Day 2051 - Accelerator (To Aru Majutsu no Index) - Got shot in the face because he's a pedophile.
Celebrity Day 2050 - Tanaka Rie - Was the voice of Lacus Clyne.
Day 2049 - Suitengu (Speed Grapher) - Got confused with a failure of a Naruto character.
Day 2048 - Tiltyu (Fire Emblem 4) - Despite having the blood of a dragon who was proficient with lightning spells...she couldn't use thunder armor./She's gonna "tilt you"!/Genki Girls aren't supposed to have angst!
Day 2047 - Kansaki Nao (Liar Game) - Possibly the only character in animanga that would be outsmarted by Goku./Can't go two chapters without needing Akiyama to bail her out, EVEN WHEN SHE'S GOT THE RIGHT PLAN!/Turned in a 100 Yen Coin. That's like.. A penny!
Day 2046 - Alice Carroll (Aria) - For being the most naturally gifted of the junior Undines, her mentor sure is a ditz.
Day 2045 - Aoi Misato (Tokyo Majin) - A dead girl stole her man!
Day 2044 - Zenkichi Hitoyoshi (Medaka Box) - Has yet to stick his suggestion in Medaka's box if you know what I mean.
Day 2043 - Momoshiro Takeshi (Prince of Tennis) - Echizen has hax. Tezuka killed the dinosaurs. Fuji has tennis batou-jutsu. Inui has juice. Kawamura is BUUUUUURNIIIING, Oishi is Uke personified, the redhead does backflips. What does Momo have? A jumping smash. And you took all the trouble to land him in the dating sim, too.
Day 2042 - Eve (Needless) - Her name is too hard to remember. I'll call her Janet!
Day 2041 - Luke Triton (Professor Layton) - Luke: "Hey OT-kun! This topic reminds me of a puzzle. It goes like this..."
Celebrity Day 2040 - Patrick Stewart - No man should look so sexy at close to 70.
Day 2039 - Silver (Pokemon Special) - With a name like Silver he will always be the runner up to Gold.
Day 2038 - Kyoji (G Gundam) - Was both the second best and worst character in the show/It's kinda hard for Kyoji to do something WITH THE HELP OF KYOJIIIIII!!!!!
Day 2037 - Galuda (Power Stone Anime) - The pinnacle of Native American stereotypes.

Backstory: From Soil Land against cowboy settlers who took their sacred totem pole and his tribe lives in tepees........sadly, he's the most competent person in the cast which says something.
Day 2036 - Ulube (G Gundam) - Was idiotic enough to think he could stand up to a fist powered by love, anger and sorrow. Especially anger.
Day 2035 - Dakuwan (Ninja Scroll) - Didn't use his 'extend-a-pole' on Kagero.
Day 2034 - Ryunmei/Fighter (Arad Senki/DFO) - Anime version's face looks like a man.
Day 2033 - Yoshikawa sisters (Magikano) - Are only three, but embody nearly all the seven deadly sins. Maika's lust, wrath and envy. Chiaki is a glutton. Fuyuno is full of greed. And all seem rather proud of their brother. However considering their brother is the incarnation of a Demon Lord, this might explain a few things.
Day 2032 - Index (To Aru Majutsu no Index) - Side character in her own series.
Day 2031 - Kiriko Masaki(Tenchi Muyo GXP) - Just when you thought there was plenty enough of Values Dissonance regarding how Jurai handles marriages along comes Kiriko with her relationship with Seina lets just say when you think about it long enough./Turned a light-heart harem comedy into a bloodbath for an episode. IOW closet Yandere.
Celebrity Day 2030 - JAM Project - FLAW? With MY Jam Project?!/The group over its history has been made up of a man called "Aniki", the "Prince of Anison", the Japanese voice of Ash Ketchum, the leader of AniMetal who "graduated" from the group, the singing voice of Basara Nekki, the leader of J-Metal group Lapis Lazuli who's more well-known for One Piece's 1st opening, a guy who loves saying "GaGaGa GaGaGa GaoGaiGar!", a cool rock chick, and a Brazilian...

If one didn't know anything about the group previously then these descriptions of this group's members (which are all valid, mind you) makes bands like KISS, WASP, and Alice Cooper look normal in comparison.
Day 2029 - Amane Kaunaq(Tenchi Muyo GXP) - Fell in love with Seina./Is probably one of the bigger reasons why he have the "Harem Anime Male Leads have to be really... indecisive otherwise the show would be Porn" clause.
Day 2028 - Seina Yamada(Tenchi Muyo GXP) - His unluckiness is annoying./Manages to acquire a whole other level of wussiness thanks to his dub voice./Just when you thought Tenchi was a typical example of a Harem Anime Male Lead, then you notice how his Distant cousin Seina can be.
Day 2027 - Akune Kouki (Medaka Box) - Supporting characters get more screen time than him.
Day 2026 - Juuzo Kabuto (Mazinger Z) - Can you really think of a flaw for an old man way past his prime, who knocks sense into his grandson by infusing him with hot blood through epic ROCKET PUNCH SURFING?

I can't.
Day 2025 - Hina Ichigo (Rozen Maiden) - Didn't die sooner.
Day 2024 - Emperor Ganishka (Berserk) - Who with a right mind would try to steal the seat of main villain from a bishounen guy with white hair in a Japanese manga? Doomed to fail from the start. Wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man.
Day 2023 - Sicks (Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro) - He manages to control five uber-powerful humans, was basically the catalyst for all the **** during the HAL incident and onward, and still had a backup for his daughter's betrayal. But when it's all said and done, you might say his defeat proved that he wasn't...*takes off glasses*...a CUT above Neuro.
Day 2022 - Dr. Hell (Mazinger Z) - Has some of the stupidest looking underlings ever. That said, they're still awesome, but the point still stands.
Day 2021 - Fury (Fire Emblem 4) - Shagall: Sigurd is going to execute Levin! I am most certainly not just making this up to trick you into fighting the guy I'm at war against! Fury: I'M GOING TO KILL HIM!/SHE HAS FURY!
Celebrity Day 2020 - Rie Kugimiya - People are more tsundere for her than her actual tsundere roles.
Day 2019 - Chu (YYH) - Got a huge, massive, unrealistic, plot-driven powerup in the last arc, only to lose horribly anyway.
Day 2018 - Jin (YYH) - Has the voice of the Irish, but doesn't have the luck of the Irish.
Day 2017 - Martina Xoana Mel Navrachoa (Slayers) - If she expects people to remember her full name, she's going to be utterly diasappointed.
Day 2016 - Satoshi (Higurashi) - Not worthy of Shion./Didn't put Satoko to the test./He's a Keichi wannabe, even if he came first technically.
Day 2015 - Kanon (Wild Arms 2) - 1/96 chance for her best move. With Best luck. But you can't get that. No sir. Not without first completing a 1/48 chance. With Best luck......this coming from the least lucky character in the game plot wise.
Day 2014 - Squardo (One Piece) - Would believe gullible isn't in the dictionary.
Day 2013 - Imari (Bible Black) - Kyon's sister will grow up having "rice" on her face and her soul sent to hell? Damn, her future is bleak.
Day 2012 - Batou (GITS) - MOTOOOOKKOOOOOOO!!!!!!
Day 2011 - Sai Saishi (G Gundam) - Didn't notice Domon had two hands./"Broooooooooo. Hey, broooooooooooo. Where are ya bro?"/Was the best all of China could come up when they found out the couldn't technically have Master Asia.
Celebrity Day 2010 - Norio Wakamoto - Doesn't provide his voice for dubs.
Day 2009 - Carly (Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's) - Needs to be without those damn glasses more often./Got her clothes from Mokuba.
Day 2008 - Cosmo (Sonic X) - Fox + Plant = ???
Day 2007 - Jin Kisaragi (Blazblue) - the Icening!!
Day 2006 - Coco Yagami (Ever 17) - Eab'd
Day 2005 - Bob (Speed Grapher) - Probably one of the most unique characters from Speed Grapher, yet he has the most common name ever...Bob.
Day 2004 - Baron Ashura (Mazinger Z) - Somewhere out there, someone has Baron Ashura as a fetish.
Day 2003 - Go Ichimonji (Getter Robo Go) - No one kills armed dinosaurs riding other dinosaurs like his predecessor.... So his flaw is not being Ryoma
Day 2002 - Ushiro Jun (Bokurano) - His girlfriend was shot in the head right after she decided to put out. Talk about unlucky.
Day 2001 - Kaguya (Code Geass) - Would be the ideal wife if it weren't for the fact that she is jailbait.
2000th Day Special Part 2 - Name a Flaw (A/M Characters) - Will take 19 more years to be over 9000.
2000th Day Special Part 1 - 2channel/2chan - Responsible for the creation of 4chan.
Day 1999 - Rachel Alucard (BlazBlue) - THAT DAMN FROG!
Day 1998 - Litchi Faye Ling (BlazBlue) - Took the time to actually try to teach an idiot about the world, only for her to forget everything after it's all done.
Day 1997 - Noel Vermillion (BlazBlue) - Everyone spams her D's and C's.

Day 1996 - Wang Tang (Power Stone Anime) - Wang Tang? Dang, sounds like slang. For urine.
Day 1995 - Edward Falcon (Power Stone Anime) - Despite having Falcon as a family name, he can't falcon punch for the love of god.
Day 1994 - Amelia Wil Tesla Seyruun (Slayers) - "In the name of Justice, I, Amelia Wil Tesla Seyruun will--AAAH! *THUMP*"
Day 1993 - Gourry Gabriev (Slayers) - People can't decide on exactly which flaw to choose, but all selected flaws have one thing in common: Gourry's an idiot./Too stupid to notice Sylphiel has the hots for him.
Day 1992 - Dee Jay (SF 2 the Animated Movie) - "The Jamaican kickboxer Dee Jay, who was designed by an American man, is nearly beloved by the North American fanbase (and also in his home country). In Japan, he rarely appears, and when he does, he doesn't do much of anything." - TV Tropes
Day 1991 - Sachiko Yagami (Death Note) - She is practically a normal average middle-aged woman whom is a mother of two who gets fairly little screen-time. And yet she is still relatively healthy unlike her Daughter and still alive unlike her Husband and Son. Its kind of sad really on how she is good proof that getting relatively small amounts of Screen time has its advantages./ Who the hell thought it's a good idea to give a borderline generic mother figure a flaw topic?
Archetype Day 1990 - Magical Girl/Mahou Shoujo - Don't have nipples.
Day 1989 - Wan Fu (Samurai Shodown) - Can't seem to make up his mind on which weapon he wants to go with.
Day 1988 - Hsien Ko (Darkstalkers) - Due to Morrigan hogging all the spotlight in crossovers and Capcom not caring about Darkstalkers due to rolling in SF4-money, we will most likely never see her again in a proper fashion.
Day 1987 - Robert Garcia (Art Of Fighting Anime) - Often gets mistaken for Dan Hibiki.
Day 1986 - Nanashi (Sword of the Stranger) - He might be dead, and the movie made me worry more about if the dog would die than him.
Day 1985 - Luke Ainsworth (The Sacred Blacksmith) - Doesn't tell the sorry excuse for a knight to GTF Off.
Day 1984 - Hisui Hearts (Tales of Hearts) - She isn't a brainwashing detective.
Day 1983 - Shing Meteoryte (Tales of Hearts) - Refused to save the world until his girlfriend told him to. Whipped./Will never be as awesome as Tellah's Meteo.
Day 1982 - Akainu (One Piece) - Hasn't used ERUPTING BURNING FINGER!!!/*insert bad fire pun here*
Day 1981 - Kihel Heim (Turn-A Gundam) - Puts the trap in a corset. Looks like another young (technically) lady so much they could pass for twins. Has a love-hate relationship with her younger sister. Should have stolen the show, but didn't. Ergo, she's secretly from an Eroge turned anime.
Archetype Day 1980 - Shotacons - *reads random shota hentai* Where where these hot 20-30ish female shotacon when I was 13?
Day 1979 - Dianna Soriel (Turn-A Gundam) - Isn't she like several hundred years old? likely that causes problems, like a really dry .... well everything is likely dry and saggy.
Day 1978 - Kiku Honda/Japan (APH) - Katanas are just better, unless they're up against a wok.
Day 1977 - Ludwig/Germany (Axis Powers Hetalia) - "Got owned by a wok, while he had a gun.... four times."
Day 1976 - Feliciano "Veneziano" Vargas/Italy (APH) - Proved once and for all that a drug abusing plumber with the work ethic of a slice of stale pizza and a terribly stereotypical accent is the best role model Italy has in the last 1500 years.
Day 1975 - Ayra (Fire Emblem 4) - The only female in Sigurd's army that isn't known to survive Alvis's execution.
Day 1974 - Black Shaft (Ring ni Kakero 1) - Shaft's flaw is really at the same time the flaw of all black people in anime and manga: The Japanese don't really seem to understand black people all that much.
Day 1973 - Jun Kenzaki (Ring ni Kakero 1) - Ever wonder where GaoGaiGar got it's Broken "Magnum" and Broken "Phantom"? Ever wonder where the Gespenst Mk II got it's Jet "Magnum" and Jet "Phantom" ? Ever wonder where Ralf from King of Fighters got his "Galactica Phantom"? Ever wonder where Domon Kasshu got his badassness from?

You're welcome. You can guess what his flaw is now.
Day 1972 - Ryuji Takane (Ring ni Kakero 1) - Just about every cliché you can name for a shonen fighting manga's main character more than likely originated with him in some form... But outside of Japan everyone believes Son Goku was the original.

In other words, Ryuji is the Rodney Dangerfield of shonen fighting manga: He gets no respect, though in this case he deserves every bit of it.
Day 1971 - Saeki (Bible Black) - Thought the best way to get over being dual-raped by a futa & a guy who'd sold his soul to a demon was to sell her soul to a demon, become a futa, and rape girls. Genius!
Archetype Day 1970 - Shota - Boku no Pico seemed to attract a larger male audience than a female one.
Day 1969 - Faldio (Valkyria Chronicles) - Thought killing his best friend's love interest was a good idea./Stole the true main character's spot and shot their mutual love interest in order to turn her into a Valkyria: I'm not surprised nobody wanted to remember him in the ending.
Day 1968 - Musubi (Sekirei) - Would be a more effective Falcon Puncher if she used her boobs.

Like Manga Erstin.

And that's sad.
Day 1967 - Akatsuki Mishiro (Shuraki Trinity) -
Day 1966 - Repede (Tales of Vesperia) - What flaw? It's a dog with a ****ing pipe.
Day 1965 - Kunzite (Tales of Hearts) - Got owned by "checking out" Kohak.
Day 1964 - Zucchini (Magical Play) - As a masochist, he's "punishes" himself for having naughty thoughts about others besides his queen. He's doing it wrong.
Day 1963 - Yukiteru Amano (Mirai Nikki) - Not only did he refuse being under Yuno's care, he also slapped her for it./Keeps going back for more from his girlfriend... who routinely tries to kill anyone she perceives to get in between them, whether they are or not... up to and including his mother, their few allies, and to a certain extent, even HIMSELF.
Day 1962 - Meg (Burst Angel) - Meg (Family Guy) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Meg (Burst Angel)
Day 1961 - Dr. Kiriko (Black Jack) - Um... DOCTORS AREN'T SUPPOSED TO KILL!
Archetype Day 1960 - Reverse Traps/Bifauxnen - There are a few good reverse traps.
Day 1959 - Sarah (Suikoden 3) - Instead of leading her to stop Luc, her love for Luc led her to help him try to kill himself, countless millions of innocent people and upset the balance of the world.
Day 1958 - Luc (Suikoden 3) - His master plan to prevent the end of the world is to destroy his true rune, thus breaking the world's balance thus triggering the end of the world. GENIUS!!!
Day 1957 - Hilda Rhambling (ToR) - Not as hot as Militsa.
Day 1956 - Shiraki (Bible Black) - Oh my God, what happened! There's been a SOO-WEE-SIDE! Someone was looking for a flaw for her!
Day 1955 - Yajiro (Grenadier) - Only one true fight the entire series, and he tried to win it by throwing his sword down & hugging his opponent.
Day 1954 - Itsuki (Sengoku Basara) - She's a mountain loli with ice powers and a giant hammer, HOW IS SHE NOT IN THE ANIME MORE?!?
Day 1953 - Maria Ushiromiya (Umineko) - She's a good enough witch to make a stuffed animal come alive -- but, no matter how many times she says uu~, she doesn't make her mother any better./Despite being repeatedly slapped has not become an awesome manly mecha pilot./Nipaaaah>Uu~/Probably got all her dreams about Santa, the Tooth Fairy, and other similar things crushed very early, so now all she has left to believe in is witches and her imaginary friends.
Day 1952 - Mamoru Yoshimura (Venus to Mamoru!) - He brought forth the poster girl for Megadere.
Day 1951 - Yuber (Suikoden III) - Needs to show up more and actually do stuff.
Acrhetype Day 1950 - Lolicons - Lolicons are into drawn children. Furries are into drawn animals. Child pr0n is generally seen as worse than animal pr0n. Therefore, lolicons are worse than furries. Despite this, they are quick to insult other fetishes. In short, they're complete hypocrites./500 topic
Day 1949 - Ace (Suikoden III) - Erk in danger!
Redo Day 1425 - Shigekuni Yamamoto (Bleach) - Has literally done nothing since getting his last flaw/
OK, it's time to discuss your fla.... "THERE WILL BE NO MORE DISCUSSION!"
But sir, everyone has flaws, so naturally we should talk about yo... "THERE WILL BE NO MORE DISCUSSION!"
Sir, I think you're being a little chil... "THERE WILL BE NO MORE DISCUSSION!"
OK, OK, OK!!!! Just don't go shikai on me!
Day 1948 - Jyagi (DMC) - Not only does he not have an impressionable personality, he's a bassist.
Day 1947 - Chat (Tales of Eternia) - The descendant of one of the greatest pirates in TWO WORLDS... and all she can do is throw mallets and panic at cute furballs. Some pirate she is.
Day 1946 - Shinjiro Hayashida (Cromartie) - His mohawk isn't real.
Day 1945 - Ai Enma (Hell Girl/Jigoku Shoujo) - Takes the meaning of the phrase "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" to a WHOLE 'nother level.
Day 1944 - Alone (Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas) - Has not made a nude Pandora or Athena portrait.
Day 1943 - Pegasus Tenma (Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas) - Y'know, considering he is the ancestor of Seiya and has all the traits for being the main hero of this series, he sure as hell has failed on the whole "looking heroic and beating people with sheer will by elevating his Cosmo to near infinity" thing...and people wonder why we love the Gold Saints of TLC so much more.
Day 1942 - Sigurd (Fire Emblem 4) - Didn't try to kill Alvis, despite standing right next to him, with Tyrfing in hand./Trusted a six year old with keeping his wife safe, leading to her being kidnapping and brainwashed, and then mothering Jugdral's antichrist.
Day 1941 - Raikage (Naruto) - Didn't botch the Powerbomb so that it would break Sasuke's neck./Apparently never learned how to use a door.
Archetypal Day 1940 - Loli - "How an average loli topic goes"

TC: Hey guys, how about them lolis. I sure love them.
Poster #2: Yeah their cute.
Poster #3: I'm not into lolis but they are okay
TC: Um, sir I'm not a pedophile. 2D lolis are fine but I wouldn't dare touch a 3D child.
-500 post topic-

/ The KAWAIINESS, MOENESS, and INSCRUTABLENESS of the girl involved makes it DESIRABLE. The sight of her GODDESSLIKE, MOE STRUCTURE which is just starting to UNDERGO HORMONAL DEVELOPMENT makes it delicious. Imagining having STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE with such a girl who, because of her age and current level of mental development would have the significance and pleasure of the act magnified by a ton for her, and by seeing this for you as well makes it SCRUMPTIOUS. It is just so natural. So innocent. So pure. To completely forget yourself and rediscover your own inner BOURGEOISIE and NAIVETE while the girl looks at you with her smiling, willing, and understanding face while the ugly and unaccepting world around you melts away just feels oh so right. That beats normal, dull, mundane STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE with some typical girl around your own age who is only interested in HOW MUCH MONEY YOU MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE and commitment, takes the act with a grain of salt, and wouldn't understand any of this any day, even if it is only imaginary.
Day 1939 - Minato Sahashi (Sekirei) - Is constantly surrounded by hot, big-breasted willing women, and yet does nothing. FAIL.
Day 1938 - Oars J. (One Piece) - *insert leg pun*
Day 1937 - Danzou (Naruto) - He worked for half the series to take the position of Hokage away from... a Naruto female. What the hell took him so long?
Day 1936 - Minto Aizawa (TMM) - 4Kids made her more bi for Zakuro than the original did. Something doesn't add up here...
Day 1935 - Rosie (Valkyria Chronicles) - In order to stop being a racist, a certain character has to die. Why couldn't she just stop being racist and have a certain character stay alive? WHY CAN'T WE HAVE IT BOTH WAYS?! ;_;
Day 1934 - Ikuto Tsukiyomi (Shugo Chara) - Doesn't put his hot younger sister to the test; even though she's all but begging for it./He was in bed with Amu. He didn't do anything. Seriously, what's WRONG with this guy?
Day 1933 - Senbei Norimaki (Dr. Slump) - His X-Ray shades don't exist in real life.
Day 1932 - Dhalia Hawthorne (Ace Attorney) - Mia: But I think you finally understand, Dahlia Hawthorne. ...You will never defeat me. Whether you're alive, dead, or somewhere in between, you will never defeat me. As long as I'm around, you're destined to lose for all of eternity!/She's the anti-Batman. The more time she has to plan, the more spectacularly she will fail.
Dat 1931 - Radi Jeager (Valkyria Chronicles) - For as much of a genius tactician as he is, he was too gullible in becoming Maximillian's general. Seriously, a guy like Maximillian will support the freedom and reconstruction of his country? Yeah right.
Archetypal Day 1930 - Traps - Exactly what the name implies, a devious and insidious device created by writers to laugh at the so ronery otaku as they idolize and buy body pillows of sexy sexy men./This topic just proves traps have no real flaw...unless they are ugly.../WHY?!
Day 1929 - Lily Pendragon (Suikoden 3) - Got infinitely more awesome (and pretty hot) since Suikoden II, but was still pretty annoying.
Day 1928 - Jinbei (One Piece) - Whitebeard: Marco! *looks at Jinbei* FISH OUT OF WATER! / He's a pirate captain who hates pirates who then decides to work for other pirates.
Day 1927 - Tiffa Adill (Gundam X) - Too much kidnapping, not enough Newtype Dolphin skinny-dipping / Frosts: I'm sorry Garrod, but your Tiffa is in another Gundam.
Day 1926 - Olba Frost (Gundam X) - Has to have his brother ride him in order to fire off his big cannon.
Day 1925 - Fraccion (Bleach) - Fodder of fodder? Yes, their worth is truly "fractional".
Day 1924 - Amu Hinamori (Shugo Chara) - StoneCold'd while being in an endless recursion of fillers.
Day 1923 - Ramenman (Kinnikuman) - Fears the day Naruto learns of his Ramen / Among the earliest examples in Shonen of just how unhealthy the "defeats = friendship/face turn" is for popular characters.
Day 1922 - Michiko Malandro (Michiko to Hatchin) - Spends the whole show scolding her daughter for being childish and pretending to be a responsible mother... When she was easily more childish than Hana all along / Somehow thinks an unreliable guy like Hiroshi is worth risking her life for.
Day 1921 - Berri Shirayuki (Tokyo Mew Mew a la Mode) - Replaced all the main characters in one fell swoop. ALL OF THEM. They don't call her Berri Sue for nothing.
Archetypal Day 1920 - Bishonen - "From what I can understand, Bishonen exists to make girls infatuated by their flamboyant beauty. The more feminine the boy looks, the more heated the girls act towards him. In other words, pretty boys inadvertently turn girls into lesbians." / Their popularity created the worst fandoms ever - fangirls. / Give them long white hair and they'll try to take over the world for some reason.
Day 1919 - Dorothea Ernst (Code Geass) - Was apparently created just so that Nonette wouldn't have to die. So she was esentially created just to die in her first appearance.
Day 1918 - Largo Potter (Valkyria Chronicles) - His reason to fight was hardly worthwhile... "VEGE-TA-BLES!!!"
Day 1917 - Whitebeard (One Piece) - "Whitebeard? IT'S NOT A BEARD! IT'S A MUSTACHE!"
Day 1916 - Hiroko Asahina (Rahxephon) - Was blue for him, even until the end of ep 19
Day 1915 - Kevin Mask (Kinnikuman Nisei) - Looks like if Metaknight from Kirby anime became human. Mysterious helmet: Check, Accent: Check, cape/trenchcoat: check, Cooler than main character, but forced to comment on sidelines: Super check.
Day 1914 - Chazz Princeton (YGO! GX) - "I think we should find a flaw about him but... what the hell. CHAZZ IT UP!!!"
Day 1913 - Rip van Winkle (Hellsing) - Millenium: Hmm, if the Hellsing Organization has a reverse trap in the group, we should have one too, and make her look even more genderly ambiguous! / Didn't realise the parallels with her favourite story which ends in the character who uses magic bullets being killed by a demoninc figure, as she prepared to fight a demonic figure using her magic bullet.
Day 1912 - Mawari Zenigata (Seto No Hanayome) - *extremely loud whistle* "What do you think you are doing talking about hentai/subs/any-other-TOA-breaking-item on this board! Does Mawari need to teach you the rules of society!?"
Day 1911 - Serpico (Berserk) - He has masochist incest with his pyromaniac half-sister, they even burned his mom together. To protect her, he acts as Batman by planning carefully, but has yet to use Farnese as his Batmobile.
Archetypal Day 1910 - Moeblobs - Name a single flaw? Their whole existence is one big flaw. They're the cancer that is killing anime and manga, but otaku line up in droves to buy their moe character body pillows, toy figures, and panty-themed items. So ronery / "If there is a flaw, you'll probably die of a heart attack before you ever discover it. HHNNNGGG!!!" It's from the main character of Katawa Shoujo that has some sort of heart condition. Certain fan 4koma have him having a heart attack whenever one of the girls does something moe. The sound effect is usually HHNNNGGG!!!"
Day 1909 - Kyogre (Pokemon) - Starts a rainstorm on release, giving Thunder 100% accuracy, which could very well kill itself / Lost to a Magikarp. MAGIKARP!
Day 1908 - San (Princess Mononoke) - Her name isn't Mononoke. What the hell, Miyazaki? Do you have any idea how many people you've confused? / Claims to not be human. Except when Ashitaka gives her a nice shiny necklace, then she becomes all woman.
Day 1907 - Hiroko Takashiro (Bible Black) - Her plan to keep the evil futa girl from having sex with the main protagonist and win him over is to have sex with the main protagonist. GENIUS!!!
Day 1906 - Oda Nobunaga (Sengoku BASARA) - Didn't counter Masamune's engrish with an ALL HAIL NOBUNAGA! of his own. Oh well...we all know that's probably Ichi's fault too.
Day 1905 - Zane Truesdale (YGO! GX) - Playing children's card games gave him a fatal heart condition, shows that Yugioh cards are serious business.
Day 1904 - Legendary Birds (Pokemon) - Their names blew millions of minds. / They were stupid and got captured by a guy who collects Pokemon cards.
Day 1903 - Alvis (Fire Emblem 4 manga) - Did his half-sister just to get someone with major Loputousu blood.
Day 1902 - Nonette Enneagram (CG) - Cornelia fears her so much that the writers of R2 had to make damn sure she didn't have a speaking role nor showed up anywhere after Lelouch took over the world. Talk about wasted opportunity...
Day 1901 - Chaos Emperor Dragon (YGO!) - In real life, fastest banned card ever. Then Kaiba SCREWED THE RULES WITH HIS MONEY!!!! and even notes that "There's nothing he can't afford" before using Emergency Provisions, thus gaining / paying 1000 LP and used it on Siegfried in the KC Grand Prix. Everyone else in the show without money, it was still banned for them / <- Actual flaw in the card
Truly Special Day 1900 - Square-Enix - The Enix side fell into a bad crowd. The Square side is that one bad relationship that you want to be with, but will most likely hurt you in the end, I mean, look at its history... All those years with Nintendo, even getting to work with Nintendo's main-man Mario, then they suddenly break up without so much as a phonecall and move onto Sony... Then after years of being in a firm relationship with Sony, suddenly they get caught sleeping with Microsoft when Sony falls on hard times!... But of course, with Sony finally picking up the pieces of its life, and Squenix realizing it isn't doing as well with Microsoft as they thought they would, suddenly they show up at Sony's door with flowers (Star Ocean 4), and more lies.

Such a whore of a company / Not Squaresoft / Their Fantasy is never Final. They're always Fantasizing.
Day 1899 - Ichigo Momomiya (TMM) - "Being of service for the future-nya~" what way, our little kitty?;) / Isn't Mario, Inigo Montoya, Italian, or related to pizza.
Day 1898 - Simeon Girl Force (Needless) - The ED lied to us / They really don't need the Pretty Part....
Day 1897 - Crow Hogan (Yu-Gi-Oh! 5d's) - Doesn't hit people with big boots and leg drops, lacks the power of orange steroid skin and yet, he is pretty good at playing a children's card game on a what'cha gonna do? WHAT'CHA GONNA DO BROTHER, WHEN BLACKWING-MANIA RUNS WILD ON YOU?!?!?!?!?! / Doesn't have the 5th dragon yet.
Day 1896: The Judge (Ace Attorney) - As opposed to the times his rule of court has been basically "Guilty until you find the real murderer, never mind you having proved the defendant couldn't have done it!" /

Judge : This theory makes sense. Do you have an objection Mr Wright?
Nick : Your Honnor, there's a huge contradiction in it actually.
Judge : That makes sense, my deductions are never correct.

Actual dialogue in PW3. :P

Day 1895 - Team Hawk/Taka (Naruto) - Their coolest member is so bad he even managed to get the unbeatable Zabuza sword broken. / Cheerleading chewtoy + Bipolar bandaid + a GUY whose power is to become incredibly wet. I suppose with levels of failure that high, they actually suit Sasuke quite well...
Day 1894 - Arale Norimaki (Dr. Slump) - She can spit out a massive beam just by saying her equivalent of "Hi!", she broke the moon by throwing a rock at it, she split the Earth in half just by punching the ground, and she can even move the planet by jumping on it.

Where the hell was she when Piccolo, Vegeta, Cell, and Buu came around? Playing with piles of ****.
Day 1893 - Lan Hikari (Mega Man: NT Warrior) - It took him six games to realize his cute childhood friend wanted him to "jack in" her.
Day 1892 - Zabimaru (Bleach) - Thanks to Renji and Mayuri, the Baboon King became a drag queen.
Day 1891 - Magikarp (Pokemon) - "Magikarp, use Hyper Beam! What the **** you mean you don't know Hyper Beam? Well just use a Splash attack!" ( / Because of the sheer survival of it's species despite being the weakest pokemon in existence makes it possible THE example of "Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass". Now if it only would stop hiding...
Archetypal Day 1890 - Badass - Overflowing with testosterone, able to smash enemies twice their size with ease, wielding huge weapons that us puny posters would never be able to lift... Yet, they hardly ever get the girl, or even get laid. So, in the end, is the epitome of manliness...really manly? / Makes every other archetype look bad.
Day 1889 - The Shadow Selves (Persona 4 manga) - They either devour you or make you tell all your deepest secrets to your friends and ultimately become a laughingstock. Either way, it's a lose/lose situation / They are the true reason Souji left town in the end... Seeing them he realized that his friends were a bunch of weirdos!
Day 1888 - Mew (Pokemon) - Despite being the ancestor of all pokemon, which is contradicted by Arcreus creating the universe and being unable to reproduce, the worse flaw is that he wasn't under the damn truck.
Day 1887 - Mega Man (various Mega Man anime) - / " mortal enemy." (
Day 1886 - Zangetsu (Bleach) - He's an old man that likes to be inside a 15 year old boy / Man wearing mostly black was replaced by someone all white. I guess you can say... *Puts on sunglasses* He was Bleached. YYYYYYYYYEAAAAAHHHHH! /

Zangetsu: Ichigo, you think just knowing my name is enough to control my power? We have to attune our spiri-
Ichigo: yo zangetsu im real happy for you and imma let you finish but hollow ichigo has the best moves of all time...OF ALL TIME

Day 1885 - Minami Kotaro (Kamen Rider Black/RX) - He is soo manly that he made the audience question the gender of all the Heisei riders. / The American version. You kids think 4kids dubs are bad today? You haven't seen Masked Rider after watching Kamen Rider Black.
Day 1884 - Richia Spodune (Tales of Hearts) - She set the events of the game in motion, only for the whole thing to turn out to be totally pointless and unnecessarily cause everyone a lot of grief
Day 1883 - Kinniku Suguru (Kinnikuman) - Is likely the source of more cliches than Goku, yet doesn't even get a quarter of the credit / Smacked Bibini for being kind to Warsman.. and he's supposed to be the babyface
Day 1882 - Wobbuffet (Pokemon) - Whatever flaw you give it... it'll just send it right back at you. //(>_<) WOOOOOOOBBUFFET!!! / Used Counter on ThunderBolt.
Day 1881 - Miu Furinji (Kenichi) - Not wanting to stand out in school means all she had to do was braid up her hair, and don some glasses. I don't know how she thought this would work,considering she somehow forgot that she probably had the largest breasts in school. And wears a skin tight catsuit when she's not in her school uniform
Archetypal Day 1880 - Yamato Nadesico - Make us feel so inadequate we devote our time to worshipping physically and verbally abusive, frigid, psycho *****es instead / "I don't think that a glorified doormat (seriously) could qualify as a perfect being"
Day 1879 - Android 17 (DBZ) - His main purpose in the series was to be sucked up by Cell's ass / Could not test his sister because she would explode in the completely wrong way.
Day 1878 - Zangief (Street Fighter 2 Movie) - Didn't change the channel fast enough to get paid / Doesn't know when we eat! Doesn't know when we fight! / If Franky's speedo is considered a stinkbomb, then Zangief's tight shorts must be Chernobyl.
Day 1877 - Karin Kanzuki (Street Fighter Manga) - Losing to her in a fight is not as kinky as she likes to make it look namely... ;
Day 1876 - Chun-Li (Street Fighter II The Movie) -Whatever flaws people will give her, they would invariably be related to her thighs or how the most important day of her life and her village....was Tuesday for Bison.
Day 1875 - The Dreadnoks (G.I Joe Sigma 6) - Unless your name is Zartan good luck getting any screentime especially nowadays...
Day 1874 - Kicker Jones (Transformer Energon) - A Human whom can actually fight with the Autobots, proving himself to be one of the more useful humans that the Autobots ever befriended. Yet that pretty much got ruined when he is a blatant example of a "Angst-ridden Teenage Prettyboy". Sad huh? One can only wonder what would happen if he wasn't such a token example of Teenage Angst?
Day 1873 - The Saber Marionette Dolls (SMJ) - As oddly ironic as it may sound you just know what would they be used for if it wasn't for the fact that SMJ is very much a Harem anime. / For a bunch of decidedly female androids, they think more about "clang clang clang" than anything else.
Day 1872 - Eugene Gallardo (ToR) - Had the gall to let Saleh inside the 4 Shields when he's the commander. Who in the right mind would recruit such a wimpy big mouthed scum like him!? The guy's inefficient in both mentality and prowess, Eugene should've booted him right off bat and killed him when he first shows his face in the game. But Eugene didn't. FAIL.
Day 1871 - Kohak Hearts (Tales of Hearts) - Within an hour of gameplay, she crushes her own Spirune, turning her from a feisty, violent girl, into a cold, emotionless blob that just exists to cater to stoic fanboys, does little to nothing, makes Shing go gaga over her, and makes Orihime look amazing.
Archetypal Day 1870 - Catgirls - Combining two of the most *****y, moody, and hard to please beings on the planet? My word, we've created a monster! A SEXY MONSTER! / They cause constant stupid debates over whether a character is a furry or not.
Day 1869 - Maximilian (Valkyria Chronicles) - Told his most competent general to become a human bomb that only ended up wiping out worthless grunts, his entire motivation for starting the whole war leads to a FEEL SORRY FOR ME segment that doesn't work in the slightest, and becomes an incredibly laughable final boss, both in terms of design and in actually fighting it.
Day 1868 - Sayer/Divine (Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's) - Is probably the biggest bastard in any Yu-Gi-Oh! series. And thats saying something in a series full of psychos out to destroy the world / the bastard didn't stay dead after Carly kicked his ass.
Day 1867 - Anko Mitarashi (Naruto) - Ditched by Orochimaru for not being a boy / She barely gets any screen-time after Orochimaru's attack on Konoha and yet she is supposedly Kishimoto's favorite female character in Naruto. Go figure huh?
Day 1866 - Akira Maeda (Cromartie) - Doesn't have a nickname / "I'm glad you guys finally gave me my own topic, but..... DID YOU ALL HAVE TO DO IT AT MY HOUSE?" / Not half the man his mother is
Day 1865 - Shadi (Yu-Gi-Oh!) - So uninteresting that the only flaws people bother to come up with are Abridged one aka Didn't stone that little Jew boy Yugi for not tidying up his room. Happy times!
Day 1864 - George W Bush (Legend of Koizumi) - Is not the Kenshiro to H.W.'s Raoh. / Name a flaw? Why don't we list everything about him that wasn't flawed? ...Yeah, I got nothing. *hears Jon Stewart go "He he he"*
Day 1863 - Barack Obama/John Omaha (Air Gear) - Wasn't satisfied with being the first black president of the USA, noooooo, he just HAD to become the first female one as well... / Hasn't magically fixed the economy yet.
Day 1862 - Ayumi Mamiya (Magikano) - Entered an endless recursion of time AT THE END OF THE SERIES, making the anime fail harder than Endless Eight.
Day 1861 - Ayako Takasu (Venus to Mamoru!) - The original and poster-girl of megadere is wasted on a shota and a subpar series.
Archetypes 1860 - Meganekko - Ah! My glasses. I lost my glasses! *pokes around on the floor looking for them* / 99% of the time, they look better without glasses. / Easily confused with the standard term for "really big kitties", which produced this:
Day 1859 - Nagasumi Michishio (Seto No Hanayome) - Doesn't realize that if he has an affair with another girl San wouldn't mind but instead join with them.
Day 1858 - Tamama (Sgt. Frog/Keroro Gunso) - Probably likes Gunsou-san a little too muOH DEAR GOD. *Tamama Impact'd*
Day 1857 - Veigue Lungberg (ToR) -
Day 1856 - Stardust Dragon (YGO! 5Ds) - "I tribute Stardust Dragon and negate the flaw, only to bring it right back during the End Phase! VICTIM'S SANCTUARY"
Day 1855 - Elemental Hero Divine Neos (YGO! GX) - Divine Neos? And God Neos is its original name? It's not even trying to hide the fact that it is a 'Deus ex Machina' card!
Day 1854 - Selvaria Bles (Valkyria Chronicles) - Not exactly a Valkyria who makes wise decisions: she retreatedtwiceeven though she always has the upper hand, she chose a rifle for her final battle instead of her usual arsenal that could've easily obliterated her foes, and she'd rather be with a guy who wants to use her body as a nuclear bomb instead of a nice fellow who treated her like a human being. She's the Hatsumi Narita of the game
Day 1853 - Prinny Squad (Makai Senki Disgaea) - Aren't in Hollywood movies, thus making films such as Happy Feet and March of the Penguins into an explosionfest that would make Michael Bay orgasm, dood / The only class in Disgaea that doesn't have a legally obtainable final tier. Wassupwitdat, dood?
Day 1852 - Warsman (Kinnikuman) - "Born half Robot and half Choujin into a poor Russian family"...wait wut!?!?!?
Day 1851 - Joshua Lundgren (GunxSword) - Everybody knows that he and Wendy should've been an item, but the writers apparently would much rather have paired her up with Van in the end. You hear that Joshua? You lost to lolicon! / Got stone'd
Archetypal Day 1850 - Accidental Pervert - "Accident?" More like "Elaborate Booby Trap."
Day 1849 - The Aliens (Pani Poni Dash) - Not actually voice-acted by Patrick Stewart, Johnaton Frakes and Levar Burton.
Day 1848 - Behoimi (Pani Poni Dash) - Went from generic yet half-decent magical girl to all-out bland meganekko while failing to realize that the position of "plain and normal" was already taken up by the superior Kurumi.
Day 1847 - Izanami (Persona 4 manga) - The final boss is a gas station attendant. This is either the author's comment on how oil companies like to **** people up or just lame / Doesn't have a datable social link.
Day 1846 - Pai Chan (Virtua Fighter anime) - She's what you get when you fuse Chun Li, Fei Long, and make them weak.
Day 1845 - Pinoco (Black Jack) - Her backstory, while original is all kinds of strange and kind of creepy....
Day 1844 - Black Jack (Black Jack) - You know, if I wanted to be respected as a doctor, I would've avoided nicknames that are associated with a card game that relies largely on dumb luck or being hit over the head with a club.
Day 1843 - Koto (YYH) - Had the misfortune of being in a yaoi fodder heavy manga/anime, thus no tons of hentai/fics for her. That, and her own flaw topic needs reffing.
Day 1842 - Karol Capel (Tales of Vesperia) - he's slow as hell, becomes even slower, plays terrible comedy music while screaming "PREPARE TO DIE EGGBEAR!", and he never once took the time to say "Stop...hammer time."
Day 1841 - Taki Minase (Bible Black) - Inferior to Nurse Futa for three reasons: she has a bigger **** than him, she's a better pimp than him, and she doesn't need a spell book to get laid.
Archetypal Day 1840 - Pettanko (aka DFC) - "A handful is nice. Now, if only they had a handful..." / "Got milk? Apparently not."
Day 1839 - Zorin Blitz (Hellsing) - You have the butch Zorin Blitz and the pretty much submissive Rip Van Winkle in the same organization yet we were never given any yuri fanservive. From the guy who drew hentai none the less! / None of her tattoos are permanent enough to stay consistent per panel, let alone per chapter.
Day 1838 - Kenichi Shirahama (Kenichi) - Doesn't hit girls even if they really really deserve it.
Day 1837 - Charlotte Christine de Colde (Samurai Showdown) - Is an all-too rare example of a character who realizes her romantic feelings (for Haohmaru) would be perpetually unrequited and stopped desiring her potential love interest in the process.
Day 1836 - Sakura (Urusei Yatsura) - Hates lecherous teenage boys yet has a job as the School Nurse, I know that many teenage boys wouldn't be picky regardless of her occupation but still she is not all that Genre savvy huh?
Day 1835- Birdie (Street Fighter Alpha Anime) - Just admit it, you're a different Birdie from SF1. Look, the flu does not make you pale enough to turn you white, I don't care how bad you got it. If it did, one sneeze would have been enough to kill Ryu.
Day 1834 - Reika Kitami (Bible Black) - Her genius plan to find a virgin sacrifice to summon the king of demons: Rape the girls to see if they're virgins. GENIUS! / Was not voiced by Lady Gaga.
Day 1833 - Milly Thompson (Trigun) - "I'm not wondering how she's able to conceal that stungun, I just wanna know what the hell she straps it to. There's no way that thing shouldn't hinder her movement."
Day 1832 - Dark Magician (Yu-Gi-Oh!) - Is a Normal Monster, which makes him a magician without any magic powers. Ultimate wizard my ass. / Not Dark Magician Girl.
Day 1831 - Maeda's mom (Cromartie) - "Forget this topic, let's discuss it at Maeda's house. I heard his mom is a great cook."
Archetypal Day 1830 - Kuudere - "Men have to endure pain and ridicule for these girls just so they can have a facial expression. Is it really worth it?" / "What's the point of naming a flaw? Nothing will change." *uninterested expression*
Day 1829 - Taro Namatame (Persona 4 manga) - He was an adult male who did his best to help out in a Japanese work of fiction involving teenagers with superpowers who save people. No wonder everything he did ended up either failing miserably or making things worse.
Day 1828 - Metis (Persona 3 FES) - "You're supposed to be a manifestation of Aigis' human feelings, so stop spamming Marin Karin all the time! That's MITSURU'S shtick; not your sister's!"
Day 1827 - The Shadows (Persona 3 and 4 manga) - "Let's see there... They came from a world filled with darkness, they feeds on people's fears, only few people with special powers can defeat them and people use them for their own purpuse of destroying the world. That didn't sound like the Heartless isn't it? / Shadow's are essentially flaws in physical form. So they are litterally a walking flaw.
Day 1826 - Nash Latkje (Suikoden III) - Had Chris all to himself during her dere moments, yet he never did what the knights thought he would have done. Really, what a waste.

Day 1825 - Sarah Bryant (Virtua Fighter) - Sarah: Say Vanessa I just realized something, we practically are the fanservice queens in this series and we are known to work with eachover. Isn't it surprising that Sega never really thought about the fanservice potential there for Promo art in the series? Vanessa: Shut up! Do you want them get any ideas?! Sarah: I'm just saying, besides even if Sega never gets any ideas if there will ever be a new Virtua Fighter anime then there is a good chance that this would happen somehow.
Day 1824 - Duck King (Fatal Fury Anime) - Nobody told him break dancing isn't a martial art. And he wonders why he gets nowhere in these fighting tournaments. / Doesn't say "LET'S GET DANGEROUS!"
Day 1823 - Dinobots (Transformers) - Failed at the idea of "robots in disguise" / Only Grimlock got any good lines.
Day 1822 - Monica Kruszewski (CG) - Her fanbase is so delusional, they actually believe she ejected from her knightmare a split-second before it was completely destroyed; they're in complete denial / Is so unimportant that she didn't even get her own Knightmare frame design and her topic has more posts for a character from Persona 4 than herself during her own name a flaw day.
Day 1821 - Tendo Kozunu (Tokyo Majin) - Another mama's boy. Sephiroth much?
Archetypal Day 1820 - Yandere - They don't have any. Really. Not one. They're the perfect girlfriends who would never lurk behind you with a knife, watch you post on GameFAQS and make threatening sounds if your post doesn't make it clear that you love them so, so much.
Day 1819 - The Doctor (Black Cat) - Doesn't travel in a phonebox AND didn't have "fun" with Eve when he had the perfect chance. Why the hell should we honor him with a Day?
Day 1818 - Stahn Aileron (Tales of Destiny) - Passed on every flaw of his to his son, added an extra strong hero and father complex, removed the ability to use Majinken, and dies to a man in blue tights who wasn't really that strong. On the other hand, he probably lost because the opponent was voiced by Norio Wakamoto.
Day 1817 - Eda (Black Lagoon) - Wears the nun habit more than she should.
Day 1816 - The World Nobles (One Piece) - They're completely disgusting human beings. They're fat, nasty, otaku looking sacks of crap that make extremely violent and bloodthirsty pirates who are potential threats to the stability of the world government look like nice guys by comparison.
Day 1815 - Ryuuken (FotNS) - He's the little brother to Souten no Ken's cool and badass Kasumi Kenshiro, and what does he do to maintain that tradition of coolness and badassness? He decides to train Jagi, the proof that even great martial art masters can have an off day every now and then... I even bet that the day Ryuuken found Jagi the great blue sky above them hid behind the darkest clouds, just to show how "off" a day it was.
Day 1814 - Nonononn (Magical Play) - Never got her revenge on the Queen due to the series being canceled.
Day 1813 - Camus (Detroit Metal City) - Much like every other drummer in a rock band, despite his awesome talent of using cobras as drumsticks, he'll always be overshadowed by a vulgar-spewing frontman who secretly craves Swedish pop music.
Day 1812 - Fujiwara no Sai (Hikaru no Go!) - The Ancient Spirit of a Legendary Game Player?

WHY WAS THIS CHARACTER NOT VOICED BY DAN GREEN? / Some fans probably still think he's a girl. Those sparkly scenes don't exactly help.
Day 1811 - Paptimus Scirocco (Zeta Gundam) - He had the psychic proficiency to MIND CRUSH Kamille, but waited until after he lost and was dying to actually do so / Has a suit named The O, a harem of women including one that's underage... And yet wasn't the show's Char.
Archetypal Day 1810 - Tsundere - S-Stupid Tsundere, *blushes* just because I'm not giving you a flaw doesn't mean I like you or anything. IDIOT! *whacks Tsundere and storms off angrily* / Hardly anyone actually understands the modern usage, or the characters who represent it. Instead they regurgitate the trash they hear from other people, perpetuating the cycle of ignorance / Bad tsunderes that have next to no dere-dere side have come to define the archetype.
Day 1809 - Yubel (Yu-Gi-Oh GX) - Yo dog I heard you like hermaphrodite demonic futa yanderes so we put a hermaphrodite demonic futa yandere in your soul so you can have different colored eyes while youplay children's card games.
Day 1808 - Yuuki Nomura (No Bra) - Proves that traps can never get the guy, even if they're the main (fe?)male / You want to believe it's a girl, but no.
Day 1807 - J (Pokemon) - Is a competent villain who tells her pokemon to attack the humans who get in her way and actually tries to kill them instead of blasting off into the sky after every appearance...

No wonder she doesn't show up often / Isn't Will Smith, which means she doesn't go around destroying the scum of the univer-*Memory gets erased*.
Day 1806 - Sapphire (Pokemon Special) - Even though the entire forest was burning all around her, the leaves she was wearing didn't.
Day 1805 - Ashley (Pokemon) - (S)he almost turned Brock into both a lolicon and a shotacon at the same time. / Didn't have her own segment called "Ask Ashley" where she would act sweet but then began screaming at trainers who sent her letters asking stupid questions about Pokemon.
Day 1804 - Axel Broddie (Yu-Gi-Oh! GX) - Black character. With big lips. Shown eating fried chicken at one point. And a duel disk that turns into a GUN.

Ah Japan, you and your stereotypes.
Redo Day 1011 - Yukari Takeba (Persona 3 manga) - "She was supposed to be "realistic" but to me she came off as an annoying ***** twit." / Was willing to let the world get destroyed if she could just see that boy that never talked to her and cheated on her with five other girls again.
Day 1803 - Shuji Ikutsuki (Persona 3 manga) - You could say his plan using Aigis was....*put on sunglasses* disjointed.

YEEEEAAAAAHHHHHH!!!. / He would've gotten away with it too, if it weren't for that meddling robot and her dog.
Day 1802 - Strega (Persona 3 manga) - One of their evil schemes involved passing out flyers around the city for the final boss / In an effort to make it feel like they're enemies of about the level of your party members, they're disgustingly underpowered bosses.
Day 1801 - Dragonite (Pokemon) - "Dragon/Flying type? God, you're just asking to be Ice Beam'd." / The first fully evolved dragon type in the series...and it looks like an orange Barney The Dinosaur / Has been thoroughly outclassed by the likes of Salamence and Garchomp.
Truly Special Day 1800 - SNK - Even after financial losses and the majority of gamers preferring video game consoles, the company still believes the arcade industry is thriving / SNK Boss syndrome.
Day 1799 - Rex Goodwin (Yu-Gi-Oh 5D) - Despite having a giant demonic condor that reduces the opponent to 1 life point, he fails for not following up with a burn card.
Day 1798 - The Frost Brothers (Gundam X) - "Frost brothers? Are you sure you don't mean couple? Speaking of which, we've been waiting for a decade for these things called 'yaoi fangirls' but they seem to have forgotten, onii-san."
Day 1797 - Puru Two (Gundam ZZ) - Rather than being known for anything they did in the actual anime, Puru Two and her original will only be remembered for PURUPURUPURUPURU / Is an identical copy that is vastly inferior to the original in every conceivable way.
Day 1796 - Sinnoh Gym Leaders (Pokemon) - They consist of a masochist, a loli, a transvestite, a father and son who's always fighting with each other, a luchador, a hotblooded girl who specializes in Ice types, and the 4th Hokage who hates being a gym leader. Despite how interesting they might be, they'll be rather insignificant overall, and we'll probably never see them again once Ash leaves Sinnoh.
Day 1795 - Battler Ushiromiya (Umineko) - While others are doing the impossible and kicking logic to the curb, he acts as the curb that uses logic to prove the kicking never happened. / Hasn't had violent hatesex with Beatrice yet.
Day 1794 - Igor (Persona 3/4 manga) - His nose can please women better than his standard equipment. / This servant of Philemon stopped using his bone phone to dial a demon and traded it in for women who leave him after being beat by the protagonists. Dude should have stuck dialing his own bone phone.
Day 1793 - Joshua (TWEWY manga) - "I fully understand the urge to shoot an emo in the face, in fact I don't blame you. But really, Josh, do you have to be such a bastard the rest of the time?"
Day 1792 - DiSRX (SRW OG Divine Wars) - Too awesome to actually be PLAYABLE.
Day 1791 - Lala Satalin Deviluke (To-Love-Ru) - She's the female lead that isn't a tsundere, has awesome gadgets, is the main reason that the girls get naked half the time, has the biggest breasts in the harem, and still manages to annoy the piss out of me. How does she do it?
Very Special Name a Flaw Day 1790 - Team Rocket Elite - His "name a flaw" day was hijacked by some guy whining about diapers.

Xeno: Prepare for trouble!
Fencedude: And make it double!
Xeno: To protect the boards from moderation!
Fencedude: To unite OT-kun in deep frustration!
Xeno: To denounce the evils of scans and subs!
Fencedude: To extend his reach to lead mods above!
Xeno: Team Rocket...
Fencedude: Elite!
Xeno: TRE, mod topics at the speed of light!
Fencedude: Delete your post or get banned outright!

Day 1789 - Detective Dick Gumshoe (Ace Attorney) - As Edgeworth puts it, like gum on your shoe, he is impossible to get rid of. / Is both figuratively AND literally the whipping boy for prosecutors.
Day 1788 - The Nanto Goshasei (FotNS) - Even with one of the five being voiced by Norio Wakamoto, they were destined to fail / Only 40% are actually good enough to warrant any hype.
Day 1787 - Minako Aino/Sailor Venus (Sailor Moon) - Idolized crime fighter and unofficial "leader" of the Sailor Senshi but the anime had no idea what to do with her so they made her an almost literal comic-relief Usagi clone.
Day 1786 - Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter (Sailor Moon) - Never aimed for the horn. Is the subject of too many thunder puns. You could say... *puts on sunglasses* She's a lightning rod for them.

Day 1785 - Yuda (FotNS) - Good news ladies he is straight, however if your pretty enough he will most likely capture you, have you enslaved for life and brutally murder your family before you live with him forever. Hope that's not a problem of course...
Day 1784 - Toki (FotNS) - How do we tell he is not the main Hero of the series? He gets terminally ill with Radiation poisoning and doesn't somehow recover from it just to make him look good. / Forgot his supply of Rad Away.
Day 1783 - Professor Oak (Pokemon) - He serves as nothing more than a dumping ground upon which young boys release the contents of their balls / / He came when he heard that you beat the Pokemon League (
Day 1782 - Elder Kai (DBZ) - Awakened the full potential of Gohan, only for him to job to Buu AND retconned in GT.
Day 1781 - Rika Furude (Higurashi) - Doesn't know proper road safety after living hundreds of years. / Her flaws are nothing to nipa~ about.
Very Special Day 1780 - Xenoserphia - "I couldn't figure out why I didn't like the sticky topic, then I realized, the sticky makes this board seem like it has a ceiling.....AND UP ON THE SURFACE THERE AIN'T NO CEILING!" ! nb4deletedforofftopic.
Day 1779 - Lynn (FotNS) - (As Lin is for some strange reason glowing with a golden aura at the end of the movie.)

Raoh (thinking): Okay why is she suddenly glowing? Okay I better let Kenshiro live for now and try to play the "Nice Guy" role in my own way. There's no telling WHAT kind of insane plot twist will happen if I don't...
Day 1778 - Mamiya (FotNS) - Mamiya: Wait a minute! How come I didn't have Yuda's "Mark" on my back before? Considering I have a little too many nude scenes in this show, well too many to me that is. Yuda: One should never underestimate the power of a plot device my dear...
Day 1777 - Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury (Sailor Moon) - Sailor Moon gets to use a magical blast to instantly disintegrate her foes. Sailor Mars gets to use fire. Sailor Jupiter gets to use lightning. Sailor Venus gets to use a deadly chain whip. Sailor Mercury gets to use bubblesm. Which she didn't upgrade to Bubblebeam.
Day 1776 - Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon) - She can't read, she can't write well, she's a slacker and a constant whiner...yet she'll become the ruler of the earth. And people thought George W. Bush would be the last poor choice they made.
Day 1775 - Adon (Street Fighter Alpha anime) - Not as cool as Joe Higashi. He doesn't pull his shorts down to taunt.
Day 1774 - Gym Ghingnham (Turn A Gundam) - He's all about the "Way of the Samurai", yet his coolest attack is variation on the "Shining Finger" that Domon Kasshu uses... Wait, don't samurai use swords for their coolest attacks?
Day 1773 - Oichi (Sengoku Basara) - Incredibly helpless and whiny in a show full of hot blooded badasses. The hell was she doing there? / Everything is Ichi's fault :(
Redo Day 375 - Jin Kariya (Bleach) - Didn't take all of us with him when he disappeared right before the Arrancar and Hueco Mundo arcs.
Day 1772 - Lion Rafale (Virtual Fighter anime) - What a knucklehead. / Doesn't make allowances for old men.
Day 1771 - Luigi (Super Mario-kun) - "Ha! You mean the King of Second Bananas? Look at that pale skin. He's been living in his brother's shadow for too long. Face it! Once a kid brother, always a kid brother! La li lu le lo! La li lu le lo! La li lu le lo!" / Typecasted as a coward ever since Luigi's Mansion, for no readily discernible reason.
Day E licensed by Gonzo - They love to create great story concepts.... then utterly making the viewers feel lousy for wasting their time watching by giving lousy endings. There's a reason that the term "Gonzo'd" exists for a reason.
Day 1769 - Earthquake (Samurai Shodown movie) - Little did anyone know that Mr. Heart from Fist of the North Star applied for a job at SNK in the early 90's in which he got to play the role of Earthquake. Sure he had to shave his mustache off, put on some face paint and slightly change his outfit. Fortunately for him nobody recognized him back then.
Day 1768 - Chin-Kyuu Koudai (Ikki-Tousen) - Out of all the cute girls that Stephanie Sheh voiced whom get any of that kind of attention from the ladies (Orihime, Aya Natsume, Mikuru) the only one who actually wants it and acts on it is a short skinny young girl. What a sad irony this is... ;)
Day 1767 - Gerard (Fairy Tail) - Every character is Gerard, so he has all the flaws of every character in Fairy Tail i.e causes OT to make over the top, stupid, repeated, nonsensical "everyone is Gerard" jokes that they think is funny even though there's only one single case of it being hard to explain ATM and that they don't realize the joke has already been ran into the ground so many times and so hard it's already turned into a fossil fuel.
Day 1766 - Noriko Kashiwagi (Persona 4 manga) - Thought the sex appeal of an adult could compete with the sex appeal of teenage girls, in Japan.
Day 1765 - Genan Shiranui (Samurai Shodown movie) - How did SNK answer if Mai and Gen-An are related or not? Simple by earlier this decade KOF was for the most part the only Fighting game series that really mattered to them anymore. Granted I can understand why but still..
Day 1764 - Vega (Street Fighter II movie) - If someone comments on (let alone hits) his face, he becomes more agitated than women on their time of the month and decides to scratch people to death rather than punch them. He's more of an angry-wife-type than any of the actual female street fighters.
Day 1763 - Galvatron (Transformers) - Got thrown out of Unicron's Ass by a guy named Rodimus. And his alternate form was a long, phallic shaped object... Oh god, the connotations are overwhelming.
Day 1762 - King Cold (DBZ) - Oh ****, Freeza's FATHER? He must be really stro-oh wait lol. / "What's a Goku?" / Wasn't a merry old soul.
Day 1761 - Dr. Light (Mega Man animes) -
Day D licensed by Sunrise - Suffers from a serious case of SSS (Second Season Syndrome) and loves Jupiter a little too much.
Day 1759 - Dr. Tenma (Astro Boy) - Quite possibly the original douchebag father in anime (a.k.a Idiotic father trying to build an android that looks like his son, only to realize after he built it that it's not his son and decided to sell it to travelling circus)
Day 1758 - Balrog (Street Fighter Anime) - "Are you sure you didn't mean Mike Bis---DO YOU WANT TO GET SUED?!" / Never fought Gandalf while falling to the center of the earth.
Day 1757 - Android 16 (DBZ) - Actually thought he, a non-Sayian character, could defeat the villain / You could say (puts on sunglasses) he lost his head.

Day 1756 - John Crawley (Art of Fighting) - Wasn't a bad enough dude to save the President's canary.
Day 1755 - Gouken (Street Fighter Anime) - Was brought back from the "dead" only to be banned in Japan.
Day 1754 - Rei Hino/Sailor Mars (Sailor Moon)- Concerned that her lesbian overtones wouldn't fly for Toei Animation, she chose a stoner surfer as her anime-only love interest....and lives with a dirty old man.
Day 1753 - Wonderweiss Margera (Bleach) - As smart as your average Pokemon as all he does is, yell, say his own name and attack. / Has more flaw suggestions than proper sentences / "UuuuuaaaaaahhhHikari Sword 18:54, December 4, 2009 (UTC)"
Day 1752 - Halle Lidner (Death Note) - So obscure that even people who have watched the series 5 times over dont know who she is. Even by Death Note standards thats awful.
Day 1751 - Dr Gero (DBZ) - Gave godly powers to two REBELLIOUS TEENAGERS and proceeded to order them around. What an idiot.
Day V licensed by Bandai - Has yet to have a year with 0 defective dvds.
Day 1749 - Temari (Naruto) - She's one of the only useful girls in Naruto, so useful that Kishi has to make her disappear for 200 chapters, otherwise she might actually become important.
Day 1748 - Sho Minamimoto (The World Ends With You Manga) - "Flaw? The only flaw here is your topic, you factoring hectopascal!"
Day 1747 - Masamune Date (Sengoku Basara) - Is apparently unaware of the fact that no one in his army has a gun / If he just had a 7th sword in his mouth he would truly make Zoro look pathetic, especially since they have the same seiyuu.
Day 1746 - Baroque Works (One Piece) - The motto of their organization was "secrecy", and they demonstrated that at every possible opportunity with apparel that identified them as said secret agents.
Day 1745 - Paul (Pokemon) - Is pretty much Pokemon's take on this...
Despite being a better rival in almost every possible way, nostalgia will continue to make people claim how inferior he is to Gary.
Day 1744 - Shoichi Tsugami (Kamen Rider Agito) - Does not practice judo in the mountains with a giant game console, ergo, he'll never measure up to the original.
Day 1743 - Midarezaki Kyouka (Kazoku Nikki) - Is less of a kamidere than Haruhi Suzumiya despite having coined the term.
Day 1742 - The Minami-sisters - Just three plain sisters having an ordinary time. We should not expect anything much.
Day 1741 - Shagia Frost (Gundam X) - Apparently, he thinks that his "special' ability to telepath personally with his brother earn him the right to destroy the world after being ignored. In reality, it doesn't even help him the slightest on the battlefield. / Proof that a 'non-straight' incestual relationship only works with women... hot ones.
Day IV licensed by ADV Films - Spinning the anime plate on a stick was fine, but it tried to spin anime, manga, magazine, & on-demand plates at once and it ended up digging porcelain out of its face.
Day 1739 - Margaret (Persona 4 manga) - Overshadowed by Elizabeth.
Day 1738 - Max (Tales of Eternia) - So, we have someone, with a bazooka as a weapon, and what does he do with it? Smacks monsters with the side/butt of it. YEAH!
Day 1737 - Xiaomu (SRW OG) - She's 765 so you'd expect her to be mature. Instead, she's a perverted little kid, an otaku, and you have to steal her money (which she hides under her bed) and tell her you'll give it back in increments to get her to take her job seriously.
Day 1736 - Van Argeno (Blood+) - Always offers candy to anyone....anyone.
Day 1735 - Shiina Tamai (Narutaru) - Not willing to do whatever it takes to protect her loved ones.
Day 1734 - Isara Gunther (Valkyria Chronicles) - Was put in a squad with a commander who doesn't post guards. Seriously, Welkin, what the hell?
Day 1733 - Alicia Melchiott (Valkyria Chronicles) - Anime counterpart. Her entire existence is a flaw.
Day 1732 - Welkin Gunther (Valkyria Chronicles) - Figured the best use of an unstoppable Valkyrie was to put it back in the kitchen to bake him some bread.
Day C by Kyo-Ani - The attention whore of Japanese animation studios / Where's my fourth season of Full Metal Panic!
Day 1731 - Lin Yao (FMA) - You could say he was....*puts on sunglasses* overcome by Greed.

Day III licensed by Viz Media - Common Viz manga disclaimer: [Some scenes have been modified from the original Japanese edition] / Their insistence on not letting manga volume releases get ahead of where the series is in the English Shonen Jump. Seriously, there's something very wrong when you've been releasing a series for 6 years and you're still 30 volumes behind the Japanese releases.
Day 1729 - Randy Boy Junior (HnI) - His name... what kind of name is Randy Boy? / Hyped to no ends and everybody praises him as a prodigy and yet jobs to Miyata.
Day 1728 - Toyohime and Yorihime (Touhou) - When you have a universe full of people that can more or less reshape reality to their liking, are immortal, can kill others without fail and effort, live for millenia, govern the realm of the dead, lift mountains and destroy astronomical ojects without breakin a sweat...

and the fanbase STILL complains that the Moon Sisters are BROKEN, you know they really ****ing are. Batman got nothing on those two.
Day 1727 - Akira Toya (Hikaru no Go!) - Thought he was a girl at first.
Day 1726 - Chrona (Soul Eater) - Is either a trap or DFC. Either way, he/she's perfect for OT.
Day 1725 - Emporio Ivankov (One Piece) - Likely originates from a real life case of bad judgement Oda made while influenced by the drugs necessary to keep One Piece runnin' weekly. But y'know, he can turn men, including his hideous self, into hot chicks....any flaws he has are meaningless in light of this fact.
Day 1724 - The Gorilla (Cromartie) - He took a banana...but never ate it.
Day 1723 - Leomon (Digimon) - Shares a trait with Optimus Prime. Unfortunately that trait is dying a lot. Which means that, by the time it takes to finish reading this sentence, he's probably died again.
Day 1722 - Yutaka Takenouchi (Cromartie) - The most powerful of all the first years, even respected by the third years, got motion sickness and is defeated by a mere pudding.
Day 1721 - Suzuka-Hime (SRW OG Endless Frontier) - She's a DFC in a game filled with tasty melons, getting rated on a board that prefers DFCs over said melons. In other words, her DFC is a flaw in the game itself, but not on the board. As such, her DFC is a flaw that is also not a flaw, and will eventually make the universe explode from confusion.
Day II licensed by 4Kids Entertaiment - The fact that they exist. / Didn't actually make Scientist With Metal Arm, Leg, and Brother / "Why bother thinking up a flaw, when they provide so many themselves?"
Day 1719 - Jamil Neate (Gundam X) - His scar stops him being the bi-shonen guy, the frost brothers give bishie a bad name / "What do you mean, he's not a Char? He got all the attributes!"
Day 1718 - Johannes Krauser II (DMC) - His flaw? Negishi Soichi
Day 1717 - Akiza Izinski (Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's) - Her dub version wouldn't get very far in a real card game with so manyWrong!interpretations of the rules: / Sooo thats what Kallen's doing now that Code Geass ended.
Day 1716 - Neku Sakuraba (TWEWY manga) - Couldn't...resist...emo...urges / Nice Job Triggering Instrumentality, Hero.
Day B by Gainax - It a series doesn't fall apart during the ending, it was an accidental. (AKA: Gainax'd)
Day 1715 - Go Saruwatari (Godannar) - Fell in love with a 12-year-old after losing his hot blonde goddess wife to an explosion, sort of.
Day 1714 - Hikaru Shindo (Hikaru no Go!) - Did the opposite of what Yugi Moto would do with a ghost that can win competitive games for him.
Day 1713 - Gilbert Durandal (GSD) - His Destiny Plan basically wanted to take Futurama's idea of Career Chips to the genetic level, but he probably didn't check to see that he wasn't destined to be the High Priest of Humanity, but rather the Failing Mastermind of a Failing Series.
Day 1712 - Garyuu X (Kenichi) - Is the most powerful being on the planet and can crush both protagonists at the same time with only .002% of his true power. Too bad the tournaments cut off age is 19 so he automatically loses.
Day 1711 - Apachai Hopachai (Kenichi) - Is what happens when Kouji Kabuto is given muscles and super-human strength in place of Mazinger Z and common sense. / More dangerous as a friend than enemy.
Day I licensed by FUNimation - The company only knows two letters in the alphabet: C & D / Blames others for their ability to count. / FUN_[ANIME_TITLE]_[EP#]_JPN_640X360.flv
Day 1709 - Ryu (Shaman King) - His quest to find the 'best place' will inevitably land him in prison.
Redo Day 828 - Takeshi Yamamoto (Reborn!) - Worst defeat ever in a serious battle aka actually jobbed to a wall:
Day 1708 - Father (FMA) - No pipe, therefore inferior to KND's Father / His name is "Father", yet he melts Greed in a vat of acid painfully for being a rebellious son. Not very fatherly is he?
Redo Day 937 - Pain (Naruto) - He bee-lieved it, despite not being covered in bees.
Day 1707 - Bismarck Waldstein (CG) - Got divided by 0.
Day 1706 - Crimson Viper (Street Fighter IV: The Ties that bind) - Her piercing screams of defeat. I could make fun of the fact that she looks like a rooster sporting cleavage and a tie, but screw that, her losing yells rupture my ear drums as well as my libido.
Day 1705 - Ken Masters (Street Fighter IV: The ties that Bind) -
Day 1704 - Marianne vi Britannia (Code Geass) - Worst. Mother. Ever. / Only got killed because V.V. was paranoid that Charles was going to put hos before bros.
Day A by Toei Animation - Took us on a Grand Tour. / Chins.
Day 1703 - Kinshiro "King Moron" Morooka (Persona 4 manga) - He had the main character pegged from day one, but his untimely death meant that he, as a teacher, failed to stop the main character's erotic conquest of the school. / >You feel as though a thousand showers will never make you clean.
Day 1702 - Mitsuo Kubo (Persona 4 manga) - "How is babby formed? How is babby formed? how guy transform monsta?

They need to do way instain students> who kill tht babby. becuse tht babby cant frigth back?
it was on the news this mroing sven studants in jp who had kill RPG babby . they are taking RPG babby back to inaba too lady to rest my pary are with the father who lost his chrild ; i am truley sorry for your lots"
Day 1701 - Motoko Aoyama (Love Hina) -

She's the most developed character.
She has the most believable crush.
She gets the coolest moments.
She's unbelievably hot.
How in HELL did she lose to PMS Girl?!?!

Truly Special Day 1700 - Microsoft - / The Xbox 360 sold 30 million copies worldwide, half of which are plagued with Red Ring of Death. For Microsoft, that makes the 360 their second best-selling flaw ever, right behind Vista.
Day 1699 - April O'Neil (TMNT Superman Legend) - "Y'know maybe getting caught up in ninja feuds isn't the best idea when looking for a scoop. Especially when you pick a side and have to keep it secret from the world."
Day 1698 - Kanto Pokemon League (Pokemon) - Elite Four? More like the Elite Four-gotten. / he greatest pokemon masters in the region, beaten by a ten year old from a no-name town who had been training pokemon for a few months. Twice. In a single day.
Day 1697 - Akuma (Street Fighter Alpha) - For someone who's mastered the "Murderous Intent," actually fails pretty hard at murdering.
Day 1696 - Sakura (Street Fighter IV anime) - Still wears her schoolgirl uniform, even though she's old enough to drink. / Is the most manly out of all the Sakuras.
Day 1695 - Giorno Giovana (JJBA) - It's not JoJo, it's not even delivery, it's Giorno / Didn't rapestomp Pucci with Gold Experience Requiem, despite it being hinted that he was in the area.
Day 1694 - Nunnally Lamperouge (Code Geass) - Never became this: / Stairs /

Schneizel : Nunnally, your brother has a power called geass, if you look in his eyes, you'll be mind controlled.
Nunnally : It's okay I'm blind.
*Lelouch arrives.*
Nunnally : Hey bro, I cured my blindness by myself, what do you have to say about that?
Lelouch : GEASS TIME!

Day 1693 - Teana Lanster (MGLN StrikerS) - Got befriended by Nanoha AND Falcon Punch'd by Signum / Doesn't have ankle insurance.
Day 1692 - Cynthia (Pokemon) - Uses banned pokemon with max IV's. That cheating slut! / ****ing Garchomp.
Day 1691 - Aya Shameimaru (Touhou) - Can't even keep her speech audience quiet. SHAMEIMARU!
Very Special Day 1690 - Zymemaru - Loves large breasts and hates all things flat chested and loli on a board that loves all things flat chested and loli and hates large breasts.
Day 1689 - Dende (DBZ) - Only brought back into the story so the heroes can use his balls.
Day 1688 - Pride (FMA) - Is the perfect example of how screwed up the differences between the FMA anime and manga are, seeing as in the anime Bradley aka Pride tries to kill his son, whereas in the manga Pride is his son. / Clearly misunderstood what "bring your son to work day" means.
Day 1687 - Akihiro Kurata (Digimon Savers) - Name a Flaw? Name A FLAW?! / Digimon genocide, experimenting human lives, used a Battle Royale collar on Thomas's sister to force him to switch sides, manipulated the government to conquer the world...all his slimy, evil deeds were punishable by more than two Damon punches, yet he got away with one. UNJUST!
Day 1686 - Fasalina (GunxSword) - Her relationship with Michael...*puts on sunglasses* ended up on the rocks.
Day 1685 - Ryotaro Dojima (Persona 4 manga) - If he didn't stop for gas, none of this crap would have happened / Actually has a fanbase, and some of them actually believe him to be manly, when he does nothing but be a coward and run away fromhis own baby daughterthe entire game / Was never called Brojima.
Day 1684 - Nanako Dojima (Persona 4 manga) - Going to the grocery store is considered the highpoint of her day. :( / Every day was not great at her Junes.
Day 1683 - Wolfgang Krauser (Fatal Fury Anime) - He fails for not having a moustache / Wasn't okay. Got Buster Wolf'd.
Day 1682 - Samus Aran (Metroid Manga) - [The Evolution Of Having Samus Armorless]
Metroid - Beat the game in under two hours.
Super Metroid - Beat the game in under three hours.
Metroid Prime - Beat the game while getting 100% of everything, no time limit.
Super Smash Bros Brawl - Use Final Smash.

Is it me, or is it becoming easier for Samus to expose herself? Tramp.
Day 1681 - The Cyborgs (Cyborg 009) - One has super speed, one has super strength, one has telepathy, one can breath fire, one can fly, one can see the structural weaknesses of objects, one is a living battalion, one can transform into anything. The black one can swim well.
Very Special Day 1680 - Edgeknight - Half his posts are long winded and meticulously written messages with no actual personal input or personality whatsoever, making them look like boring wikipedia articles. The other half, the ones that do possess personal input, are crappy opinions he self-righteously tries to pass off as undeniable facts.
Day 1679 - Trisha Elric (FMA) - Her significant contribution to the story is being dead. / Never taught her children not to revive the dead.
Day 1678 - Nagato (Naruto) - He believed it. / His tragic backstory ended up being... exactly the same as half the cast, only with a dead dog. And that dog was the saddest part of all. / How many times must I shove an iron spike into Hinata? How many times must I have to blow Konoha up? How many times must I clone myself? Most of allHOW MANY TIMES MUST I TELL YOU THAT MY DOG WAS KILLED! MURDERED! AND SOMEONE'S RESPONSIBLE!!!
Day 1677 - Kuukaku Shiba (Bleach) - Permanently lost an arm in a series where losing an arm is but a flesh wound / Sacrificed her arm in a bet, in hopes to have more screen presence. She lost the gamble./ "You might say, she was..." *puts on sunglasses* "disarmed."

Day 1676 - The Hakkeshu (King of Fighters) - It took four games for Kyo and friends to beat them and their master. It took two games for Ash to take down two of the Sacred Treasures team. Ash is a bigger threat than them.Ash.
Day 1675 - Barry the Chopper (FMA) - Instead of cleaving girls with his killer meat, he'd rather kill them with his meat cleaver.
Day 1674 - Keith (Voltron) - Despite being the borderline "Official Couple" with Allura over the course of the series has yet to tap her. ;)
Day 1673 - Giselle (Pokemon) - "You have two badges? Your Pikachu should be Lv. 25 by now!" / Is pretty much the only time Anime Ash Ketchum would ever drool over a girl. Namely her biggest contribution to the overall storyline of the series is making us wonder if Ash is really a Japanese Schoolgirl Fetishist.
Day 1672 - Pell (One Piece) - Defines "no one dies in One Piece in the present".
Day 1671- Chiri Kitsu (SZS) - "If something isn't perfect and symmetrical, Adrian Monk will humorously try to fix it and will often manage to stumble upon a clue that everyone missed. Chiri will ****ing kill you." / "She's the ultimate perfectionist, how can she have flaws?"
Very Special Day 1670 - Eab1990 - Will not admit he pleasures himself to Coco daily, despite his undying love for her./ He's a tsundere when it comes to KyoAni./ Flaw day wasn't a Very Special Day. (<_<;;)
Day 1669 - Yomi Isayama (Ga-rei) - Switch-hitter to the point of uncertainty (At first, she was getting close to Kagura, taking baths together and gave her a frenchy at one point, the next she's all tsundere for her perverted fiancé, and then she goes back to being playful to Kagura, only to spend alone time with her perverted fiancé later on. Make up your mind, woman!)
Day 1668 - Kagura Tsuchimiya (Ga-rei) - Has to kill her sister-figure/bath-buddy and lose a couple of cool characters just to stop being a wimp.
Day 1667 - Caris Nautilus (Gundam X) - Let's see here: cute, blond, voiced by Excellen's voice actress, pilots a kick-ass MS... OH GOD IT'S A TRAP! RUN! / Did not put a surfboard on his cool MS.
Day 1666 - Yukari Yakumo (Touhou) - Jobbed to the Lunarians twice despite being friends with someone who can and has destroyed the moon effortlessly.
Redo Day 1185 - Team Rocket (Pokemon) -
Day 1665 - Thomas (Suikoden III manga) - Is probably the most boring out of all the "main" Star of Destiny, losing out to a bunch of silent characters / Even though he was the Tenkai star he got kicked out of his own house and had to sleep on the boat when the real main character takes charge.
Day 1664 - Shu (Three Kingdoms) - The power of friendship began its downfall... and it was on THEIR side!
Day 1663 - DR (MTNN) - Didn't get tortured longer by Neuro, the ****ing tick. / Begging for mercy from Demon? R U SERIOUS? Where is your dignity and pride that you have few seconds ago?
Day 1662 - Genuine (Majin Tantei Nogami Neuro) - Whores herself out for youth. I bet she'd kill for Lilinets body.

I guess you could say...*puts on sunglasses*

She's a genuine whore.
Day 1661 - Camie (One Piece) - "Why couldn't she have been the other kind of mermaid? With the fishpart on top and the ladypart on the bottom?" / Could be Kidnapped by MOKUBA, of all people
Very Special Day 1660 - Norse Mage121 - Trolls are a race of creatures that derive from Norse mythology. Coincidence? I think not.
Day 1659 - Washu Habuki (Tenchi Muyo!) - Let me get this straight: you have a true sexy adult form, you show it to us for 30 seconds, then you reverted back to your usual child-like self and never showed that form again. That, Little Miss Washu, is what I call a ****tease.
Day 1658 - Sasami Jurai (Tenchi Muyo!) - Is legal and illegal at the same time. She is the best girl for Tenchi. Yes, the little non-blood related but really is related sister who is really old than him but clearly hasn't reached puberty is the best one for him. Then again looking at the other girls, there isn't really a contest...
Day 1657 - Nemu (Haibane Renmei) - I'll come up with a flaw for her . . .

Just after I take a little nap.

. . .

zzzz . . .
Day 1656 - Lilinette (Bleach) - "I swear officer, she said she was over 100 years old!" / Figures Kubo would put the single most revealing outfit in the series on a 10 year old.
Day 1655 - Wu (Romance of the Three Kingdoms) - In the end, victory did not belong to Wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!! / Their king died under a rock, the first successor died due to illness, and the princess married an enemy leader, leaving the idiot in charge.
Day 1654 - Tenchi Masaki (Tenchi Muyo!) - Suffers from harem lead complex, which seems like a pretty bland flaw, until you consider he's a pretty bland character.
Day 1653 - Ayeka Jurai (Tenchi Muyo!) - Wants to practice Jurai bridegroom training on Tenchi.
Day 1652 - Rose Anderson (Solty Rei) - Got the hots for crippleface Ashley. Then again, so did Silvia.
Day 1651 - Kira Investigation Team (Death Note) - Their best member was Kira himself. What a team.
Very Special Day 1650 - Soshi_Strife726 - While Starks was ****ing Rolo, Liberal Degenerate was ****ing Soshi / "From what I've seen, she has the power to send half the board into e-tang mode and half of those into denial about it."
Day 1649 - Killerbee (Naruto) - Didn't get his whiskey / Despite being able to lay a beat down, he sadly fails at laying down a beat. / He makes Gato from Chrono Trigger look like a better rapper...
Day 1648 - Lien Neville (KoF Another Day) - Her large rack tries too hard...and fails so miserably that the only games we end up seeing her in are the Maximum Impact games. Yeah...that totally counts for something!
Day 1647 - Ironhide (Transformers) - IRONHIDE used WATER GUN! It's not very effective... / "Such heroic nonsense".
Day 1646 - D's Left Hand (Vampire Hunter D) - Never fulfills the role of what a mouth on your own hand should rightly be used for.
Day 1645 - Kaolla Su (Love Hina) - Not enough Adult Su.
Day 1644 - Butch (Pokemon) - Hey, it's *****. "THE NAME'S BUTCH!" [1]
Day 1643 - Dinobot (Beast Wars) - As fun as it looks, he hates riding on Rattrap.
Day 1642 - Noah (FMA:Conqueror of Shamballa) - Despite the supposed "love story" between her & Ed, the most chemistry we see between them is a 15-second "peer-inside-your-mind-while-you're-asleep" scene.
Day 1641 - Optimus Primal (Beast Wars) - Despite being a well written, realistic hero in a series that could have just been a hollow toy commercial, for many he will never overcome the stigma of:

TRUKK NOT MUNKEY!!! ( / The less we talk about Beast Machines, the better.
Very Special Day 1640 - MajinUltima - C'mon, I dare you to ask him about his wacked-out Bleach theories, which he considers more valid than the show's canon. He's so obsessed with them that he starts arguing about them in his own flaw topic. Not that his views about other shows are much better.

"Hay guyz the FMA manga is a generic fighting shounen! Hay guyz the FMA manga is a generic fighting shounen! Hay guyz the FMA manga is a generic fighting shounen! Hay guyz the FMA manga is a generic fighting shounen! Hay guyz the FMA manga is a generic fighting shounen! Hay guyz the FMA manga is a generic fighting shounen! Hay guyz the FMA manga is a generic fighting shounen! Hay guyz the FMA manga is a generic fighting shounen! Hay guyz the FMA manga is a generic fighting shounen! And I'm so goddamn butthurt people like it better than the anime! Hay guyz the FMA manga is a generic fighting shounen! Hay guyz the FMA manga is a generic fighting shounen! Hay guyz the FMA manga is a generic fighting shounen! Hay guyz the FMA manga is a generic fighting shounen! Hay guyz the FMA manga is a generic fighting shounen! Hay guyz the FMA manga is a generic fighting shounen! Hay guyz the FMA manga is a generic fighting shounen!"

But then again, he always somehow gets people to respond to him. Successful troll is successful?
Day 1639 - Kamen Rider V3 (Kamen Rider Spirits) - Became a Kamen Rider after he jumped in front of a laser trap to prevent Kamen Riders Ichigo and Nigo from being barbecued. Way to go, Kazami Shiro. You probably should've been captured and operated on to be a Rider by terrorists instead.
Day 1638 - Shou Tucker (FMA) - In all of manga and anime...

In all the brutality, evil, revenge, justice meted...

There still hasn't been a punishment that's as terrible and awful enough for him to get what's coming to him.
Redo Day 364 - Kouta (Elfen Lied) - Chose his whiny tsundere cousin over the horny yandere and the rich shrinking violet.
Day 1637 - Commander Cobra (G.I Joe Sigma 6) - / Despite having a severe lack of funds he can manage a force that can rival GI joe which is funded by the US millitary... So either a lack of funds or deciding to pick on the US. he could have easily conquered say france or hell all of Europe.
Day 1636 - G.I Joe (G.I Joe Sigma Six) - He's a real American hero...made in Japan.
Day 1635 - World Government (One Piece) - Their idea of Justice is being complete asses about everything, they allow the descendants of their founders get away with any crime in existence, they rely on pirates (Shichibukai) to do plenty of their dirty work for them, and their quickest solution to end the pirate age is propagating war. Therefore, they're a realistic take on a government. / They act more like pirates than the pirates do.
Day 1634 - Wei (Three Kingdoms) - No matter what it's grand accomplishments were. Thanks to the translators of the old Dynasty Warriors games, much of the Western world will view it as a kingdom who had leaders whose names were pronounced "Cow Cow" and "Cow Pee"
Day 1633 - Kami-sama (Dragon Ball) - Kami: For 4 years I’ve been watching it (Cell) grow becoming more and more powerful with each passing moment to a point where it may surpass even those artificial humans (16-18). I fear the worst has come to pass.
Piccolo: Wait a minute, you knew about this thing for 4 ****ing years and didn’t bother to tell any one about it?!
Kami: I didn’t think it was a problem.
Piccolo: You didn’t think something gradually surpassing SSJ levels and beyond was a damn problem worth mentioning?!
Kami: Gee, when you say it like that I’ve really dropped the ball on this one huh? *Uneasy laughter*
Piccolo:…. You know the only reason you exist is for the Dragonballs.
Goku: Actually, Dende could make a new dragon.
Picoclo: Really?! *smirks* Time to share rent with Nail.*Absorbs the unwilling Kami by force.*
Redo Day 672 - Yammy Rialgo (Bleach) - Is somehow ruining and saving Bleach at the same time.
Day 1632 - Flower Girl (Macross 7) - is such a minor character that we don't know her real name.
Day 1631 - Estellise Sidos Heurassein (ToV) - Attacks the enemy even though I put her on full support... /
Very Special Day 1630 - StriderTuna - His argumentation skills can be summed up with "you disagree with me therefore you're a fanboy!!!1". When he's the biggest fanboy of them all.
Day 1629 - Menoly (Bleach) - Was such a useless character the only decent flaws we can come up with are related to her sister, who was a slut. And the fact that, in a series where no one dies, she was brutally killed twice.
Day 1628 - Loly (Bleach) - Yammy: What a slut. / False advertising.
Day 1627 - Raphael (TMNT: Superman Legend) - He's cool but (c)rude.
Day 1626 - Michaelangelo (TMNT: Superman Legend) - The stoner of the group told kids not to do drugs.
Day 1625 - Donatello (TMNT: Superman Legend) - He "does machines."
Day 1624 - Splinter (TMNT: Superman Legend) - Despite being an awesome character, he's kidnapped and/or disappears almost as much as Mokuba.
Redo Day 581 - Ulquiorra Cifer (Bleach) - Ulq stomped and stomped till Ichigo was sore. Then Ulq thought of something he hadn't before! Maybe the heart, he thought, can't be shown through gore. Maybe courage... perhaps... means a little bit more! And what happened then? Well, in Hueco Mundo they say that Ulq's small heart grew three sizes that day.
Day 1623 - Ribbons Almark (Gundam 00) - Ribbons to Setsuna: "For you, the day Ribbons Almark graced your village was the most important day of your life. But for me, it was Tuesday." / Is what happens when there is no Bright to slap some sense into Amuro...
Day 1622 - Master Roshi (Dragon Ball) - Spent many years perfecting a secret technique that was copied by a monkey boy in 3 seconds / What kind of hermit has that many friends?
Day 1621 - Lum (Urusei Yatsura) - "Shampoo? Why'd you dye your hair?" / "A flaw? Just look at the RT female leads that came after her."
Very Special Day 1620 - Liberal Degenerate - On top of refusing to admit Renji's worthlessness, he is also tsundere for Soshi of all people.
Day 1619 - Leonardo (TMNT: Superman Legend) - Despite his main weapons being swords, he never seems to actually cut anyone. AKA the Wolverine effect.
Redo Day 1446 - Taiga Aisaka (Toradora) - Was one of the handful people who didn't want to recognize the fact that she'd end up with Ryuuji when the show first started.
Redo Day 1210 - Giovanni (Pokemon) - Not even being a buffet of manliness could save him from being dumped by Ash's mom / His screentime consists of a talking pokemon thinking up ways to please him by stealing other pokemon to do daily chores for him.
Redo Day 775 - Terry Bogard (Fatal Fury Movies) - He's had an habit to have dying girlfriends. No wonder why SNK has stopped all the ship tease between him and Blue Mary and concentrate on Ryo and King instead.
Day 1618 - Optimus Prime (Transformers) - Unreliable. Has a habit of dying on you. (
Day 1617 - Megatron (Transformers) - Transformers into a pistol and his crotch is the trigger and he needs Starscream to hold him and pull the trigger in order to "fire his laser", which brings the expression "Shooting the load" to a brand new level.
Something's seriously wrong with this guy. Yessssssssss
Day 1616 - Delia Ketchum (Pokemon) - Sent her 10 year old son into the world alone to participate in animal fighting. / Decided to dump Giovanni for Satoshi/Ash's deadbeat dad.
Day 1615 - Nurse Joy (Pokemon) - Never get greeted with HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Nurse! / Like the Officer Jennys, the presence of endless identical "sisters", "cousins," "mothers," and "daughters" seems to suggest that something very, very wrong is going on in the Pokemon world.
Day 1614 - Decepticons (Transformers) - "Autobots, transform and roll out!" "Decepticons, retreat!" /Decepticons? It's kind of hard to bedeceptive when you make your plans known to the robot hippies (the enemy) EVERY SINGLE TIME.
Day 1613 - Autobots (Transformers) - Often have bad taste in picking their human mascots. / They put Hot Rod in charge. Seriously, WTF?
Day 1612 - Futaba Aoi (You're Under Arrest) - What happened in this vid: / Constantly beset by Admiral Ackbar popping out of nowhere.
Day 1611 - Zolf J. Kimblee (FMA) - People get blown up while he's talking. How rude / He has so much character that he blows people away / He has clearly misunderstood what it means to give somebody a blow-job.
Very Special Day 1610 - Kotobuki_Seiko - Too Kyoot for OT-kun lolz / (Inadvertently) created the nickname OT-kun.
Day 1609 - Ryoko (Tenchi Muyo!) - Became Washu's ***** and the butt of physical jokes for the second OVA series./ "What's up with the hair? She makes the Saiyans from Dragon Ball Z look normal"
Day 1608 - Viki (Suikoden III) - Her allergies will likely lead to a time paradox/tear that shall eventually destroy the world.
Day 1607 - Swan White (GaoGaiGar) - Not enough fanservice. Even in FINAL. And she needs more engrish.
Day 1606 - The Haibane of Old Home (HR) - "We got a sleepy, an angry, a...hey, wait a second, are these Angels or Dwarves?"
Day 1605 - Maddy/Madoi Iroiya (MMBN Anime) - Not enough scenes like this:
Day 1604 - Andrei Smirnov (Gundam 00) - If any of the members of that military should change from A-LAWS to A-HOLES, Andrei is by far the front-runner. / He rode the illogic train so hard that he ran over his own father with it.
Day 1603 - Kaito Kid (Detective Conan) - Never got Rans bust, hip, and waist size.
Day 1602 - Yasuko Takasu (Toradora!) - Spends her working hours "servicing" others just to support her dumbass son.
Day 1601 - Meyrin Hawke (GSD) - Falls in love and stole Cagali's position as girlfriend with the man who dosen't know the term "loyalty" if stabbed in the eye with a beam saber. But since it's SEED destiny, let's just pretend it never happened.
Truly Special Day 1600 - Sony - What flaw?! There's no flaw 'cause "It's a Sony!" / / The PS3 has more processors than decent exclusives. / 599 US DOLLARS!! It's Ridge racer! RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDGE RACER! Giant enemy crab, massive damage, etc. / Hates 2D gaming.
Day 1599 - Eruka Frog (Soul Eater) - Desperately wants a boyfriend, but no man wants someone who's had that many "snakes" inside her, she's destined to be alone until she croaks./ We will never get an epic showdown between her hat and Suwako's.
Day 1598 - Jack Atlas (Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's) - "You've sworn allegiance to magic glue!"
Day 1597 - Yusei Fudo (Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's) -

Didn't finish with a Hadouken.
Day 1596 - Ougai (Fist of the North Star) - DIdn't seem to realize having his adoptive son kill the only person in the world he was tied to miiiight just have some adverse emotional effects.
Day 1595 - Shrieker (Bleach) - Introduced Kubo to the idea of giving nearly every villain/opponent a backstory no matter how meaningless it was / Apparently we're so desperate to name flaws that we're stuck with this nobody. For shame FourKids, for shame!
Day 1594 - Horo-Horo (Shaman King) - "You can hold me back from saving the world, you can kill my friends, you can even try to kill me, but saying my real name... that's where I draw the line."
Day 1593 - Raphael (Yu-Gi-Oh) - The only person to defeat Yugi without outside aide, and it doesn't count cause this guy is from filler / Stayed sane by talking to his cards.
Day 1592 - Freddie (Comartie High School) - So manly he's too manly even for Cromartie High School, so the directors and mangaka had to force him to be unable to talk. / Has to ride a horse because if they allowed him to strut in the OP, the universe would explode.
Day 1591 - Nastasha Zabigov (G Gundam) - In Neo Russia, Nastasha dominates YOU!!....or anywhere else for that matter.
Day 1590 - Tien (Dragon Ball) - Let his pokemon learn self-destruct. / I'm still waiting for his arm to grow back. I'm beginning to think it can't.
Day 1589 - Soundwave (Tranformers) - Is infuriated that an iPOD Nano holds more songs than Ravage, Laserbeak, Buzzsaw, Ratbat, Rumble, Frenzy, Slugfest, Overkill, Squawktalk, and Beastbox combined.
Day 1588 - Rita Mordio (Tales of Vesperia) - Blah blah blah DRAGON FREAK!!! Blah blah blah BLASTIA!!! Blah Blah Blah Dragon Rider? More like DRAGON FREAK!!! Blah blah blah ESTELLE!!! Blah Blah Blah TIDAL WAVE!! *Repeat* / Didn't get it on with Estelle, even though you know she wanted to.
Day 1587 - Louise Halevy (Gundam 00) - Needed a "helping hand" and some happy pills to become remotely useful...and even then, she still fails.
Day 1586 - Sakuya Izayoi (Touhou) - Did not canonically drop a steamroller onto her opponents.
Day 1585 - Kafuka Fuura (SZS) - She's in a show with a shut-in, a stalker, an OCD, and a paranoid, among others, but why do I get the frightening feeling she's the most disturbed of them all? /
Kafuka: A flaw? How can a flaw that I've only see on television and newspapers be so close to me, in front of my very eyes?

Itoshiki: Then what is it?

Kafuka: A special skill in disguise!

Day 1584 - Minori Kushieda (Toradora!) - Everyone hates her for being selflessly kind and trying to help Taiga. The very same people also idolize Ami, who actually is completely responsible for Minori becoming like that / Gave her life savings to a stupid couple running away from home.
Day 1583 - Youmu Konpaku (Touhou) - She's too soft. (
Day 1582 - Mr. 3/ Gial Dino (One Piece) - "Oh god I hope this is really wax..." / Is supposedly intelligent, yet attempts to fight his way through guards when the vice warden says he can go free.
Day 1581 - Yoh Asakura (Shaman King) - Most powerful shaman in the world, but gets henpecked and bossed around at every turn by his girlfriend. Goodness knows how much abuse he'll take when they're finally married / Got his girlfriend teen pregnant.
Day 1580 - Franziska von Karma (Ace Attorney) - Her flaw is--~whip!~--OW! [2]
Day 1579 - The Lovely Angels (Dirty Pair) - They aren't dirty enough, but it's not their fault. It's never their fault.
Day 1578 - Asuka Tachibana (s-CRY-ed) - *Insert ball-pun here* ("The balls are inert", "His balls! They aren't there!!!", "He didn't have the balls to stand up to the main villain." )
Day 1577 - Vincent Volaju (Cowboy Bebop Movie) - The flaw is not his. It's the world's.
Day 1576 - Harry McDowell (Gungrave) - He is a traitorous bastard. / He's goes from likeable and suave to being so unstable that even his voice actor changed.
Day 1575 - Millennion Organization (Gungrave) - Ulimately destroyed by a 13 year-old, a senile old geezer, and a guy who's been dead over 10 years. It's a miracle they lasted as long as they did./ The first rule of Millennion is:
The second rule of Millennion is:
The third rule of Millennion is:
You do not talk about Millennion.
The fourth rule of Millennion is...
Day 1574 - The Androids (DBZ) - All of them are 'considered failure and destroyed' excect the two that are really cyborgs, not androids. / 16 > 17 > 18 "YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG GERO!"
Day 1573 - Chiaotzu (DBZ) - CHIAOTZU used SELFDESTRUCT! It was not very effective... / He wasn't even worth 1 Raditz.
Day 1572 - Unicron (Transformers) - Told Megatron his only weakness within the first five minutes of meeting him. Then upgraded him and sent him to retrieve it. / Actually rebuilt Starscream, expecting him to help.
Day 1571 - Starscream (Transformers) - Never drinks his morning glass of Loyalty juice / "Let me guess. You're gonna attempt to overthrow Megatron, fail, cry, then repeat the cycle."
Day 1570 - Roll (Various Mega Man Anime) - Is a housekeeping robot but doesn't spend enough time in the kitchen / In most universes she's the love interest for her brother.
Day 1569 - The Namekian Race (DB/Z/GT) - Can create a Dragon that will grant any illogical wish, but never use them to help themselves when bad guys come whooping their asses for the balls. / "They're asexual, and they vomit their own eggs. Are you sure they're not Yoshi?"
Day 1568 - Geese Howard (Fatal Fury anime) -
Day 1567 - Pandaman (One Piece) - Is probably hiding in this very topic, right under our noses; we just aren't looking hard enough to find him / Should be a strawhat, but isn't.
Day 1566 - Yuki Sohma (Fruits Basket) - "I thought we was supposed to find flaws for Animé and Manga characters, and not for the everyday Linkin Park fan."
Day 1565 - The Saiyan Race (DB/Z/GT) - "Here we are! LAWL! Only we matter now! Everyone else, please exit out of the backdoor on stage left. For those who do not follow the aforementioned instructions, get ready to do nothing but get your ass beat for the next 300+ episodes." / 2 Saiyan > 0.5 Saiyan > 1 Saiyan... in other words, failed mathas a species.
Day 1564 - Sagat (Street Fighter II V) - Tiger! Tiger! Tiger! Tiger, Tiger! stand short because enemy got near, cancel into tiger, Tiger! Tiger! / "NO ONE has ever beaten Sagat and NO ONE ever WILL!" / Was not the star of Full House. Too bad, Bob Sagat as Danny Tanner would have been awesome.
Day 1563 - Grand Fisher (Bleach) - Grand Fisher? I never once saw a fish! The name is a lie! / Oh sweet, a loli... Wait a minute... IT'S A TRAP! and not the good kind... :-(
Day 1562 - Yukari Takara (Lucky Star) - Is likely the trophy moé wife of a rich lolicon / Isn't Yuyuko Saigyouji.. or is she?
Day 1561 - Miyanokouji Mizuho (Otome wa Boku Ni Koish(i)teru) - Girlier than everyone else on his show despite not actually being a girl. / Didn't even make a choice by the end of the series even though he practically made the whole school his harem .
Day 1560 - Yajirobe (Dragon Ball Z) - So bad and forgettable that he not only got cut from the main DBZ cast , but also from the jobbing cheer-leader squad known as the Z-warriors / Was able to put up a fight against Goku when he first met him and cut off Vegeta's tail, so you'd think he would have turned out to be a useful character, right?
Day 1559 - Shinobu Miyake (Urusei Yatsura) - Would have gotten the guy if she wasn't such a Takahashi tsundere / Pwned by fan support for Lum; later causes fans to be pwned by Takahashi no longer catering to fans.
Day 1558 - Lady Une (Gundam Wing) - Not only never gets together with Trieze, but gets it completely rubbed in her face with Maremaria.
Day 1557 - King (Art of Fighting) - Not really a king and if she was, the guy she ends up with would not live it down / Not in the new KOF, Damn it, I main her >_<.
Day 1556 - Van (GunXSword) - ODs on sauce every day, that's why he always has no energy and is so halfassed.
Day 1555 - The Apostles of the Stars (Black Cat) - Aside from the leader, the only two worth remembering left the group, thus making it probably the least memorable group of villains in recent history.
Day 1554 - Leele (Gravion) - Despite being Sandman's daughter, she isn't as awesome. / Didn't show up enough too show off her loli appeal early on so she lost the slot to Eina and Luna.
Redo Day 891 - Nnoitra Jiruga (Bleach) - Introduced as a villain who kicks opponents when their down and is a hateful death seeking misogynist, but none of that is nearly as bad as what he did next: Adding another chapter to the endless Ichigo/Kenpachi debate / Was a victim of 2 hands when he had 6.
Day 1553 - Shiki Misaki (TWEWY manga) - From a girl that somehow got the loner to open up, to the damsel in distress that the hero needs to save, only to find her waking up in the sewers. That zetta son of a digit. / "PANTS! OFF! NOW!" Yet she didn't ask for more.
Day 1552 - The Samurai (Samurai 7) - Represents the most beloved characters of the original film, except making them pretty (with the exception of Katsushiro, who becomes even prettier), wear questionable metrosexual clothing, and turn Toshiro Mifune's memorable character into a steampunk robot that chugs every two episodes...and you wonder why some people don't like the anime adaptation. / They're not pizza delivering cats.
Day 1551 - Jack Russell (Radiata Stories manga) - He didn't do what she was thinking.
Day 1550 - Gilbert G.P. Guilford (CG) - For a guy with 3 Gs in his name, he lacked Courage. / Didn't die when he was killed.
Day 1549 - Geddoe (Suikoden III manga) - He was an awesome, manly mercenary who was near-immortal. Which of course meant that he had to leave fighting the final boss up to a bunch of teenagers.
Day 1548 - Ryuuji Takasu (Toradora!) - Takes pride in scrubbing the men's bathroom clean / Denser than

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