Is a fan of 80s/90;s anime and manga like Slam dunk,3x3 eyes, Saint Seiya, Bastard!, Yamato Takeru,Ghostsweeper,Flame of Recca and others.Bleach is this users fav of the Big Three.Addicted to Nasuverse and Hates Traps and Lolis.Prefers Romance and Comedy and other Slice of Life type series but also has interest in Shonen and Gundam.Plays JRPGs like most of OT and is a fan of Abyss from the Tales Series.

dantecloudfreak also appears frequently in various versus topics that holds his interest. His opinions are quite sharp and he is a very good debater when he actually bothers to check his grammar. He is an unapologetic Hitsugaya fan.

tl note: sharp in this case doesn't really mean sharp, it's kind of like the kind of sharp that's not sharp but not dull, like a half-sharp that's more of a quarter sharp but not really like that or something
Master of Time

A true God Am I

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