Seemingly the only OT user who is more aroused by the antics of Dokuro-chan than frightened. Has a tendency to correct the grammatical errors of others and yet is secretly illiterate. Cryptospuridium is a sucker for fads and picture filled topics. He holds the middle ground between famous and relatively unknown, being the kind of "Hey it's that one guy." poster. Even with the fade of the character claiming fad, Cryptospuridium holds his large hard-earned, and well deserved claim list dearly. Has an extensive amount of girlfriends and is not lonely..........not one bit.


  • Dokuro-chan
  • Most tsunderes
  • Sadists (turns out he IS a masochist)

Sweet Beat-to-Death Angel Dokuro-chan

*Dokuro-chan a third time

  • Lolicon
  • Traps, shota, anything with a wang
  • People who make frequent grammatical mistakes
  • glasses
  • quiet types

  • Louise (Zero no Tsukaima)
  • Taiga (Toradora)

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