A college student who happens to know xvi_revya, a fellow lurker, in real life. He has been in OT since 09 and is probably one of the most active lurkers around OT. He visits OT everyday for hours scouring through topics, but only posts really rarely, usually on Aizen topics. He is also a regular listener to the Radio OT and posts requests, sometimes two or three at a time.

General Interests and PersonalityEdit

He recalls the show that introduced him to anime is Digimon Adventure, which is probably a reason why he likes that anime a lot. Generally, he isn't very picky. He would watch shows for superb fight scenes and story, but other times, he just prefers to sit back and watch some moeblob shows. He doesn't really care much about what people thinks about him and his watching of anime, and he usually watches even the silliest of anime in public. One thing he isn't fond of though, is H-anime in general.

He likes the stoic bishounen archetype in anime, favorites include Byakuya Kuchiki and Ulquiorra from Bleach, Sesshomaru in Inu-Yasha, and Zero in Vampire Knight.

Besides anime, he loves video games, which include the Pokemon series, FF7, and a little FPS and Japanese fighting games.

If You Happen to Stumble Upon his iPod, You Will Find....Edit

50% General Rock songs

45% Anime OP/ED and JPop songs (he is a huge fan of UVERworld and FLOW, he also listens to a lot of K-on songs)

5% Video Game Music

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