An old veteran who is now going under the name of Juicy54.

Ladro likes to bounce back and forth between being weeaboo and anti-weeaboo, whichever will rile up more people at one time with his other (pre-LadroAnima) accounts Bandit Ken, Otaku no Anime, and Kimori. As well, there's one thing all of his accounts have in common no matter which gimmick he's playing, and that's his unusually protective fondness for Winx Club, of which in another topic here on the site SpecialDHCP/Juicy54 was coaxed into defending it even as he was blasting other Western cartoons. (Before that there was only suspicion of SpecialDHCP/Juicy54 being Ladro, but that was pretty much the tell-tale sign for a lot of us on that board.)

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