Merle <3

About Edit

Common poster of OT, and the creator of the popular Rate the Babe topic series.

She recently retired from the position of Rate the Babe president, and handed the responsibility down to fellow OTer WolfShirt.

Also created the now-deceased Rate the Studio Ghibli film topic series, with Princess Mononoke coming out on top of the rankings.


Likes Edit

-Merle (or cute girls in general)

-Rate the... topics

-Studio Ghibli films


Dislikes Edit


-The Big Three

Neutral Edit


Fav. Anime

-Neon Genesis Evangelion

-Cowboy Bebop

-Chrno Crusade

-Vision of Escaflowne


-Gurren Lagann

-Dragonball Z


Fav. Video Games Edit

-Chrono Cross

-Final Fantasy 8

-Metal Gear Solid 2: SoL

-Soul Reaver

-Rogue Galaxy

-Katamari Damacy

-Dynasty Warriors 4

-Pokemon Red/Blue


Other Edit

PS... awesome page is awesome.

PSS... Doomsday can totally pwn anyone. =p

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