A little known GameFaqs member who frequents the OT board on a regular basis who rarely posts. Although he is appearing more often.

Other facts:

A little known lolicon who is called "hentai" amongst his friends IRL.

Loves anything cute and moe. Well almost anything.

Tends to like anything he watches/reads/plays. So he is rather open minded for almost any suggestions but because of this he also hates it when people complain about anything in anything.

Loves to play and learn more about the Touhou Project. Number one favorite Touhou girl is Flandre.

The unofficial number one Etrian Odyssey fan.

Rather self conscious about what others think of him.

The Medi loli of Etrian Odyssey is his waifu.

Notable quotes:
"Um can someone place me under lurkers?"

Done --- Nytemare457

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