The big brother to OT-kun, Gundam-san, ASA-chan and all those others, SR-sama (voiced by Nobuyuki Hiyama) is backed by those who can stand the HEATS of the FIRE WARS, those who wish their Girlfriend (or, if certain cases are to be believe, Boyfriend) Was a Pilot, the STORMBRINGERS who can Justifaiz the journey BEYOND ALL TIME AND SPACE to the Seventh Moon, who look for the Sign of Zeta, beyond the loli-harem days of now, who have seen the Reason, reject Eternal Lonliness, never suffered Asteroid Blues, who plan to flame WAR! WAR! STOP IT just For The Dream, who only love the moe of MOEGARU MOEGARU GUNDAMU, etc.

Yeah, they like robots.

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