Anime Clubs Edit

Perhaps what is the most epic sources of fail in anime is the Anime Club, a club dedicated to "the newest (Read: anime that has been shown 2 years agos in Japan) and trendiest (Read: Shounen Jump BS) stuff." An anime club is a place an OT will never happily admit of going, especially High School Ones which along with the school itself is made of fail. There is no suprise why the school based anime clubs fails due to the weeaboo levels that rivals that of pretentious suburban "gangstas", a dated inventory that are not definite classics and instead just stuff everyone knows about or perhaps some school policies prohibiting region free anime. If you ever want to open up an anime club in school, DONT!

Why Anime clubs suck ass Edit

  • Weeaboo power levels are annoying, no mind blowing, consisting of semi-self delusioned high schoolers whom did not realized the melting pot/Multiculturalism theory does not extend to Japan. While OTakus realized that somewhere Japan spites them as well, these weeaboos don't hide their power level at all.
  • Anime club sign up sheets should come with a SPOILER!! warning on them. You are guarenteed to have the ending to any series you are interested in spoiled to you by the nearest loud-mouth who thinks that everybody has seen everything that he/she has seen.
  • Most of OT rarely go out at all, we don't need no stinking anime clubs.
  • Ever want to see a 200 pound girl cosplay as Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2? Yeah, I didn't think so.
  • Guarenteed to get you judged as a freak by your friends, teachers, and the girl you have your eyes on by association.
  • Do you really want to waste your precious extracurricular activities on a bunch of Japanophile hipsters wearing Naruto headbands and who go around screaming "____-chan/kun you are so kawaii desu~ when you act like a baka gaijin!"

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