Best Umineko Music ContestEdit

A set of contests run on OT that have the users of OT voting for their favorite song in the Umineko series. Soul Devour serves as the contest-runner, although Golden Beatrice has been known to make an appearance in any absents he has.

[edit] The First Best Umineko Music ContestEdit

The first Best Umineko Music Contest ran from mid January 2010 to Early March 2010 and was held almost completely by Soul Devour. Towards the later part of the contest, he was under a warned status and Golden Beatrice took over for a short period of time until he was unwarned. The idea for the contest came about in a discussion of the music of Umineko and later was turned into a nomination-esque topic. Several OTers along with Soul Devour picked out all 64 pieces of the music used, which was all from Episodes 1 through 5 of the Umineko VN series. Matches were run at 2 per a day throughout the contest, until the quarterfinals where only one match a day occured. In addition, several bonus matches occured, such as a battle for the best OP of the VNs and the best version of a particular song (those being Tsubasa, Happy Maria, and Dread of the Grave)

The winner of the contest was the song World End Dominator, beating Hope by a vote of 32 to 22. In addition, various "awards" were given out to various users and songs:

  • ""OMG WHY DID THIS SONG WIN" Award: This award went out to the user who consistently and almost daily had something to say about the previous matches. Winner: Impossible II
  • "What the hell happened to this song?" Award: This award went out to the song that had very high expectations and was sure to be a contender in the final matches. Except that it wasn't. Also known as the jobber reward. Winner: Dread of the Grave -More Fear- (Which lost in only th 3rd round of the contest, as a 1 seed)
  • "Woah, i can't believe this person is voting in this contest" Award: This award went out to a user who wasn't expected to vote yet consisently did for every match. It also came down to a tiebreaker. Runner-up: TeamRocketElite Winner: HalfTimeJob
  • "Rawr, no one expected to see me get this far!" Award: This went to the darkhorse song of the contest, a song seeded very low (9-16) yet made it surprisingly far in the contest. Winner: JUSTICE (11th seed that made to the third round before being stopped by World End Dominator)

Completed contest Bracket:

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