aPaThYBaH is a long time lurker and an occasional poster on OT when bored or there's something worth replying to(Which isn't very often). He considers OT his home, even if he thinks 90% of the posters are tools and 95% of the topics are retarded. He is also known to answers questions on the Oblivion (PC) board.

Being the hardcore anime nerd that he is, he'll watch almost any genre of anime, and will usually keep up with all shows being subbed in a season. When all shows of a given week are exhausted, he'll occasionally turn to marathoning completed series to pass the time. He hasn't dropped a show so far, and has a regularly updated MAL Profile he uses purely for keeping track of his anime. While his mind is open and his tastes varied , his main preferences, if he had to choose, are loli, guro and slice of life. Internet hype about shows and characters do not phase him, because he is not a mindless sheep like all you fags.

He also plays (Lefty)bass, owning a 4-string FBass and a Yamaha RBX 270L played through a Behringer Ultrabass BX4500H+BA210. Not so coincidentally, he is a Mio fanboy, and became one before the hype. Suck it haters. Has attempted to learn GO MY WAY!!, but is not that awesome yet and can only play most of it at less than full speed.

Back in the day he use to be a hardcore FPS PC Gamer, tearing shit up in QuakeworldTF, Q3TF, CS, BF1942 and BF2. These days, he is mainly into 4X games and modded-the-fuck-out TES4: Oblivion.

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