This user is the epitome of lurkers. You probably have not and will not ever see him post. And if you have, you certainly did not care.

Reasons for lurking include:


-Finding out what's good the current season

-Occasional lulz worthy topics

Despite his lifestyle of lurking, he has posted on a few occasions, only when lurking was unsuccesful in obtaining the knowledge in immediate demand. He takes pride in knowing how to use the search bar and is sorely dissappointed when it fails him.

His history of lurking started around 2007 when he chanced upon OT while exploring the GameFAQs message boards. He was extremely surprised how little of an anime fan he was compared to the people in the forum. As a result, he began watching currently popular animes like Lucky Star and Gurren Lagann and has kept up with animes ever since. At one point he may have been an avid poster, but he himself cannot even remember.

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