terrible problem

[20:11] Ranmikisu: indeed.

[20:11] Leander Achronos: Especially for a ronery man such as yourself

[20:11] Ranmikisu: I has a goal in OT

[20:11] Ranmikisu: and that's to make everyone like me

[20:11] Ranmikisu: and make Kurz my bitch

[20:11] Ranmikisu: btw all that's a lie

[20:12] Ranmikisu: I just feel that you have ill feelings towards me and it's been itching me in the ass.

[20:12] Leander Achronos: Ehhhhhh

[20:12] Leander Achronos: People who are bit too straightforward bug me

[20:12] Leander Achronos: you fall in that category atm

[20:13] Ranmikisu: I love characters who are like those in anime

[20:13] Ranmikisu: the blunt ones are always the funniest.

[20:13] Ranmikisu: and subtetly is for the weak and Starks

[20:13] Ranmikisu: Starks has his own category because he's a Jew

[20:13] Leander Achronos: Racism?

[20:13] Leander Achronos: Bad

[20:14] Leander Achronos: Unlearn that TM

[20:14] Leander Achronos: ASAP

[20:14] Ranmikisu: I can't, I was raised by my daddy.

[20:14] Ranmikisu: I also hate Japs.

[20:14] Leander Achronos: DOES NOT COMPUTE

[20:14] Ranmikisu: If they never made anime, manga, Touhou, music, and the like

[20:14] Leander Achronos: >_>

[20:14] Ranmikisu: then I would think they were all annoying fucks.

[20:14] Ranmikisu: hentai is included too btw

[20:14] Leander Achronos: You're a terrible man

[20:14] Leander Achronos: Just saying

[20:15] Ranmikisu: Says you and million others

[20:15] Ranmikisu: but you just know

[20:15] Ranmikisu: you're really tsundere towards me

[20:15] Leander Achronos: Lies

[20:15] Ranmikisu: oh yeah I forgot

[20:16] Ranmikisu: Starks is kuudere towards me

[20:16] Leander Achronos: I'm not tsundere.

[20:16] Ranmikisu: and Mac is yandere towards me

[20:16] Leander Achronos: The closest I come to tsundere

[20:16] Ranmikisu: Is to your sick fantasies with Haruhi

[20:16] Leander Achronos: Sick fantasies?

[20:16] Leander Achronos: lol

[20:17] Leander Achronos: I'm rather bad about avoiding thinking of HAruhi sexually

[20:17] Leander Achronos: Hurts my ability to watch the show >_>

[20:17] Leander Achronos: I don't need to be watching Sighs and thinking about how expertly Ishikei drew Haruhi's boobs

[20:18] Leander Achronos: detracts from the experience

[20:18] Leander Achronos: And inevitably, that's the sort of thing I'll think of in those situations

[20:18] Leander Achronos: it's how my mind is wired

[20:18] Leander Achronos: it runs in circles of association]

[20:18] Ranmikisu: The show sucks anyways.

[20:19] Ranmikisu: :3 lolopinonions

[20:19] Leander Achronos: Oh dear god, I almost

[20:19] Leander Achronos: that's bad

[20:19] Ranmikisu: You almosted me?

[20:19] Ranmikisu: ...dude

[20:19] Ranmikisu: Not cool.

[20:19] Leander Achronos: ffffffffff

[20:19] Leander Achronos: NO GODDAMN IT

[20:20] Ranmikisu: I know you're tsundere and all

[20:20] Ranmikisu: but you lack subtetly

[20:20] Leander Achronos: I almost

[20:20] Leander Achronos: typed

[20:20] Leander Achronos: /slap

[20:20] Ranmikisu: Dusk rabu rabu Mew

[20:20] Leander Achronos: fuck my life

[20:20] Ranmikisu: Yes I would

[20:20] Ranmikisu: Man

[20:20] Ranmikisu: You're more fun to talk to than Nyte when it comes to this

[20:21] Ranmikisu: Thanks for being a cool pal man

[20:21] Leander Achronos: csb

[20:21] Ranmikisu: ...........




........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')


.............\.......... _.·´



[20:21] Leander Achronos: ascii

[20:21] Ranmikisu: Csb?

[20:21] Leander Achronos: OVER AIM?

[20:21] Ranmikisu: YES

[20:21] Ranmikisu: Well it works for me, lolidk (read that as Loli DK) about you

[20:21] Ranmikisu: I'm using trillian bitches

[20:21] Leander Achronos: Csb, cool story bro, SUGOI MONOGATARI ANIKI

[20:22] Ranmikisu: Dude

[20:22] Ranmikisu: Learn proper Japanese

[20:22] Ranmikisu: it's kakoi hanashi aniki

[20:22] Ranmikisu: Fucking weeaboo

[20:22] Ranmikisu: Faggot

[20:22] Ranmikisu: I hope you die

[20:22] Ranmikisu: Eat shit

[20:22] Ranmikisu: Go to American Idol and sing

[20:22] Ranmikisu: fat piece of obese waifu shit

[20:22] Leander Achronos: It's a miracle I haven't blocked you'

[20:22] Leander Achronos: wtf

[20:22] Leander Achronos: it's like I live to be abused

[20:22] Leander Achronos: WHAT THE HELL

[20:22] Ranmikisu: The more you block me

[20:22] Ranmikisu: the more i become powerful

[20:22] Ranmikisu: It makes me oh so hard

[20:22] Ranmikisu: Rubrub

[20:22] Ranmikisu: <_< okay

[20:23] Ranmikisu: this is gay

[20:23] Ranmikisu: I should stop

[20:23] Ranmikisu: ew

[20:23] Ranmikisu: what the hell

[20:23] Ranmikisu: What the hell Dusk

[20:23] Leander Achronos: This

[20:23] Ranmikisu: So how was your day?

[20:23] Leander Achronos: is just terrible

[20:23] Leander Achronos: My day?

[20:23] Ranmikisu: If this wasn't against the ToU

[20:23] Leander Achronos: long as hell

[20:23] Ranmikisu: I'd post this convo on OT

[20:23] Leander Achronos: FML

[20:23] Leander Achronos: I had considered the same thing

[20:23] Ranmikisu: Oh

[20:23] Ranmikisu: can you do it then?

[20:23] Ranmikisu: I don't wanna get double warned

[20:24] Leander Achronos: I don't want to

[20:24] Ranmikisu: and you has alts anyways

[20:24] Leander Achronos: Only one

[20:24] Leander Achronos: The other is banned

[20:24] Leander Achronos: remember?

[20:24] Ranmikisu: Ah

[20:24] Ranmikisu: Post hentai

[20:24] Ranmikisu: delete tactic?

[20:24] Leander Achronos: yesh

[20:24] Ranmikisu: What a great day.

[20:24] Leander Achronos: they apparently prefer yaoi to yuri

[20:24] Leander Achronos: oh well

[20:24] Ranmikisu: That was when I started to develop feelings with you and Zyme

[20:25] Ranmikisu: Did I mention I'm an uke and OT is the seme?

[20:25] Ranmikisu: I expected a faster reply

[20:25] Ranmikisu: *checks this off my list of things to say to Dusk*

[20:26] Leander Achronos: Uhhhh

[20:26] Leander Achronos: I'm probably sexually submissive anyways, but that's not a conversation to be had atm

[20:26] Leander Achronos: And, should you post this

[20:26] Ranmikisu: Why not ;_;

[20:26] Leander Achronos: it just got Awk~ward

[20:26] Ranmikisu: I won't

[20:26] Ranmikisu: it's just bet-

[20:26] Ranmikisu: actually

[20:27] Ranmikisu: I won't post it on OT on GFaqs

[20:27] Ranmikisu: I promise

[20:27] Ranmikisu: *extends pinkie*

[20:27] Ranmikisu: Can you pinkie promise too?

[20:27] Leander Achronos: no

[20:27] Ranmikisu: Good enough

[20:27] Ranmikisu: well I must leave soon

[20:27] Ranmikisu: I has to watch animew

[20:27] Leander Achronos: You're rather

[20:27] Ranmikisu: I must give my final messages though

[20:27] Leander Achronos: hyperactive

[20:27] Ranmikisu: Amu is mai waifu forever and ever, and better than your waifu

[20:27] Ranmikisu: It's because this is the first time I talked to you directly

[20:28] Leander Achronos: LIES

[20:28] Ranmikisu: It's so exciting

[20:28] Ranmikisu: and my heart is going doki doki

[20:28] Leander Achronos: I don't even tachnically have a waifu

[20:28] Leander Achronos: technically*

[20:28] Leander Achronos: but LIES

[20:28] Ranmikisu: Anyways, all hail king Mew and Amu > that Akiha chick you like so much and Haruhi

[20:28] Ranmikisu: in fact

[20:28] Ranmikisu: Fujioka > Suzumiya

[20:28] Ranmikisu: Cya

[20:28] Leander Achronos: LIES

[20:28] Leander Achronos: ALL LIES

Part Two

[02:33] Ranmikisu: Ne ne, Dusk-chan. Will you make a ronery image again for Valentines?

[02:33] leanderachronos: Chances of that are looooooow.

[02:34] Ranmikisu: Isn't it said Kohaku?

[02:34] Ranmikisu: *sad

[02:34] Ranmikisu: Or Haruhi.

[02:34] Ranmikisu: Whatever your dreams say

[02:34] leanderachronos: heh

[02:34] Ranmikisu: So why won't you?

[02:35] leanderachronos: A) Too much effort

[02:35] Ranmikisu: Bullcrap.

[02:35] leanderachronos: B) If I buy a box of chocolates, I'd either eat it myself or actually give it to a woman, not give it to a picture

[02:36] Ranmikisu: Doesn't have to be a box

[02:36] Ranmikisu: I'm planning to just get some heart shaped chocolate

[02:36] Ranmikisu: Last year I did a heart shaped cookie.

[02:38] leanderachronos: Yeah, but that was a pretty cookie

[02:39] Ranmikisu: Whatcha mean?

[02:39] leanderachronos: I could've sworn it had icing and stuff

[02:39] Ranmikisu: Yup

[02:39] leanderachronos: See, I'm not awesome enough for that

[02:39] Ranmikisu: >calling Mew awesome

[02:39] Ranmikisu: *blushes*

[02:39] leanderachronos: Besides, I'd rather buy a box of chocolates and eat it

[02:40] leanderachronos: >_>

[02:40] Ranmikisu: Never knew you thought of me that way, Dusk-chan. *twirls his finger around desk*

[02:40] Ranmikisu: And I prefer cookies myself.

[02:40] leanderachronos: How does that even happen?

[02:41] leanderachronos: Preferring cookies to chocolates?

[02:41] leanderachronos: The hell?

[02:41] Ranmikisu: I rather eat a soft warm macadamian chip cookie over a snicker bar

[02:41] Ranmikisu: I love snicker bars, btw

[02:42] leanderachronos: Snickers aren't really that great

[02:42] leanderachronos: and comparing them to white-chocolate macademia nut cookies?

[02:42] Ranmikisu: There's no chocolate that lets me savior the taste

[02:42] leanderachronos: That's practically cheating

[02:42] Ranmikisu: Moment I eat it, I wanna drink something

[02:43] leanderachronos: Strange, you are

[02:44] Ranmikisu: Isn't it obvious?

[02:44] leanderachronos: Well, yes >_>

[02:44] Ranmikisu: I also find bacon overrated

[02:44] Ranmikisu: So Dusk, how has OT been without Mew?

[02:44] leanderachronos: Less ronery

[02:45] Ranmikisu: Impossible, you're still in there

[02:45] leanderachronos: Hey, I'm not that ronery damn it

[02:45] Ranmikisu: Right.

[02:46] Ranmikisu: Man, if only I could do this.

[02:47] leanderachronos: ...

[02:47] leanderachronos: awkward.

[02:47] leanderachronos: AWKWARD.

[02:47] Ranmikisu: How?

[02:47] Ranmikisu: It'd be awkward if I said this to a girl or normalfag

[02:47] Ranmikisu: And you're not a normalfag, are you Dusk?

[02:47] Ranmikisu: OT is too much full of normalfags.

[02:48] leanderachronos: I'm sorry, but I try to maintain decency when conversing. >_>

[02:48] Ranmikisu: You're talking to Mew

[02:48] Ranmikisu: that should be thrown out the window

[02:48] leanderachronos: What I do when fapping is not what I do while speaking

[02:48] Ranmikisu: Dude.

[02:49] Ranmikisu: You fap with chocolate all over you?

[02:49] Ranmikisu: ^5

[02:49] leanderachronos: No, but why does that sound so strangely erotic?

[02:49] Ranmikisu: Because you imagined me doing it.


[02:49] leanderachronos: YOU'RE EVIL

[02:50] Ranmikisu: It shouldn't hurt that much, unless you seen what I really look like.

[02:50] Ranmikisu: Then again, you could have imagined Mew the pokemon covered in chocolate masturbating

[02:50] Ranmikisu: Oh you furfag.

[02:50] leanderachronos: ...

[02:50] leanderachronos: the fuck is with you, man

[02:51] Ranmikisu: I like teasing you.

[02:51] leanderachronos: I'm not fond of being trolled.

[02:51] Ranmikisu: I'm not trolling.

[02:51] Ranmikisu: I'm teasing :3

[02:51] leanderachronos: Not much different if you have a cock, is it?

[02:52] Ranmikisu: What if I told you I'm a girl?

[02:52] leanderachronos: I wouldn't believe you.

[02:52] Ranmikisu: No one believes me ;_;

[02:53] Ranmikisu: I mean Mew is a girl's name

[02:53] leanderachronos: Of course not.

[02:53] Ranmikisu: Why would a dude be named Mew.

[02:53] leanderachronos: OBJECTION!

[02:53] leanderachronos: Who said Mew was your real name?

[02:53] leanderachronos: No one!

[02:53] Ranmikisu: I did.

[02:53] Ranmikisu: My real name is Vishmatic M. Stanibus

[02:54] Ranmikisu: M stands for Mew

[02:54] leanderachronos: I severely doubt this, somehow >_>

[02:54] Ranmikisu: That's what everyone says.

[02:54] leanderachronos: Unless Mew magically crops up in some other language

[02:55] leanderachronos: That isn't Pokemonese

[02:55] Ranmikisu: You don't need detective skills to wonder how my personality is like this.

[02:55] Ranmikisu: Er, figure out.

[02:58] Ranmikisu: So, what did you really imagine me naked in chocolate or Mew the pokemon?

[02:59] leanderachronos: You.

[02:59] leanderachronos: Although I haven't seen much of a picture

[02:59] Ranmikisu: I'm fladered.

[02:59] leanderachronos: so thank god, damage control

[03:00] Ranmikisu:

[03:00] Ranmikisu: Here you go

[03:00] Ranmikisu: No need to thank me.

[03:00] Ranmikisu: And I'm more moe than that, my hair isn't gelled up

[03:00] Ranmikisu: >_> oh wait I just revealed I'm not a girl

[03:00] Ranmikisu: Fuck

[03:00] Ranmikisu: Fail.

[03:00] leanderachronos: I knew anyways, dumbass

[03:00] Ranmikisu: No

[03:00] Ranmikisu: Lies

[03:00] Ranmikisu: Shaddup

[03:00] Ranmikisu: I'm a Kampfer

[03:00] Ranmikisu: :3

[03:00] leanderachronos: The picture on the wiki was the one I had seen

[03:00] Ranmikisu: and you fapped to it.

[03:00] leanderachronos: Uhhh, no.

[03:01] Ranmikisu: No need to feel embarassed

[03:01] Ranmikisu: I did too

[03:01] leanderachronos: Last thing I fapped to was some random page of a footjob doujin

[03:01] Ranmikisu: Oh yeah that reminds me

[03:01] Ranmikisu: You made a topic on an h-manga

[03:01] Ranmikisu: What was it?

[03:02] leanderachronos: Which topic? >_>

[03:02] Ranmikisu: Uh

[03:02] Ranmikisu: <_< The one you made an h-manga you fapped to

[03:02] Ranmikisu: then I think you said something along the lines "inb4imissolddusk"

[03:03] leanderachronos: I can't remember

[03:03] leanderachronos: At all

[03:03] Ranmikisu: Ah

[03:03] Ranmikisu: btw

[03:03] Ranmikisu:

[03:03] Ranmikisu: That's an update pic of myself, like?

[03:05] Ranmikisu: I'm a trap, don't tell OT

[03:06] leanderachronos: Oh wait, that topic

[03:06] leanderachronos: was it the one about the "strangely happy" doujin

[03:06] Ranmikisu: Sure why not, I think you only made one H-manga topic

[03:06] leanderachronos: Two.

[03:06] leanderachronos: Don't forget the one involving the shower >_>

[03:07] Ranmikisu: >_> just name both

[03:07] Ranmikisu: hurry up so I can go watch a movie

[03:07] leanderachronos: Now I don't want to hurry.

[03:07] Ranmikisu: Thought as much

[03:07] Ranmikisu: Well whatever, I'll let you go and fap to your strange chocolate-coated images of me

[03:07] Ranmikisu: Off to watching Summer Wars

[03:15] leanderachronos: Heh.

[03:15] Ranmikisu: <_< I'm in no rush

[03:15] Ranmikisu: btw

[03:15] leanderachronos: XMFD

[03:15] leanderachronos: Have you posted it on OT yet?

[03:16] Ranmikisu: >Mew posting in OT

[03:16] Ranmikisu: Lol

[03:16] leanderachronos: Then what was the point?

[03:16] Ranmikisu: Hell if I know.

[03:16] leanderachronos: By the way, I never saw you ragequit

[03:16] leanderachronos: what happened>'

[03:16] Ranmikisu: A thing about Mew is that he does things on a whim

[03:16] Ranmikisu: Nothing

[03:16] Ranmikisu: I just made a silent disappearance

[03:16] Ranmikisu: buut you read my Wikia page right?

[03:17] Ranmikisu: That's how I sorta feel

[03:17] leanderachronos: I did

[03:17] leanderachronos: And I was like "damn"

[03:17] Ranmikisu: What do you resent? <_<

[03:17] leanderachronos: Resent about...?

[03:17] Ranmikisu: You made a post

[03:17] Ranmikisu: "*looks at SC's wikia*" Wow. I RESENT THAT

[03:18] leanderachronos: "Call him Mew, or else he will rip off your testicles from your mouth and feed them to... maybe Dusk if he's hungry."

[03:19] Ranmikisu: Ah.

[03:19] leanderachronos: I find that rather resentable

[03:19] Ranmikisu: Its how I show my affection.

[03:19] Ranmikisu: Well to just you and Mac I guess.

[03:19] leanderachronos: Th hell kind of affection

[03:19] leanderachronos: is that'

[03:20] Ranmikisu: Have you read Mirai Nikki?

[03:21] leanderachronos: Yesh

[03:21] Ranmikisu: Exactly.

[03:23] leanderachronos: But that's not even remotely similar

[03:23] Ranmikisu: Yuuno would let Yukki eat her uterus, literally.

[03:23] leanderachronos: ...

[03:24] leanderachronos: I doubt that

[03:24] Ranmikisu: You doubt so much.

[03:24] leanderachronos: I think she'd want to have his children more >_>

[03:24] Ranmikisu: She wouldn't matter just as long as he's happy.

[03:24] Ranmikisu: If he asked to eat her uterus, then she'd obliged.

[03:27] leanderachronos: Subtext doesn't quite imply that

[03:27] leanderachronos: She has her own agenda too

[03:27] Ranmikisu: If they had children though

[03:27] Ranmikisu: She still would

[03:27] Ranmikisu: SO.

[03:27] Ranmikisu: Fuck idk

[03:27] Ranmikisu: Doujin names pl0x

[03:28] leanderachronos: The ones from the shower topic are on your site

[03:29] leanderachronos: That topic is partially your doing

[03:29] Ranmikisu: >_> Dude I dont remember everything on there

[03:29] leanderachronos: I know.

[03:29] Ranmikisu: I influenced even more?

[03:29] Ranmikisu: *blush*


[03:29] leanderachronos: /slap

[03:29] Ranmikisu: *catches and Armbars*

[03:29] Ranmikisu: So what about the other one?

[03:30] leanderachronos: I don't remember the name

[03:30] Ranmikisu: Ah, kay.

[03:30] Ranmikisu: One last question.

[03:30] Ranmikisu: Recommend music pl0x

[03:30] Ranmikisu: no I have not listened to 2121 yet

[03:30] leanderachronos: Then... go listen to it?

[03:30] Ranmikisu: That's some great help there

[03:30] Ranmikisu: I was gonna get it soon

[03:31] leanderachronos: Oh. >_>

[03:31] Ranmikisu: ...So that's all you can give?

[03:31] leanderachronos: Well, what were you wanting?

[03:32] Ranmikisu: Something more satisfying. See, this is why I don't look at you when you make love.

[03:32] Ranmikisu: And that's how I'ma go out. Cya.

[03:32] leanderachronos: What

[03:32] leanderachronos: the

[03:32] Ranmikisu: C-C-C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER

[03:32] leanderachronos: Question

[03:32] Ranmikisu: Yes?

[03:33] leanderachronos: Why so random?

[03:33] Ranmikisu: Because Dusk.

[03:33] Ranmikisu: You're fun to tease *pokes your face*

[03:33] leanderachronos: Also,

[03:33] leanderachronos: That's the doujin I was referring to in that other topic that didn't involve showers

[03:33] Ranmikisu: I wouldn't put it past you if this was a virus.

[03:34] leanderachronos: It's not

[03:34] leanderachronos: I take giving others pornography quite seriously, you see

[03:34] Ranmikisu: Oh.

[03:34] Ranmikisu: So then you could help me with BCL >_>

[03:35] leanderachronos: Probably not.

[03:35] Ranmikisu: DUDE

[03:35] Ranmikisu: HIGH FUCKING FIVE

[03:35] Ranmikisu: I LOVE THIS ARTIST

[03:35] Ranmikisu: Sakai Hamachi is one of my favorites

[03:35] leanderachronos: I don't even know who that is >_>

[03:35] Ranmikisu: The artist you dimwit

[03:35] leanderachronos: Well, obviously

[03:35] Ranmikisu: Urusai bakayaro

[03:35] leanderachronos: I meant in a more specific sense

[03:36] Ranmikisu: -insert moonspeak here0

[03:36] leanderachronos: Like what sort of things he draws (beyond just doujins, I mean classifications), etc

[03:36] Ranmikisu: Yeah yeah. Well I'll see you on OT at Valentines

[03:36] Ranmikisu: On that day, I plan to post on almost every topic

[03:36] Ranmikisu: This is a warning.

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