Delicious flat chest, or DFC for short, is a term that is frequently used to the describe female form of most lolis. A character is said to have DFC is she lacks or possesses very small breasts. Favorable use of the term has been corrupted by lolicons, people who obsess over lolis, to also imply perverted desires regarding a character's flat chest.

Some believe in two types of DFC

DnFC (n stands for Nigh); refers to the fact that most lolis have very small but noticible in certain cases, chests. Examples: most common lolis

DpFC (Practically flat); refers to the fact the girl is more or less flat. Examples: Minami (LS), Akiha (Tsukihime), Kuro (KnJ)

Also, it's not a DFC page without the DFC song. thumb|300px|right|Youjo, youjo, tsurupetta youjo~

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