Fatal Pulse Edit

Fatal Pulse, or Asanagi as known in Danbooru, is an infamous doujin maker of the "Victim Girls" series, started off as a result of a doujin boom for Ragnarok Online, is a series of extreme rape doujins that managed to avoid the more "digusting" aspects of hentai. The series would feature a well known character from a series and put them in hopeless rape situations as they suffer endless amounts of rape until their offscreen deaths Until then, they are raped pregnant by Orcs, tentacles, beastmen and the occasional faceless fat rapist tossed in for worse measure. The series would often kill off the men to ensure they have no hope of rescue at all. He also managed to make such series without relying on common /d/ themes such as Futanari or toilet related fetishes.

Relevance with OT Edit

This series has managed to cause infamy amongst a variety of users which when a girl is featured on Asanagi's fanart. Contrary to popular belief, Asanagi does not make hentai doujins of theoretical scenarios. For example, If a girl from Strawberry Panic is shown on her webpage, a Victim Girls doujins is unlikely as there is no chance she would be raped by men as men are non-existent in Strawberry Panic. Desptie that, many anons and OTers are fearful of the girl is featured would wind up in the nefarious series.

It's a bit of a gag starting from a Sanya pic on danbooru and a member went basically "Oh god no, not her!" And some folks react as such when they hear about Fatal Pulse works.

The artist is known in addition for her curvy lolish style. Though those who experienced the Victim girls series often cannot enjoy most of her other pics (Some of them are messed up) due to the trauma inflicted.

Whom had been featured in Victim Girls Edit

  • Yoko and Nia (Gurren Lagann)
  • Various classes in RO
  • Kallen Stalfeld and Kagura (Where is my Nunally and Irregulars?)
  • Fatina (Druaga)
  • Laura Bodewig and every girls in class 1 (Infinite Stratos)

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