With the general premise of adapting the basic idea of Fate Stay Night, that is, to summon a handful of powerful, legendary heroes to relive their lives in an epic free-for-all battle against each other, the Holy Grail Wars of OT are not limited in bringing moments of pure awesome.

When one considers the idea that this war uses Anime Characters as opposed to legendary heroes, conflicts arise that exceed the natural scale of things. The lesson we all learn from these wars is that when famous anime characters clash, larger and larger things tend to explode.

Wars also tend to have a lot of hilarious stuff go on. So place the Crowning Moment of Funny(CMOF) here as well.

The First WarEdit

  • Jeremiah punching Yoko and killing her between USW Activations
  • Kanade Tatsumi, the first ever master to lose both her servants in the game, somehow ends up surviving through the whole war without losing a single Health Point, and even manages to marry Kyon (the victor of the war) at the end of it all.

The Second WarEdit

  • Adrianne Knightstein, after having his servant get killed, ends up getting sniped and killed by two other servantless masters. But not before he eliminates, Assassin, by casting a spell circle that drains exactly 10 mana points, which ends up killing the servant through mana loss. Also, when he dies from a grenade, his severed hand ends up flying in the air, with his middle finger raised at the two masters who just killed him.
  • Date Masamune flying all over the place.
  • Dusk_Thanatos randomly KS'ing people while simultaneously being a Hikkikomori.
  • Huntail almost successfully Aizen'ing the rest of the players by making them believe that Haruhi (the war's IGM) was the main threat.
  • Adrianne claiming that he'll make a harem out of everyone while simultaneously trying to ship himself with Louise.

The Third WarEdit

  • Placeholder

The Fourth WarEdit

  • Placeholder

The Fifth WarEdit

  • Kai. All of him.

The Sixth WarEdit

  • Placeholder

The Seventh WarEdit

  • Placeholder

The Eighth WarEdit


The Ninth WarEdit

  • Placeholder

The Tenth WarEdit

  • Placeholder

The Eleventh War: The Great Heaven's Feel Edit

  • Placeholder

The Twelfth WarEdit

  • Placeholder

The Thirteenth WarEdit

  • Lolis, lolis everywhere.

The Fourteenth War: The War of SoulsEdit

  • Placeholder

The Fifteenth War: The Qth WarEdit

  • Placeholder

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