Jester 1


Hi, my name is Guy, I'm a semi regular member of OT.

My past and Present account include:

tiguy888 (closed)

AngelBoy7 (closed)

DarkAngelBoy8 (closed)

SilverWereWolf4 (Banned)

C_Jester99 (active) (now closed)

AngleBoy7 (active) (now closed)

BlushBoy6 (active). (now closed)

I will come back, someday.

Back: emaN_0_htiW_naM


I'm from Quebec, Canada (my English might suck a little), I was born in September 1980...

I love Anime, Manga and Video Games, I also like PnP RPG.

I also love Lego:

(Told you my English sucks)

Claims: Shion (Xenosaga), Tira (Soul Calibur), Amy (Soul Calibur), Viki (Suikoden)

Waifu: Tira (Soul Calibur)

Some site(s) I go to:



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