Echo is a semi-lurker on OT who has continued to post more and more on the board over the last few months. Started visiting OT right before Code Trainwreck R2 started airing and has continued visiting ever since due to chronic boredom. He mainly visits for the lulz and the ever occurring interesting topics that seem to rain down on OT every week. Current favorite anime girls are Tainaka Ritsu and Ku Fei.

Anime likes:

  • Comedies of all kinds.
  • Slice-of-life
  • Action
  • Really, anything that will make him laugh.

Anime dislikes:

  • Anything overly gory.
  • Anything depressing.
  • Overly ecchi.
  • Anything that is stupid beyond belief.

Girl likes:

  • Tomboys
  • Petite (not loli)
  • Genki girls (just not overly hyperactive)
  • Shorter haired girls
  • Ponytails

Girl dislikes:

  • Yanderes
  • Huge breasted (size D and up)

Will further fill out whenever he gets bored again.

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