Advil 352037 - 325 TB

Avvil Today Edit

In a strange twist of fate, in the past year, Avvil has emerged somewhat from the strange shadows that had previously obscured him from view, darting into the fray occasionally to post in assorted VN topics, CYOAs, and of course, the recently-started Grail Wars.

History Edit

Originally hailing from the Tales of Legendia board in which he still holds a stake as one of the primary residents, Avvil's past is a long tale of confusing anecdotes usually involving nearly-dead boards and far too much free time. Wandering GameFAQs restlessly for ages, he made a semi-permanent base at Legendia, but still sought more. Finding a strange civilization amidst the rubble of various half-destroyed Fragments, he stumbled into the world he would eventually come to know as 'OT-kun.' Finding it to be an exciting, if somewhat peculiar place, he knew that he would need time to observe and plan if he was going to survive there. He would frequently journey back to other lands he had been to, in order to recover, and plan his next venture. 'Twas the winter of '07 at that time, but as years passed, he slowly grew acclimated to the culture there, and mastered the art of adapting to the foreign food, climate, and customs. No longer capable of truly being called a lurker, he emerged from hiding in the spring of '09, and has since ventured among the locals arousing only mild suspicion, in his rabid defense of how awesome Saya no Uta is, and a related topic Fuminori's sanity.

Will his cover be blown? Will his master plans be discovered? Just who is this Avvil character, anyway? Find out in the next exciting installment of this ongoing saga: The Fifth Holy Grail War of OT!

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