You make me thank God for every mistake I made Because each one led me on the path to you Edit

So awesome he gets 2 pages. Oh and another one because his awesomeness defies mathematics.

Jebbito, aka Shana-sama or whatever. Started the stupid fad of creating an account based on some anime character and acting like it was the actual character who was using said account.

Kurz/Ilya and others are just some of his degenerate spawn.

Also if you have never heard of jebbito, you are a noob. Jebbito is the awesome. He has IRL friends to hang out with instead of Jeff.

His pastime is coming into OT and making a topic about himself, hoping that if he whores out his name long enough people will start actually caring about him again "just like the old days".

Jebbito has a penchant for jizzing in his pants whenever the words "URUSAI! URUSAI! URUSAI!" are uttered. If said words are uttered by Shana of "Shakugan no Shana" fame, Jebbito will also crap himself.


Jebby jizzing in his pants...

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