Is a fan of: Ecchi, and anything that has been a megami pinup poster, and gundams


I have been here for about 7 years or so, he was essentially your average blanked out

My interests in a nutshell

anime fan whom had a limited ranged of anime interests. After watching onegai teacher, I began my slow walk away from anything that was related to Shounen Jump (Shounen Jump became shit after the big three). It soon dawned that I could not enjoy any anime without healthy fanservice, or giant robots. Or both if possible. Perhaps in spite of being chinese, I am a damn whitewashed person, things that is relavant to my interest often have western ideas to it, to be specific. The teen movie ideas of drinking, partying and thinking that a school dance is the only way to increase the Japanese population count.

Reasons for the Distain for Shounen

  • Shounen Jump demonstrated how when you put fujoshi fodder with a fighting shounen anime, the way fandom works in Shounen anime is ruined forever as now there is probably more fujo...girls in a SJ fandom than guys...son of a bitch, they have start touching other stuff as stuff. Goddamn Asu no Yoichi...
  • Girls in Shoujo had more action than the Shounen guy has, and we are the more hormonely driven!
  • ???

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