For the Japanese video game company, see Konami (video game company)

Konami is a mix of KONata and kagAMI; characters from Lucky Star.

It's been said in past Slice of Lifes, tsukkomi/boke combinations are a natural hit.... well with Lucky Star, this was a massive hit, and in the age of yuri fanboys, resulting in a massive boon of popularity. In the past this would be the end of it.

But KyoAni, looking for a way to boost ratings (due to a overdone faithfulness to the manga for the first episode or so), saw this and captialized on it.... and on that day...

It'd be a great day for Konami fans for they'd be getting more screen time than ever.

As for other characters that appeared mainly in Vol.1? (Temporary fact spot: KyoAni mainly used volume one for most of the anime) Tough luck.... even for Tsukasa fans as without Miyuki, Tsukasa's badly overshadowed by those two.

This in turn only reinforced their popularity... as a result many fanfics and doujins are centered around these two, especially Kagami.

now the fans are a wide mix befitting something huge and popular.

StriderTuna suspects the main bashers of Miyuki during that period were Konami fanboys. If that's true or not isn't really known. But he hasn't liked such fanboys ever since.

"Miyuki sucks; she's taking screen time from Konata and Kagami"- typical remark by a less rational fanboy seen on OT back during that period.

And there's the Lonely Kagamin doujin (Non-H but plenty Emo) that inspired many folks to make many crappy emo fanfics about the pairing when that'd be remotely against the character's nature.

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