A sub type of moe character that StriderTuna is very fond of.

Curvy moe is what occurs when you mix the cuteness and innocent face and personality associated with moe and mix it with a shapely body perfect for hentai. What results is often a sublime mix of hot and cute.

History: In the history of games and anime there were few isolated cases, but back then it did not have a name.... until one day on The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Mikuru appeared.... first super famous case of curvy moe, but it didn't get its name until StriderTuna seen the series and was inspired to make the term.

But Since Mikuru's introduction the archetype has been used in various places (with varying success), and it gave a name to Curvy moes past and future.

Moe Levels: It's a fact that a Curvy moe's moe output is often inferior to a traditional moe type character. This is due to a mix of additional personality, quirks or the presence of a easily visable figure.

Popularity: It has some popularity in various places; not quite so much in OT; some girls are popular others are not. Still is no match for the almighty tsundere archetype.

List of some of the ones comfirmed and known.

Mikuru: The first major one, and among the most moe.

Miyuki: 2nd known curvy moe, known as curvy moe wiki for her knowledge.

Yukari Takara: Miyuki's mother and easily a case of Curvy Moe MILF.

Kotomi: Another brainy curvy moe with some quirks from Clannad

Kiri: SZS's hikkimori; while often in a blanket; has a suprisingly nice figure.

Kotonoha: Nice Boat-tan from school days; Curvy Moe Yandere.

Kaguya (Endless Frontier) : Curvy Moe Zankantou ( A case of a girl kicking ass and being moe at the same time)

Mimi: Kodomo no Jikan's Curvy moe loli; often compared with Miyuki due to how they're smart and wear glasses. Another very moe example.

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